Chipotle Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Flour Tortilla (burrito)1300 1010069046307
Flour Tortilla (taco)185 2.510019013<102
Soft Corn Tortilla170 00001015201
Crispy Taco Shell170 2.510010102<11
Cilantro-Lime Rice4 oz185 400037534103.5
Black Beans4 oz120 1000260221217
Pinto Beans4 oz115 1000300211016
Fajita Vegetables2.5 oz20 0.50001704121
Barbacoa4 oz165 72.506553021024
Chicken4 oz180 73012531000.5032
Carnitas4 oz220 1360655000.50026
Steak4 oz190 6.5206532020130
Fresh Tomato Salsa3.5 oz20 000050040.531
Green Tomatillo Salsa2 oz20 00002504120.5
Roasted Chili - Corn Salsa3.5 oz80 1.500033016343
Red Tomatillo Salsa2 oz25 10005004211
Cheese1 oz100 7.550301901006
Sour Cream2 oz115 9.57040301022
Guacamole3.5 oz170 163004108602
Romaine Lettuce (salad)2.5 oz10 000052111
Romaine Lettuce (tacos)1 oz5 000001100
Chips4 oz570 273.50042073848
Vinaigrette2.0 fl oz270 254.5010850182120.5
Sofritas4 oz145 101.50055593.54.58
Brown Rice4 oz200 7000165322.50.53.5
Flour Tortilla (taco)185 2.510019013<102
Crispy Taco Shell170 2.510010102<11
Soft Corn Tortilla170 00001015201
Cilantro-Lime Rice (taco)2.5 oz115 2.5000235200.502
Cilantro-Lime Rice (side)2.5 oz115 2.5000235200.502
Black Beans (taco)1.3 oz40 0.500085740.52
Black Beans (side)2.5 oz75 0.5000165147.50.54
Pinto Beans (taco)1.3 oz35 0.5000100730.52
Pinto Beans (side)2.5 oz70 0.50001901360.54
Fajita Vegetables0.8 oz5 0000601010
Barbacoa1.3 oz55 2102117010.508
Chicken1.3 oz60 2104110000010
Carnitas1.3 oz70 420211800008
Steak1.3 oz60 20.502011010010
Fresh Tomato Salsa1.2 oz5 00001701010
Roasted Chili - Corn Salsa1.2 oz25 0.50001155.511.51
Green Tomatillo Salsa0.7 fl oz5 0000901.500.50
Red Tomatillo Salsa0.7 fl oz10 00001751.50.500
Cheese (taco)0.3 oz30 21.509550002
Cheese (small quesadilla)1 oz100 7.550301901006
Sour Cream0.7 oz40 32.501411000.50.5
Guacamole1.2 oz60 5.51001403200.5
Romaine Lettuce (taco)<1 oz5 000001100
Chips1 oz95 71008518212
Sofritas1.3 oz45 30.500180311.52.5
Brown Rice (taco)2.5 oz125 4000105201.502
Brown Rice (side)2.5 oz125 4000105201.502

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