Jason’s Deli Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesCalories from FatTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Specialty Sandwiches
Amy's Turkey-O - Half2408083035690282514
Amy's Turkey-O - Whole4801501760651,3805631129
Chicken Veracruz - Half30012014305064025<1319
Chicken Veracruz - Whole61025027601001,290502538
MeataBalla - Half560310351401201,220321329
MeataBalla - Whole1,120620692902402,450653659
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich - Half330140166055640214426
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich - Whole660290331101151,280417752
The Papa Joe - Half360200233.5035870262214
The Papa Joe - Whole7204104670701,740515429
Tuna Melt - Half500310347065590203428
Tuna Melt - Lighter Portion680410469075790386833
Tuna Melt - Whole990610691501351,170396955
Turkey Cranwich - Half3401101270505404542112
Turkey Cranwich - Whole690220251301001,0709174324
California Club - Half340200238055670202315
California Club - Whole770470521901251,400393636
Carolina Club - Half31011012405550026<1423
Carolina Club - Whole62022024801151,000531946
Chicago Club - Half300150164040860252216
Chicago Club - Whole6002903380801,710504431
Club Royale - Half34016018907593021<1424
Club Royale - Whole680320361701451,870422848
Deli Club - Half290120135055890203426
Deli Club - Whole680250291001151,9105991157
Famous Favorites
Asiago Pot Roast Sandwich - Half3109010407560025<1228
Asiago Pot Roast Sandwich - Whole61019021801501,200491455
Beefeater - Half4502102380951,64024<1334
Beefeater - Lighter Portion730360401401152,730482545
Beefeater - Whole900420471701853,280482568
New York Yankee - Half51023025110120830212045
New York Yankee - Lighter Portion620250271101201,120433<149
New York Yankee - Whole1,020460512202451,650433<190
Rueben The Great - Half3901401560901,110253<136
Rueben The Great - Lighter Portion5401802060951,430465139
Rueben The Great - Whole780280301101802,220496271
Wild Salmonwich - Half330160192.5040550263217
Wild Salmonwich - Whole6703303750851,100527434
Chicken Panini - Half410210244.5045760272323
Chicken Panini - Whole8204204890901,520534646
Cuban Press - Half300120143.5045870241220
Cuban Press - Whole6002502870851,750472341
Smokey Jack Panini - Half380180214.50601,020272323
Smokey Jack Panini - Whole75037041901202,040544746
Mediterranean Wrap360901010401,220488624
Mediterranean Wrap - Half1804550020610244312
Ranchero Wrap - Half26090113.5055720223221
Turkey Wrap390150172.50451,080428523
Turkey Wrap - Half2008081.5020540214311
Ham Muffaletta - Half1,170650741401053,480752539
Ham Muffaletta - Whole2,3401,3101492802156,97015051179
Quarter Ham Muffaletta5903303770551,740381320
Quarter Turkey Muffaletta5703003460551,770371421
Turkey Muffaletta - Half1,150600681101103,540752842
Turkey Muffaletta - Whole2,2901,2001372302207,08015051684
Meatless Eats
Creamy Fruit Dip150708503025170172
Cup Of Fruit6000000014211<1
Spinach Veggie Wrap370150176020700449417
Spinach Veggie Wrap - Half180809301035022529
Zucchini Grillini6103003660208106191018
Zucchini Grillini - Half30015018301041031459
American Potato Salad510330365013069040447
Baked Lays (Individual Bags)13020200015026222
Corn and Black Bean Salad250100111.50055031607
Creamy Fruit Dip (Side)150708503025170172
Cup of Fruit (Side)6000000014211<1
Green Chili Potato Salad35022025402527028245
House Chips (Ruffles)160901010016015002
Italian Pasta Salad3501701930099038319
Kettle Chips (Individual Bags)1608091.5009016102
Organic Blue Chips (Individual Bag)220100111009027303
Pickle Spear5000004101100
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus290130150008303410510
Steamed Veggies60500005511453
Three Bean Salad280110121.500270307713
Tuna Penne Pasta Salad230150162.5010600132410
Pollo Mexicano1,370360401801351,230201162157
Pollo Mexicano - Lighter Portion880180209070740146121433
The Plain Jane1,550630703401101,260192141741
The Plain Jane - Lighter Portion9703203517055640140101225
Beef Stew - Bowl2503031.50502,0603468 23
Beef Stew - Cup1501521 0301,2602135 14
Broccoli Cheese Soup - Bowl4702803118 01001,93025215 20
Broccoli Cheese Soup - Cup3402002313 0751,41019111 15
Chicken Noodle Soup - Bowl2608091.5 0601,4702722 17
Chicken Noodle Soup - Cup19060610451,060201112
Chicken Pot Pie Soup - Bowl53023025140951,6905545 19
Chicken Pot Pie Soup - Cup280130148 0601,0602423 13
Chili Soup - Bowl4902703011 11151,7501945 37
Chili Soup - Cup350200228 0.5801,2901433 27
Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup - Bowl2008091.5 0251,26020457
Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup - Cup1506071.5 02094016345
French Onion Soup - Bowl220120134.5 0151,65018279
French Onion Soup - Cup180110104.5 0151,1701325 8
Harvest Sweet Potato and Pork Soup - Bowl310120137 0501,30036310 13
Harvest Sweet Potato and Pork Soup - Cup2108094.5 03586024279
Organic Vegetable Soup - Bowl1506070 0073024555
Organic Vegetable Soup - Cup1104550 005501833 3
Potato Soup - Bowl5503604022 0801,5003535 15
Potato Soup - Cup3902502815 0901,020252410
Southwest Chicken Chili Soup - Bowl31090114 0751,270297427
Southwest Chicken Chili Soup - Cup2307072.5 0559602253 20
Spicy Seafood Gumbo Soup - Bowl2308085 0251,7102633 12
Spicy Seafood Gumbo Soup - Cup2006074 0201,3902332 10
Tomato Basil Soup - Bowl4302903216 0851,27027313 8
Tomato Basil Soup - Cup3502302612 0701,03023311 5
Chicken Alfredo1,430610693202352,3801307664
Chicken Alfredo - Lighter Portion830350391801301,300794337
Chicken Pasta Primo1,290490551901652,220140101656
Chicken Pasta Primo - Lighter Portion76028032120951,220846833
Penne Pasta & Meatballs1,320560632001502,120136101152
Penne Pasta & Meatballs - Lighter Portion840350401401001,380856734
Zucchini Garden Pasta1,22053061150501,45013718637
Zucchini Garden Pasta - Lighter Portion76032037100358408510424
Chicken Caesar Salad910510571101052,030564842
Chicken Caesar Salad - Lighter Portion4502502850551,010272421
Chicken Club Salad500270301001151,100187641
Chicken Club Salad - Lighter Portion290160186060650125523
Mighty Wild Salmon Salad610260304.50703804882036
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad5601301450908707674835
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad - Lighter Portion3207072.50454404943318
Taco Salad1,29064072210.51351,880120211748
Taco Salad - Lighter Portion80042046140.51001,6106512935
Taco Salad - Southwest1,180530591601101,600128231743
Taco Salad - Southwest Lighter Portion6903103490751,3307214829
The Chef Salad42021023902751,590143743
The Chef Salad - Lighter Portion220100124.5014080092522
Salad Bar
American Potato Salad260160182.506535020224
Artichoke Hearts1000000125210<1
Bacon Bits8045550154800008
Banana Pudding1605053020140230194
Broccoli Florets15000001531<11
Chocolate Mousse1901501810050509<17<1
Corn And Black Bean602530001408202
Cornbread Muffins70353.50.501560703<1
Cottage Cheese45101.510102303026
Cranberry Walnut Mix120354100519<1102
Diced Almonds12090100.500032<14
Garlic Toast45303.5000303000
Gingerbread Muffins90303.50.50152014081
Grape Tomatoes1000000020<10
Green Chili Potato Salad (Seasonal)18011012201513514122
Green Peas3500000506222
Hard Boiled Egg604041.50170500005
Israeli Couscous704550002907<11<1
Italian Pasta Salad 17080101.500500191<14
Kalamata Olives500.5000300000
Mixed Berry Granola1404550.50011022393
Mixed Fruit and Yogurt7050.500020172132
Mixed Salad Greens2500000156242
Organic Baby Carrots1000000152<1<10
Organic Red Apples300000008160
Pico De Gallo100000003<123
Red Bell Pepper50000000<10<1
Sliced Mushrooms5000000<100<1
Spicy Cajun Mix1309011200655215
Spicy Giardinera130110130.5006804020
Stuffed Green Olives550.50001250000
Sunflower Seeds12010011100042<14
Three Bean Salad70303000708223
Tuna Penne Pasta Salad1207081.50<53007125
Whole Beets5000003510<10
Yellow Bell Pepper00000001000
Carrot Cake5302903311075420574407
Chocolate Caramel Bite1005053.50108015<191
Chocolate Chip Cookie270110125035180412273
Chocolate Coffee Cake370180207060400442304
Chocolate Syrup1001010.50015221211
Cranberry Walnut Cookie300130154035190382214
Cream Cheese Pecan Bite15080950303515<1102
Fudge Nut Brownie41020022120125140533425
Ice Cream - Chocolate2205053.501515034<1326
Ice Cream - Vanilla2105063.5020110330335
Ice Cream Cone200000054000
Peanut Butter Cookie330140167040200401265
Plain Cheesecake53031036221120400481396
Pumpkin Coffee Cake400180197065470532354
Strawberry Shortcake6702302814090830992588
Strawberry-Topped Cheesecake55031036221120400522416
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut330160187045190390254
White Chocolate Raspberry Bite Kids Menu1304552.50106020<11515
Kids Menu
Bowtie Pasta & Chicken Alfredo64021023130105930704331
Bowtie Pasta & Meatballs6402202480751,010766727
Cheese Pizza470180207040820534320
Chicken Nuggetz (nuggets)1705061.5040480130015
Grilled Cheese - Wheat44024027110351,020386817
Grilled Cheese - White 50024026110351,2805421015
Ham & Cheese - Wheat 3501201450451,100396726
Ham & Cheese - White 4101201350451,360552924
Ham & Cheese - Wrap 240100115045980192219
Hot Dog 31016018703547027<1411
Hot Dog with Chili 50026029110801,190352526
Kid's Baked Potato 520170199030360745615
Mac & Cheese 4202102314165820372417
Peanut Butter & Jelly - Wheat 430170192.5003205582017
Peanut Butter & Jelly - White 490170182.5005807142215
Pepperoni Pizza 5202202490501,010534322
Turkey & Cheese - Wheat 3601101240551,200396928
Turkey & Cheese - White 4201101140551,4605521126
Turkey & Cheese - Wrap 25090104.50551,080192321
9 Grain Artisan Bread 24030400036044448
All Butter Croissant 26010011703030034145
Focaccia Bread 240404.50.50061044318
French Bread 230252.500050043229
Gluten-Free Bread 2406070.50039037155
Muffaletta Bun 170101.50003703411<1
Onion Bun 24025310<535047077
Organic Wheat Wrap 180303.510032034416
Rye Bread 230303000580433<17
Telera Bread 240353.500045045137
White Bread 26030300054052288
Whole Grain Wheat Bread200304000280366610
American Cheese8060740153201013
Jalapeno Pepper Jack906074025135<1006
Shredded Cheddar60404.52.501585<1004
Hard Salami4030310201400002
Homemade Chicken Salad with almonds and pineapple1701201320251806<157
Homemade Tuna Salad with eggs22015017204032010116
Hot Corned Beef140354107029000025
Hot Pastrami320240271207038000021
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast7050.5003529010013
Pecan-Smoked Pork Loin802020.50403000015
Pot Roast2406063012543020<143
Premium Ham702530.503049010013
Roast Beef100354204535000015
Roasted Turkey Breast80151.5004059010115
Sliced Bacon6045520102000003
Smoked Turkey Breast802004055030114
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon220110132070240<10<124
Cucumber Slice500000010<10
Italian Peppers0000001300000
Kalamata Olives500.5000300000
Leafy Lettuce00000000000
Muffaletta Mix2502202520061020<10
Organic Field Greens0000000<1000
Organic Red Apples300000008160
Organic Spinach50000020<1<10<1
Pickle Spear5000004101100
Pico De Gallo100000003<123
Pollo Spices1550.5000230210<1
Red Onion Rings000000010<10
Roasted Herb Tomatoes30202.5000902<1<10
Roasted Zucchini500000010<10
Roma Tomato Slice0000000<10<10
Sliced Avocado - 1/2 of whole120100111.50056502
Sliced Avocado - 1/4 of whole605051000320<1
Sliced Mushrooms5000000<100<1
Tomato Slice0000000<1000
Spreads & Dressings
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing25252.500080<10<10
Basil Pesto130110122001202<103
Bleu Cheese Dressing807081.50519010<1<1
Chipotle Aioli1301301420151500000
Cranberry Relish150000000373330
Cream Cheese21017019130551606042
Creamy Ceasar Dressing35303.50.50<5900000
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (bottle)110110131.50000000
Garlic Horseradish Sauce3525310<51001000
Homemade Guacamole30253000452100
Homemade Ranch Dressing60607105600000
Honey Mustard35202000753030
Italian Dressing45455100750000
Leo's Fat Free Italian Dressing (bottle)00000050<1000
Light Raspberry Cabernet Vinaigrette (bottle)15101000502020
Lo Fat Ranch Dressing40303.500<5115<1000
Marinara Sauce30101000260513<1
Olive Oil Blend - Bread110110131.50000000
Olive Oil Blend - Zucchini40404.50.50000000
Organic Balsamic Vinegar (bottle)150000003030
Red Wine Vinegar (bottle)00000000000
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus3515200010541<11
Stone Ground Mustard0000003000000
Thousand Island Dressing60607105600000
Yellow Mustard20000003200000
Bottled Drinks
Citrus Sweet Leaf Green Tea140000000380380
Jason's Deli Bottled Black Cherry170000000420420
Jason's Deli Bottled Cream Soda170000000420420
Jason's Deli Bottled Ginger Ale140000000360360
Jason's Deli Bottled Root Beer170000000420420
Kids Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk 1804553020160270278
Kids Horizon Organic Lowfat Milk110202.51.5010130130128
Kids Tree Top Apple Juice1000000020250220
Nantucket Nectar Orange Juice170000000390312
Peach Sweet Leaf Tea160000000400380
Raspberry Sweet Leaf Tea160000000580360
Fountain Drinks and Teas
Barq's Olde Style Root Beer 2200000025580580
Coca-Cola Classic2000000010540540
Coca-Cola Zero000000550000
Diet Coke000000200000
Diet Dr. Pepper0000001000000
Jason's Deli Pomegranate Blueberry Sports Drink13000000170200200
Minute Maid Lemonade2000000090520500
Sweet Tea140000000370370
Regional Items
Chili - Bowl (East of the Mississippi)1 440250271001001,740173334
Chili - Bowl (West of the Mississippi)47026029101.51101,680195536
Chili - Cup (East of the Mississippi)3301802080751,290133325
Chili - Cup (West of the Mississippi)3501902181.5801,240144426
Chocolate Ice Cream (East of the Mississippi)2305064015105330326
Chocolate Ice Cream (West of the Mississippi)200404.53015190351337
Chocolate Mousse (East of the Mississippi)2001501711140509<171
Chocolate Mousse (West of the Mississippi)1901501910060508<16<1
Cottage Cheese (East of the Mississippi)45101.510102403026
Cottage Cheese (West of the Mississippi)45101.510102302027
Croutons (East of the Mississippi)13020200022022002
Croutons (West of the Mississippi)140404.500020023<102
French Bread (East of the Mississippi)21025300045040127
French Bread (West of the Mississippi)2402020.500550462210
Gingerbread Muffins (East of the Mississippi)90303.50.5015014<171
Gingerbread Muffins (West of the Mississippi)90303.50.50153514091
Green Chili Potato Salad (East of the Mississippi)18011012201513014122
Green Chili Potato Salad (West of the Mississippi)18011012201513514122
Homemade Ranch Dressing (East of the Mississippi)60607105600000
Homemade Ranch Dressing (West of the Mississippi)60607105600000
Hot Dog Bun (East of the Mississippi)150252.510023026124
Hot Dog Bun (West of the Mississippi)140252.500027026034
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast (East of the Mississippi)8051004031020<113
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast (West of the Mississippi)6050.5003026010013
Old Fashion White Bread (IL, IN, OH, KY, MN)26040400050048228
Old Fashion White Bread (TX, LA, AR, OK, NM, CO)26030300054052288
Old Fashion White Bread (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, MS, MD)22020300040044066
Organic Wheat Wrap (East of the Mississippi)170303.500038033516
Organic Wheat Wrap (West of the Mississippi)1803031.50026034316
Roasted Turkey Breast (East of the Missisippi)80151.5004059010116
Roasted Turkey Breast (West of the Mississippi)70151.5003559010114
Rye Bread (IL, IN, OH, KY, MN)26040400086046408
Rye Bread (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, MS, MD)24020200046046208
Vanilla Ice Cream (East of the Mississippi)2105064015100320325
Vanilla Ice Cream (West of the Mississippi)2105053.5020120340346
Whipped Topping (East of the Mississippi)130110147045104040
Whipped Topping (West of theMississippi)130110147045104040
Whole Grain Wheat Bread (IL, IN, OH, KY, MN)240202000460488812
Whole Grain Wheat Bread (TX, LA, AR, OK, NM, CO)200304000280366610
Whole Grain Wheat Bread (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, MS, MD)22030400030044486

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