Jerry’s Subs & Pizza Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSat FatSodiumCholesterol
Regular Traditional Roll350136863 50.57600
Regular Wheat Roll36015653515900
Hamburger Roll173653411.202880
American Cheese361.950.375031.91659
American Cheese723.90.75063.7533018
American Cheese1085.851.125095.649527
Provolone Cheese33.752.630.3750221.5757.5
Provolone Cheese67.55.250.7505.25315015
Provolone Cheese101.257.91.12507.934.522522.5
Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese33.753002.251.522.57.5
Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese67.56004.534515
Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese101.259006.754.567.522.5
Green Peppers1.500.40000.250
Green Peppers300.8000050
Green Peppers4.501.20000.750
Sweet Peppers400.4000630
Sweet Peppers800.80001250
Sweet Peppers1201.20001880
Onion Straws591.59120.31890
Onion Straws1181.218.5240.63780
Onion Straws177227.53615680
Fried Jalapenos600.780.730.52140
Fried Jalapenos1201.4161.4614270
Fried Jalapenos1802.1242.191.56410
Bleu Cheese20531.50214.523422
Honey Mustard21307.562133453
Southwest Sauce1891.531.519.5339410.5
Fat Free Ranch450114005500
Lite Italian6004450.57000
Jerry's Mayo - Small Sub600.10.25060.75456
Jerry's Mayo - Regular Sub1200.20.50121.59012
Jerry's Mayo - Large Sub1800.30.750182.2513518
Fat Free Mayo5010001300
Jerry's Oil & Spice -Small Sub60000717.50
Jerry's Oil & Spice -Regular Sub120000142150
Jerry's Oil & Spice -Large Sub18000021322.50
Marmara Sauce19012002360
Buffalo Sandwich Sauce500.51003400
SALADS (dressings, above)
Side Salad6421.1031.323315
House Salad1483.92.5062646930
Grilled Chicken Salad230.515.950.883.394967
Crispy Chicken Salad31416.514.52143.9124940
Antipasto Salad44620.43031.4113.351509102
Tuna Salad36426.730183.9898593
Phillips Crabcake Salad46825.914.52265.6158980
Little Cheeseburger50223.
Bacon Cheeseburger95647.736.21.165.2271865188
Sm Original Cheesesteak352.75249535.95311.55.25782.1555
Reg Original Cheesesteak705.549.971.962310.51564.3110
Lg Original Cheesesteak1058.2574.85107.85934.515.752346.45165
Sm Philly Cheesesteak35524.2835.95311.885.63872.1556.5
Reg Philly Cheesesteak71048.5571.9623.7511.251744.3113
Lg Philly Cheesesteak106580.4107.85935.63000000000000316.882616.45169.5
Sm Big 'W Cheesesteak425.2526.83595317.2581158.1570
Reg Big W Cheesesteak850.553.671.9634.5162316.3140
Lg Big 'W Cheesesteak1275.7580.4107.85951.75243474.45210
Sm Big Bubba Cheesesteak41826.5835.75315.38789768.5
Reg Big Bubba Cheesesteak83653.1571.5630.75141794137
Lg Big Bubba Cheesesteak125479.73107.25946.13212691205.5
Sm Super Cheesesteak35924.5836.6311.885.63899.956.5
Reg Super Cheesesteak71849.1573.2623.7511.251799.8113
Lg Super Cheesesteak107773.73109.89356316.882699.7169.5
Sm So.Street Cheesesteak35924.2836.35311.885.63934.6556.5
Reg So.Street Cheesesteak71848.5572.7623.7511.251869.3113
Lg So.Street Cheesesteak107772.83109.05935.6316.882803.95169.5
Reg Fat Daddy Cheesesteak132999.875.3664303510274
Lg Fat Daddy Cheesesteak1993.5149.7112.95996455265411
Reg Big 'O Cheesesteak117584.393.884822.53100226
Lg Big "0' Cheesesteak1762127.7140.51272344651339
Sm Ultimate Cheesesteak439.7529.835.953188.38107972.5
Reg Ultimate Cheesesteak879.559.671.963616.752158145
Lg Ultimate Cheesesteak1319.2589.4107.8595425.133237217.5
Sm All-American Cheesesteak357.7523.635.95312.256962.1558
Reg All-American Cheesesteak715.547.271.9624.5121924.3116
Lg All-American Cheesesteak1073.2570.8107.85936.7518288645174
Sm Pepperoni Cheesesteak397.52735.95314.56.7592262.5
Reg Pepperoni Cheesesteak7955471.962913.51844125
Lg Pepperoni Cheesesteak1192.581107.85943.520.252766187.5
Sm T-N-T Cheesesteak44824.3443.7176.5117658
Reg T-N-T Cheesesteak89648.6887.434132351116
Lg T-N-T Cheesesteak134472.913211.1511953527174
Sm Hot Shot Cheesesteak355.324.9536.23.511.55.25952.255
Reg Hot Shot Cheesesteak710.549.972.472310.51904.3110
Lg Hot Shot Cheesesteak1065.874.85108.610.534.515.7528565165
Reg The Beast130210882.75962.325.33194352
Lg The Beast1953162124.1313.593.4537.954791528
Sm Chicken Philly Cheesesteak35023.2836.95313.385.13992.1551.5
Reg Chicken Philly Cheesesteak70046.5573.9626.7510.251984.3103
Lg Chicken Philly Cheesesteak105069.83110.8540.1315.384976.45154.5
Sm Grilled Chicken27620.4537.853.833.951.08863.1541.25
Reg Grilled Chicken55240.975.77.657.92.151726.382.5
Lg Grilled Chicken82861.35113.5511.4811.853.232589.45123.75
Sm Crispy Chicken35319.34759.751.52116220
Reg Crispy Chicken62032.29999999999999788915.52.5193430
Lg Crispy Chicken97051.513514254299045
Sm Veggie Melt26311.8837.2537.383.6367816.5
Reg Veggie Melt52623.7574.5614.757.25135633
Lg Veggie Melt78935.63111.75922.1310.88203449.5
Sm Turkey Breast25425.9537.8533.130.25959.6527.5
Reg Turkey Breast50851.975.766.250.51919355
Lg Turkey Breast76277.85113.5599.380.752878.9582.5
Sm Ham & Cheese329.7520.23638.753.25119248
Reg Ham & Cheese659.540.47261756.5238496
Lg Ham & Cheese989.2560.6108926.259.753576144
Sm Meatball & Cheese Sub460.7523.0541.155.8320.657.65118056.5
Reg Meatball & Cheese Sub921.546.182.311.6541.315.32360113
Lg Meatball & Cheese Sub1382.2569.15123.4517.4861.9522.953540169.5
Sm Tuna Sub365.2525.735.6311.751.4812.1552.5
Reg Tuna Sub730.551.471.2623.52.81624.3105
Lg Tuna Sub1095.7577.1106.8935.254.22436.4499999999998157.5
Sm Italian Cold Cut (no oil)42019.635.63228.75119756.5
Reg Italian Cold Cut (no oil)84039.271.264417.52394113
Lg Italian Cold Cut (no oil)126058.8106.896626.253591169.5
Sm Phillips Crabcake Sub30914414101.585975
Reg Phillips Crabcake Sub618288282031718150
Lg Phillips Crabcake Sub9274212312304.52577225
Regular Fries3153.5350.7194.55250
Large Fries4955.5551.13078250
Super Fries148516.51653.3902124750
Butlalo Wings (2 pes.)1601417111.569090
Buffalo Wings (6 pes.)48042321334.52070270
Chunky Chicken Bites (2 pes.)559201030525
Chunky Chicken Bites (6 pes.)16527603091575
Mozzarella Sticks (2 pes.)9059142.533010
Mozzarella Sticks27015273127.599030
Onion Straws2953465101.59460
Chicken Nuggets (2 pes.)934.
Chicken Nuggets2801416117360040
Chicken Tenders1421513112258035
Fried Jalapenos360448418312800
Garlic Cheese Bread220827211339016
Chips, Lays Plain2253220151.52700
Chips. Lays BBO2253223151.53000
Chips, Lays Baked1302.5252.52202020
Chocolate Chip Cookie170224157412010
Entire Pizza - 8"/Small54026774156102040
1/4th of a Small Pizza1356.519.251.33.751.525510
Entire Pizza -i27Medium151668282646152867100
1 /4 of a Medium Pizza3798.570.50.751153.7571725
Entire Pizza - 157Large19588837986722.54005150
1/4th of a Large Pizza489.57.3950.7516.755.6100137.5
1/6th of a 15" Cheese Pizza33214.6641.5113.866725
1 /6th of a 15" Pepperoni Pizza39617.4641.516.55893939
Pepperoni Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small603.7500.2572.5342.516
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza151001.80.6864
on entire Pizza-127Medium2401100.75217.5102849
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza602.7500.25.251.925712
on entire Pizza-15"/Large32015012810137065
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza803.7500.2572.5342.516
Extra Cheese Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small62.52.90.950.1253.52.1515613
- onl/4th of a Small Pizza15.60.70.2500.90.5393.25
on entire Pizza -12"/Medium187.592.850.410.56.4546839
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza472.
on entire Pizza -15"/Large18811.43.80.5148.662452.4
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza62.52.90.950.1253.52.1515613
Sausage Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small7130.37506.252.2519913
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza180.750.101.50.5503.25
on entire Pizza -127Medium21491.10196.7559739
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza53.52.20.2504.91.71499.75
on entire Pizza -157Large285121.5025979552
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza7130.37506.252.2519913
Mushroom Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small7.50.50.75000200
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza1.90.10.200050
on entire Pizza -127Medium22.51.52.25000600
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza5.60.40.55000150
on entire Pizza -15"/Large3023000800
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza7.50.50.75000200
Onion Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small6.200.750000.750
on 1 /4 th of a Small Pizza1.600.20000.20
on entire Pizza -127Medium18.502.250002.250
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza4.700.550000.550
on entire Pizza -157Large250300030
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza6.200.750000.750
Green Pepper Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small40100000
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza100.2500000
on entire Pizza - 12"/Medium120300000
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza300.7500000
on entire Pizza -15"/Large160400000
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza40100000
Beef Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small4540.75031.252107.5
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza1110.200.750.3531.8
on entire Pizza -127Medium135122.25093.7563022.5
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza3430.5502.20.91575.5
on entire Pizza -157Large180153012584030
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza4540.75031.252107.5
Black Olive Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small37.50.250.7503.750.751550
- on 1 4th of a Small Pizza9.40000000
on entire Pizza -127Medium112.50000000
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza280000000
on entire Pizza -157Large1501301536200
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza37.50.250.7503.750.751550
Anchovie Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small27.52002070011
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza70.5000.501752.6
on entire Pizza -127Medium8360060210033
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza211.5001.505258.25
on entire Pizza -15"/Large11080080280045
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza27.52002070011
Bacon Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small13072193.542027.5
- on 1/4thofaSmall Pizza32.
on entire Pizza -12"/Medium39021632710.5126082.5
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza97.
on entire Pizza -157Large520288436141680110
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza1307CM193.542027.5
Tomatoes Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small700.500020
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza200.10000.50
on entire Pizza -12"/Medium2101.500060
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza500.40001.50
on entire Pizza -157Large280200080
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza700.500020
Ham Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small303.50010.532010
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza7.50.9000.250.1602.5
on entire Pizza -127Medium9010.50031.596030
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza22.52.6000.750.42407.5
on entire Pizza - 157Large120140042128040
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza303.50010.532010
Fried Jalapenos Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small600.7580.7550.52150
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza150.
on entire Pizza -127Medium1802.25242.25151.56450
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza450.5660.5640.41610
on entire Pizza - 15"/Large24033232028600
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza600.7580.7550.52150
Grilled Chicken Topping
on entire Pizza - 87Small2541250.50.2510011
- on 1/4th of a Small Pizza8.2510.
on entire Pizza -l27Medium75123751.50.7530033
- on 1/4th of a Medium Pizza18.7530.7518.750.40.2758
on entire Pizza -157Large10016412140044
- on 1/4th of a Large Pizza25410.250.50.2510011
Classic White Pizza
Entire Pizza - 8"/Small6003077122.59101861
- 1/4th of a Small Pizza1507.519.
Entire Pizza -127Medium1700702822.266.2523.62865161
-1/4 of a Medium Pizza42517.570.50.516.55.971640
Entire Pizza -157Large2204104380394343998234.5
-1/4 of a Large Pizza5512695123.58.599958.6
Super Double Pepperoni Pizza
Entire Pizza - 87Small66029.5950.730.210.6168670
-1/4 of a Small Pizza1657.423.750.27.52.6421.517.5
Entire Pizza -12"/Medium198088.52852.190.631.85058210
- 1/4th of a Medium Pizza49522.1710.522.681264.552.5
Entire Pizza - 157Large26401183792.7512142.56745280
- 1/4th of a Large Pizza66029.5950.730.210.6168670
Meat Supreme Pizza
Entire Pizza - 87Small8464197.53.240.514.62344105
- 1/4th of a Small Pizza211.510.224.40.81012.758626
Entire Pizza -12"/Medium2538123292.59.5121.543.87032315
- 1/4th of a Large Pizza634.52.5732.43112175879
Entire Pizza - 157Large338316339012.516258.59375420
- 1/4th of a Large Pizza8464197.53.240.514.62344105
Veggie Supreme Pizza
Entire Pizza -8"/Small55222.7598.5220.56.41137.538
- 1/4th of a Small Pizza1385.724.
Entire Pizza -127Medium165568.25296661.5193402114
- 1/4th of a Medium Pizza41417741.515.44.7850.528.5
Entire Pizza - 157Large22079139488225.54550150
- 1/4th of a Large Game55222.7598.5220.56.41137.538
Kitchen Sink Pizza
Entire Pizza - 8"/Small90841.510134415.424.96105
- 1/4th of a Small Pizza22710.4250.75113.962426
Entire Pizza -127Medium2724124.5303913246.27488315
- 1/4th of a Medium Pizza6813175.752.253311.5187279
Entire Pizza -157Large36321664051217761.59985420
- 1/4th of a Large Pizza90841.510134415.42496105
Sausage and Pepper Flatbread Pizza
Entire Pizza173770282275242645162
- 1/4th of a Entire Pizza43417.571.519666041
Chicken and Bacon Flatbread Pizza
Entire Pizza1717802847868.5223112183
- 1/4th of a Entire Pizza4298.520175.577946
Veggie Medley Flatbread Pizza
Entire Pizza158762284260192639121
- 1/4th of a Entire Pizza39715.571.5154.565930
Coke Classic - Regular171047470040
Coke Classic - Large261071710070
Coke Classic - Super359098980090
Sprite - Regular1690454500380
Sprite - Large2570696900580
Sprite - Super3530959500800
Fanta Birch Beer -Regular1870515100200
Fanta Birch Beer - Large2850787800310
Fanta Birch Beer - Super393010710700430
Fanta Orange - Regular1840505000100
Fanta Orange - Large2800767600330
Fanta Orange - Super386010410400460
Diet Coke - Regular1.100.10.100160
Diet Coke - Large1.600.20.200250
Diet Coke - Super2.300.30.300350
Coke Zero - Regular1.200.10.100780
Coke Zero - Large1.800.20.200100
Coke Zero - Super2.500.30.300140
Min. Maid Lemonade -Regular1680444400710
Min. Maid Lemonade -Large25606767001080
Min. Maid Lemonade -Super35204949001490
Hi-C Fruit Punch -Regular1810494900150
Hi-C Fruit Punch - Large2760747400230
Hi-C Fruit Punch - Super380010210200320
Nestea Rasberry Tea -Regular1340363600130
Nestea Rasberry Tea -Large2050545400200
Nestea Rasberry Tea -Super2820757500280
Gold Peak Sweet Tea -Regular1340363600140
Gold Peak Sweet Tea -Large2570565600210
Gold Peak Sweet Tea -Super2890767600290
Gold Peak Green Tea -Regular1390373700120
Gold Peak Green Tea -Large2120575600180
Gold Peak Green Tea -Super2910787700250
Gold Peak Unsweet Tea - Regular1.100.4000140
Gold Peak Unsweet Tea - Large1.600.50.500220
Gold Peak Unsweet Tea - Super2.200.70.700300
Bottled Water000000100
20 oz Bottle Coca Cola2400656500750
20 oz Bottle Diet Coke000000700
20 oz Bottle Sprite24006464001100
Party Tray Items, per serving
Buffalo Wings (2 pes)1601417111.569090
Chicken Nuggets (2 pes.)934.
Chicken Tenders (2 pes.)1421513112258035
Sandwich Tray / Party Subs, per serving
Sm Italian Cold Cut (no oil)42019.635.63228.75119756.5
Sm Turkey Breast25425.9537.8533.130.25959.6527.5
Sm Ham & Cheese329.7520.23638.753.25119248

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