Krispy Kreme Donuts Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemServing Size (g, oz)Servings Per
from Fat
Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein
Apple Fritter87g12101301470511018143
Baseball Doughnut68g12901501780012533<1164
Caramel Kreme Crunch96g139018020100517050<1304
Chocolate Iced Cake71g128014015702032034<1193
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled89g13101601780015036<1194
Chocolate Iced Glazed64 g1240100115059533<1212
Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller70 g126011012501526038<1252
Chocolate Iced Glazed Football Stamp72 g12901501780012531<1154
Chocolate Iced Glazed Hearts w/Strawberry Kreme Filling and Red Drizzle93g136019020100015043<1254
Chocolate Iced Kreme Filling89g136019021100014040<1234
Chocolate Iced Kreme Filling Web (Halloween)100g140018020100014051<1344
Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles72g1270100115059541<1272
Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled89g13101501780012536<1194
Cinnamon Apple Filled81g12901501680515033<1143
Cinnamon Bun67g12601501680512528<1133
Cinnamon Twist59g12401401570513023<173
Doughnut Hole Glazed Blueberry Cake = 4 Holes51g1190808401521026<1162
Doughnut Hole Glazed Cake = 4 holes51g120090104.501522026<1162
Doughnut Hole Glazed Chocolate Cake = 4 Holes51g11908094.5015200251152
Doughnut Hole Original Glazed = 4 Holes54g1200100114.50090260152
Doughnut Hole Pumpkin Spice = 4 Holes51g121090104.5015240290172
Dulce de Leche13001601890516031<1143
Eclair - Chocolate Iced Banana Filled w/Yellow Drizzle99g1290120136009041<1273
Eclair - Chocolate Iced Chocolate Filled w/Chocolate Drizzle99g129015016700120392234
Eclair - White Iced Strawberries & Kreme Filling w/Pink Drizzle99g13301501680511043<1293
Glazed Blueberry Cake130013014702023042<1282
Glazed Chocolate Cake80g1300130157020230412263
Glazed Cinnamon53g1200100114.5009025<1132
Glazed Cruller122010012501526027<1152
Glazed Kreme Filling134018020100514038<1223
Glazed Lemon Filled85g12901401680513535<1173
Glazed Raspberry Filled84g12901401680512536<1203
Glazed Sour Cream80g131013014702025043<1272
Jack o' Lantern12801201360011038<1243
Maple Iced Glazed64g1230100115009032<1202
Mini Chocolate Iced Glazed30g11105052.50045160101
Mini Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles35g11305052.50045200131
Mini Original Glazed1904552.5004010051
New York Cheesecake96g1350190211001020036<1174
Original Glazed49g11901001150090210102
Powdered Blueberry Filled84g13001501780013534<1144
Powdered Cake54g1220100115015240270142
Powdered Strawberry Filled81g12901501680513533<1133
Pumpkin Spice81g130013014702024042<1272
Pumpkin, Football, Egg Shape Iced & Stamped70g12801501780512029<1123
Tennis Ball73g12901501780012532<1164
Traditional Cake57g119011012601526019072
White Iced Egg with Easter Sprinkles74g13401601880012041<1204
White Iced Glazed Hearts81g13201601780012038<1203
White Iced Glazed Snowman + Stamp66g12801501780512029<1123
White Iced Heart w/Valentine Sprinkles69g13001501680011535<1193
White Iced Shamrock with St. Patrick's Sprinkles68g13001601880012031<1113
White Iced Star with Patriotic Sprinkles13001601880012031<1113
Coffees/Hot Chocolate
Bold12 fl oz11050.500051000
Bold16 fl oz1151010.500101001
Bold20 fl oz1151010.500101001
Bold Brew Box96 fl oz880404.53.500505004
Hot Chocolate12 fl oz12406074.5010150452452
Hot Chocolate16 fl oz13207086010220633633
Hot Chocolate20 fl oz142090107010290853854
Rich12 fl oz11050.500051000
Rich16 fl oz110101000101000
Rich20 fl oz1151010.500101001
Rich Brew Box96 fl oz870404.52.500505003
Robust Decaf12 fl oz150000051000
Robust Decaf16 fl oz1500000101000
Robust Decaf20 fl oz1500000101000
Robust Decaf Brew Box96 fl oz8351010.500506001
Smooth12 fl oz11050.500510000
Smooth16 fl oz11050.5000101001
Smooth20 fl oz1151010.500101001
Smooth Brew Box96 fl oz870404.5300505003
Espresso Drinks
Espresso1.8 fl oz1000000100000
Cappuccino12 fl oz11404553020140140139
Cappuccino16 fl oz11605063.50251601601510
Cappuccino20 fl oz11906074.50252001901812
Latte12 fl oz11304553020130130128
Latte16 fl oz11605063.50251601601510
Latte20 fl oz11906074.50252001901812
Mocha12 fl oz12604552015330490447
Mocha16 fl oz13707083.50254706806211
Mocha20 fl oz146090104.50255808407714
Caramel Flavor Shot1 fl oz111000000100280280
Caramel Flavor Shot1.5 fl oz117000000150430420
Caramel Flavor Shot2 fl oz123000000200570570
Caramel Flavor Shot2.5 fl oz129000000250710710
Chocolate Flavor Shot1 fl oz1110101000150260241
Chocolate Flavor Shot1.5 fl oz1160151.5000230390361
Chocolate Flavor Shot2 fl oz1210202000300520481
Chocolate Flavor Shot2.5 fl oz127025000000000
Original Kreme Flavor Shot1 fl oz1120000000280280
Original Kreme Flavor Shot1.5 fl oz1180000000420420
Original Kreme Flavor Shot2 fl oz1230000000560560
Original Kreme Flavor Shot2.5 fl oz1290000000710710
Vanilla Flavor Shot1 fl oz1120000000290290
Vanilla Flavor Shot1.5 fl oz1180000000440440
Vanilla Flavor Shot2 fl oz1240000000590590
Vanilla Flavor Shot2.5 fl oz1300000000730730
Hazelnut Flavor Shot1 fl oz180000000210210
Hazelnut Flavor Shot1.5 fl oz11200000015310310
Hazelnut Flavor Shot2 fl oz11600000015420410
Hazelnut Flavor Shot2.5 fl oz12100000020520510
Berries & Kreme 12 oz12 fl oz1620250282403022092<1713
Berries & Kreme 20 oz20 fl oz19603604036030330150<11153
Chocolate Chocolate 12oz12 fl oz167026029240303201042624
Chocolate Chocolate 20oz20 fl oz11050370423603049017041006
Lemon Sherbert 12 oz12 fl oz1630250282403022095<1713
Lemon Sherbert 20 oz20 fl oz19803604036030330155<11153
Lotta Latte 12 oz12 fl oz1670250282403038049<16040
Lotta Latte 20 oz20 fl oz11050360403603058079<1975
Mocha Dream 12 oz12 fl oz167025028240303201051583
Mocha Dream 20 oz20 fl oz1105037041360304901712945
Orange You Glad 12 oz12 fl oz11800000010430430
Orange You Glad 20 oz20 fl oz13000000010710710
Oranges & Kreme 12 oz12 fl oz1630250282403022092<1713
Oranges & Kreme 20 oz20 fl oz19703604036030330150<11153
Very Berry 12 oz12 fl oz11700000010430430
Very Berry 20 oz20 fl oz12900000010710710
Iced Drinks
Chocolate Iced Coffee12 fl oz1330151.510020760752
Chocolate Iced Coffee20 fl oz1550202.51.5003512701254
Hazelnut Iced Coffee12 fl oz1360151.510025760762
Hazelnut Iced Coffee20 fl oz1540252.51.5003512601264
Original Iced Coffee12 fl oz129050.500025690692
Original Iced Coffee20 fl oz14901011004011401144
Sweet Iced Tea16 fl oz124000000120000
Sweet Iced Tea20 fl oz12800000015690690
Sweet Iced Tea32 fl oz1450000002511001100
Unsweet Iced Tea16 fl oz1000000101000
Unsweet Iced Tea20 fl oz1000000151000
Unsweet Iced Tea32 fl oz1000000252000
Vanilla Iced Coffee12 fl oz1330151.510020760752
Vanilla Iced Coffee20 fl oz1540252.51.5003512701254
Coke16 fl oz12000000010530530
Coke20 fl oz12400000015670670
Coke32 fl oz1390000002510601060
Diet Coke16 fl oz1000000200000
Diet Coke20 fl oz1000000250000
Diet Coke32 fl oz1000000400000
Hi-C Pink Lemonade16 fl oz11900000080470470
Hi-C Pink Lemonade20 fl oz124000000100590590
Hi-C Pink Lemonade32 fl oz138000000160950950
Mellow Yellow16 fl oz12100000015570570
Mellow Yellow20 fl oz12600000020710710
Mellow Yellow32 fl oz1420000003011401140
Mr. Pibb16 fl oz11900000030510510
Mr. Pibb20 fl oz12400000035640640
Mr. Pibb32 fl oz1380000005510301030
Sprite16 fl oz11900000045510510
Sprite20 fl oz12400000055640640
Sprite32 fl oz1380000008510301030
Kool Kreme
Arctic Avalanche - Butterfinger12 fl oz157018020120303508816712
Arctic Avalanche - Butterfinger20 fl oz198031035200.550590151211320
Arctic Avalanche - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough12 fl oz17502502712630390115<18312
Arctic Avalanche - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough20 fl oz110503403817945540159<111617
Arctic Avalanche - M&Ms12 fl oz1520170191203527078<16611
Arctic Avalanche - M&Ms20 fl oz186028031160.55066013029818
Arctic Avalanche - Oreo12 fl oz151016018100303907815911
Arctic Avalanche - Oreo20 fl oz186028031160.55066013029818
Arctic Avalanche - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup12 fl oz160023025130354008127014
Arctic Avalanche - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup20 fl oz1102041045220.555690137311824
Cone - Chocolate13108096020170502338
Cone - Swirl181g13008095020170491348
Cone - Vanilla181g12907085020180480347
Doughnut Sundae - Chocolate Cake230g15601902111030360894648
Doughnut Sundae - Original Glazed202g1460160179020230691487
Doughnut Sundae - Strawberry Cake242g15601802011035380902707
Milkshake - Banana20 fl oz177019021130.550420130311017
Milkshake - Blackberry 20 ox20 fl oz186019021130.550420150111717
Milkshake - Blueberry20 fl oz195021023150.555460168113118
Milkshake - Chocolate20 fl oz175022024160.56046011249020
Milkshake - Oreo20 fl oz190028832160.550690136210319
Milkshake - Pineapple20 fl oz170019021130.55043011019216
Milkshake - Raspberry20 fl oz194021023150.555470165112818
Milkshake - Strawberry20 fl oz180019021130.550460137211917
Milshake - Strawberry-Banana20 fl oz180019021130.550440137411617
Milkshake - Vanilla20 fl oz172021024150.56047010809118
Sundae - Banana-Chocolate269g14508096020220863698
Sundae - Blackberry269g14408085020170852637
Sundae - Blueberry246g14507085020170861647
Sundae - Caramel Butterscotch w/nuts261g1570130158030270100<17312
Sundae - Hot Fudge227g1460160181502025068<1578
Sundae - Pineapple255g1300708502017049<1416
Sundae - Raspberry244g1440708502017083<1627
Sundae - Strawberry269g13907085020200732657
Bagels, Cream Cheese, Butter and Jelly
Plain Bagel108g1260101000490542110
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel108g125010100044054359
Wholegrain/Whole Wheat Bagel108g12904550.500500549311
Everything Bagel108g1280303.50001160543210
Asiago Cheese Bagel113g1300303.51.505660573211
Blueberry Bagel108g127010100047057369
Plain Cream Cheese1 oz18070850301151011
Plain Cream Cheese8 oz7670570643932559301201112
Reduced Fat Plain1 oz16045530201302022
Reduced Fat Plain8 oz74903704125215510301411317
Garden Vegetable1 oz1807074.50301502011
Garden Vegetable8 oz79070850351602012
Garden Vegetable Reduced Fat8 oz76045530201902022
Strawberry Reduced Fatloz18060740251004041
Strawberry Reduced Fat8 oz751030034211.512587038<1360
Salted Butter1 tbsp11001001070301150000
Grape Jelly0.5 oz1350000009000
Strawberry Jelly0.5 oz1350000009000
Mixed Fruit Jelly0.5 oz1350000009000
Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping103g1380160183050390504267
Reduced Fat Triple Berry Muffin113g13005061.500400572295
Blueberry Muffin113g1380170193.5075280481264
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping103g1340130153050380474256
Chocolate Chip Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping127g1500230267085330621376
Whole Wheat Corn Muffin89g1310120132045340443196
Sweet Rolls
Cinnamon Roll170g1670340381811565763417
Cinnamon Roll Lite85g13301701990535382203
Pecan RolllOlg1420230251001040442245
Pecan Roll201g1840460512011585884489
Milk and Butter
Fat Free Milk8 floz19000005130130128
0.5% Low Fat Milk8 floz11001001010130130128
l%Low Fat Milk8 floz1110202.51.5010130130129
1.5% Reduced Fat Milk8 floz1120353.52.5015130120128
2% Reduced Fat Mlk8 floz11304553020130120128
3.25% Milk8 floz11507085035120120118
California Fat Free Milk8 fl oz19000005135130129
California 1% Low Fat Milk8 fl oz1130202.51.50151601601510
California 2% Reduced Fat Milk8 fl oz114045530201501401310
California 3.5% Milk8 fl oz11608095035130130128
Chocolate Whole Milk8 fl oz12007085035200250238
Chocolate 1% Fat8 fl oz1150252.51.5015200240238
Fat Free Chocolate Milk8 fl oz113000005190250238
Organic Milk Boxes
Strawberry Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz1200404.52.5020130310318
Chocolate Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz1180455302016027<1278
Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz1120404.53020120120128
Vanilla Reduced Fat Milk Box8 fl oz1190404.52.5020115300298
Whipped Topping
Whipped Topping120151.510501010
Whipped Topping160404.5301503030
Lowfat Strawberry Yogurt6 oz1150101.510585290245
Lowfat Blueberry Yogurt6 oz1150101.510585290245
Lowfat Peach Yogurt6 oz11501.5100585300255
Lowfat Black Cherry Yogurt6 oz1140151.510580260235
Quaker® Organic Instant Oatmeal1 oz1100202000019304
Oatmeal Toppings
Brown Sugar13g150000000130130
Pecan Cranberry Mix19.84g11006060.5003511181
Apple Cinnamon Medley21.26g170500005171151
1/2 Banana160000000152101
Dried Fruit Blend21.26g180500000202170
Apple1 cup165200001173130
Fruit Juice
Tropicana 100% OJ - Hot Fill10 fl oz1140000002000282
Tropicana/Dole 100% Apple Juice - Hot Fill10 fl oz11400000025340311
Tropicana, Twister - Tropical Fruit Fury8 fl oz11400000025350240
Tropicana, Twister - Tropical Fruit Fury20 fl oz2.53400000060850600
Tropicana - Ruby Red Grapefruit 100%10 fl oz11600000020390331
Naked Orange Juice8 fl oz21100000015270222
Naked Berry Blast®8 fl oz21300000010290261
Naked Mighty Mango®8 fl oz21500000010360301
Naked Protein Zone®8 fl oz222020210301403402816
Naked Strawberry Banana®8 fl oz21200000020290231
Naked Mango Motion®8 fl oz2130000005310271
Naked Blue Machine®8 fl oz21700000010407291
Naked Green Machine®8 fl oz21400000015330282
Naked Red Machine®8 fl oz2170404.50.50015313252

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