Country Kitchen Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSat FatTrans FatSodiumCholesterol
Pancake Paradise
Strawberry Pancakes69016796451131461114
Blueberry Pancakes69616827151131487114
Apple Pancakes7421683725614n/a530114
Cream Cheese Pancakes (Strawberry)87214897366221574152
Cream Cheese Pancakes (Blueberry)87814928066221600152
Cream Cheese Pancakes (Apple)9241493817024n/a644152
Cream Cheese Pancakes (Plain)76315493973281612164
Triple Chocolate Pancakes86817936468211588114
Best Pancakes in Town (AYCE)4861533215371563142
Short Stack Pancakes31092013344135985
Skillets & Omelettes
* The Country's Best Skillet731403249472811813362
* Farm Skillet49122363341011063397
Double Up Skillet6292759931921296433
* Skillet Scramble57135395291052804337
* Fiesta Skillet71737474421612014463
* Chicken Cordon Bleu Skillet82453504431442566685
* Meat Lover's Omelette86253343542212269529
* Ham & Cheese Omelette65747334341512007501
* Garden Fresh Omelette63841395381411651479
* Western Omelette63841395381411651479
* Montana Ranch Omelette818493773553712264501
Country Classic Breakfast
Cream Cheese French Toast (Apple)967191377937202918130
Cream Cheese French Toast (Blueberry)921191367832181875130
Cream Cheese French Toast (Strawberry)915191337232181849130
Cakes, Eggs & Bacon51424221448101815373
French Toast440177116102173692
* Everybody's Favorite (Bacon)51526291321111221407
* Everybody's Favorite (Sausage Links)67530293481711421447
* Everybody's Favorite (Sausage Patties)61528311421511421427
* Everybody's Favorite (Ham)4303332420611903418
French Toast, Eggs & Bacon4552647121860877357
Breakfast Sampler53019531026811144214
* Steak & Eggs Combo (8 oz Sirloin)67556291351211321532
* Steak & Eggs Combo (5 oz Steak)4953930224711171437
* Country Fried Steak & Eggs7073666433932206417
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy w/ Eggs8562575126014183030397
The Barn Buster (Bacon & Toast)11225211319511522131774
The Barn Buster (Sausage & Toast)12825611321672122331814
The Barn Buster (Bacon & Cakes)1038505819841921808888
The Barn Buster (Sausage & Cakes)11985458211002522008928
Breakfast Side Choices
Breakfast Bread Choice (Toast) White Reuben24174195113920
Breakfast Bread Choice (Toast) Wheat Berry3311057187115020
Breakfast Bread Choice (Toast) Marble Rye3111049107114220
Breakfast Bread Choice (Pancakes)2226139243125857
Breakfast Bread Choice (Buttermilk Biscuit)257328216468540
Breakfast Bread Choice (English Muffin)261747106113220
Breakfast Bread Choice (Fresh Fruit)590141300080
Breakfast Meat Choice (Bacon)2001200166052040
Breakfast Meat Choice (Sausage Links)36016023212072080
Breakfast Meat Choice (Sausage Patties)30014202610072060
Breakfast Meat Choice (Ham Steak)1161922310120251
Add Cheese & Onions9828211224179
Appetizers & Baskets, Garden Fresh Salads & Hearty Soups
Mozzarella Sticks47225441124110151030
St. Louis BBQ Ribs & Fries Basket1504847328932802890243
Country Quesadilla (Chicken)68346645251302377128
Country Quesadilla (Beef)77532714391902124119
Chicken Tenders & Fries Basket8253785143760245767
Super Sampler Basket198481138291203004396198
Chicken BLT Salad446393571540123690
Country Cobb Salad573363853302301518250
Cranberry Pecan Harvest Salad52114587324210100628
Fiesta Taco Salad (Beef)843348711401902502119
Fiesta Taco Salad (Chicken)751488112251302756128
Buffalo Chicken Salad77128113492070335856
Calico Bean Soup (Cup)10251423106253
Calico Bean Soup (Bowl)203928361012505
Baked Potato Soup (Cup)2321015251412082630
Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)42718304925220158250
Soup - (Cup) - Clam Chowder8731213104905
Soup - (Bowl) - Broccoli Cheese24361931560101020
Add Chicken Breast130280020066070
Country's Best Burgers & American Sandwich Board
Big Bad Bacon Burger15007053131063941948286
Aztec Quesadilla Burger109341689713122020187
Big Country Burger15526560571125041853264
Classic Cheeseburger8293346853182927128
Patty Melt9134050863192822140
Mushroom Swiss Burger8073346852162760120
Bacon Cheeseburger92939468612121187148
BBQ Smokehouse Burger1038427524591921741143
Turkey Cheese & Bacon Melt7733162204291164178
Country BLT6952256144090118258
Turkey Club Wrap1102407581693702581114
Ranch Chicken Flat83344507481111906122
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich8613566949111223489
Chicken Bacon Melt797574150432711971148
San Francisco Melt79852549431511992130
Spicy Philly Melt66544518361411857103
Burger & Sandwich Side Choices
Brew City Fries360333024405170
Onion Rings356337621405450
Country Baked Apples12602524210350
BBQ Baked Beans227850382304962
Fruit of Day590141300080
Cup of Soupn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Garden Fresh Greens59352310809
Sweet Potato Fries2432321214202840
24/7 Combo Meals
Turkey & Tomato Sandwich31222295132099836
Grilled Cheese Bacon & Tomato5953237133141121086
Ranch Chicken Wrap7403069136110179468
Grilled Ham & Swiss488373212291181991
24/7 Combo Side Choices
Brew City Fries360333024405170
Country Baked Apples12602524210350
BBQ Baked Beans227850382304962
Fruit of Day590141300080
Cup of Soupn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Garden Fresh Greens59352310809
Country Comfort Dinners
Steak & Shrimp Combo 5 oz66641821222701927144
BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo1018757337441502797202
Roast Turkey Breast Dinner89247114382961298889
Meatloaf Dinner862397117521602028151
Lemon Pepper Tilapia38038359114061095
Country Fried Steak6232870112682181560
BBQ Ribs Dinner1374877337772702684253
Jumbo Shrimp48626881112201178150
Steak & Shrimp Combo876588111371202077239
Country Choice Classic Sirloin680494210331101020175
Dbl. Smothered Chicken Dinner62772401124701843178
Dinner Side Choices
Vegetable of Day8831251002700
Brew City Fries360333024405170
Onion Rings356337621305450
Country Mashed Potatoes11021426204187
Fruit of Day590141300080
Seasoned Diced Red Potatoes20033017212800
Creamy Coleslaw2570118234026620
Country Baked Apples12602524210350
Cup of Soup10251423106253
Garden Fresh Greens59352310809
BBQ Baked Beans227850382304962
Senior & Lighter Fare Menu
Beef & Eggs976418619511641278457
Senior Pancakes (Strawberry)368104336279020357
Senior Pancakes (Apple)3941045392910023857
Senior Pancakes (Blueberry)371104439279021657
2 Egg Ham & Cheese Omelette780378821291021842318
Senior French Toast (Strawberry)35985833106031859
Senior French Toast (Apple)38586037127035359
Senior French Toast (Blueberry)36286036106033159
Breakfast Duo (Cakes & Bacon)32212139326151877
Breakfast Duo (Cakes & Links)402141310409161897
Breakfast Duo (French Toast & Bacon)26813308113054166
Breakfast Duo (French Toast & Links)34815309196064186
Steak Dinner6863669182880130887
Half Soup & Sandwich
Senior Smothered Chicken5904361171960148594
Senior Chopped Steak77429631745162932109
Senior Tilapia Dinner530435716145083298
Senior Meatloaf Dinner77727832139120165387
Senior Turkey Dinner85837113243061294156
Kid's Menu
Cake, Egg & Bacon23611852151384172
Mr. Chippy Pancakes3561033263212020357
Silver Dollar Pancakes2286149253126459
French Toast & Bacon31413308155159566
**Mini Corn Dogs3376297235065130
**Chicken Tenders524212123970126861
**Hamburger w/ Cheese6132935236142774100
**Grilled Cheese429233412110181556
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese39614579133173215
Mozzarella Dunkers532166082670139715
Kid's Oreo Sundae145218117408520
Kid's Side Choices
Brew City Fries300333017305170
Vegetable of Day8831251002700
Fruit of Day590141300080
Veggie Dippers275198244056321
Kids Salad602100050
Kid's Oreo Sundae145218117408520
Kid's Soda770212000070
Kid's Milk15010141654015024
Drink Delights
Hot Chocolate148421206601150
Hot Tea302000000
Large Orange Juice2132524600000
Regular Orange Juice1311322800000
Large Apple Juice23225656000190
Regular Apple Juice14213434000120
Large Grapefruit Juice1830424200000
Regular Grapefruit Juice1120262600000
Large Tomato Juice904181300012300
Regular Tomato Juice5521180007540
Large Cranberry Juice23806060000640
Regular Cranberry Juice14603737000390
Large Milk 2%24416232596024439
Regular Milk 2%15010141654015024
Large Chocolate Milk 2%3721662478003100
Regular Chocolate Milk 2%2281038295001900
Soft Drink (Coke)1460404000040
Soft Drink (Diet Coke)1000000140
Soft Drink (Mellow Yellow)15704242000120
Soft Drink (Sprite)14403838000320
Soft Drink (Cherry Coke)1540424200060
Soft Drink (Root Beer)16404444000350
Fuze, Raspberry Tea8902424000120
Unsweet Tea302000000
Arnold Parmer Iced Tea871211900050
Berrylicious Lemonade1991474300000
Citrus Splash15714137000160
Milkshake (Oreo)72914876035190429111
Milkshake (Strawberry)69913916930180314111
Milkshake (Caramel)749141067930180479111
Milkshake (Chocolate)749141046932180352111
Malt (Oreo)78916976737200486114
Malt (Strawberry)759151017632180371114
Malt (Caramel)809161168632180536114
Malt (Chocolate)809161147633180408114
Decadent Desserts
Ice Cream Sundae (Hot Fudge)473857452521016939
Ice Cream Sundae (Caramel)383755361712011939
Ice Cream Sundae (Strawberry)38365343161209439
Mini Turtle Sundae2505322413808520
Mini Mania Choc or Caramel2315312311808120
Cream Pie375441352113015644
Chocolate Molten Cake, Bundt7891093604425057084
Apple Pie5484662232784580
Apple Pie (Ala Mode)650677303710850520
Strawberry Shortcake51467438229589439
Milano Coffee Beverages
Smore's Mocha253645417701185
Gourmet Hot Chocolate24863532121401000
German Chocolate Mocha110322192201155
Salted Caramel Mocha264648437701295

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