Mighty Taco Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSat FatSodiumCholesterol
MIGHTY TACO (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell2181418012548651
MIGHTY TACO (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell2081213012527651
MIGHTY TACO (PORK) - Soft Shell220132789358125
MIGHTY TACO (PORK) - Hard Shell210112289337125
MIGHTY TACO (BEEF) - Soft Shell2271418012644231
MIGHTY TACO (BEEF) - Hard Shell2131212012623231
MEAT & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell2141417012548551
MEAT & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell2041212012527551
MEAT & CHEESE (PORK) - Soft Shell216132679358025
MEAT & CHEESE (PORK) - Hard Shell206112179337025
MEAT & CHEESE (BEEF) - Soft Shell2231417012644231
MEAT & CHEESE (BEEF) - Hard Shell2131212012623231
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell204122209447531
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell1941017010426531
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (PORK) - Soft Shell205122648352318
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (PORK) - Hard Shell195102248331318
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (BEEF) - Soft Shell208122209445421
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (BEEF) - Hard Shell1981017010424421
SUPER MIGHTY (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell45527371239991102
SUPER MIGHTY (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell45527371239991102
SUPER MIGHTY (PORK) - Soft Shell459255615177118149
SUPER MIGHTY (PORK) - Hard Shell459255615177118149
SUPER MIGHTY (BEEF) - Soft Shell47327371231190561
SUPER MIGHTY (BEEF) - Hard Shell47327371231190561
MEAT & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell44827350239990102
MEAT & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell44827350239990102
MEAT & CHEESE (PORK) - Soft Shell452255415177118149
MEAT & CHEESE (PORK) - Hard Shell452255415177118149
MEAT & CHEESE (BEEF) - Soft Shell46627350231190461
MEAT & CHEESE (BEEF) - Hard Shell46627350231190461
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell4282345019797062
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell4282345019797062
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (PORK) - Soft Shell43022558166106535
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (PORK) - Hard Shell43022558166106535
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (BEEF) - Soft Shell4372345019892741
MEAT, BEAN & CHEESE (BEEF) - Hard Shell4372345019892741
3 CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell569234923313144188
3 CHEESE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell569234923313144188
3 CHEESE (PORK) - Soft Shell571225993012153661
3 CHEESE (PORK) - Hard Shell571225993012153661
3 CHEESE (BEEF) - Soft Shell578234923314139867
3 CHEESE (BEEF) - Hard Shell578234923314139867
EL NINO (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell7384659237141587183
EL NINO (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell7384659237141587183
EL NINO (PORK) - Soft Shell746419631249196878
EL NINO (PORK) - Hard Shell746419631249196878
EL NINO (BEEF) - Soft Shell7724559236181415101
EL NINO (BEEF) - Hard Shell7724559236181415101
BANDERITO - Soft Shell54930373329123587
BANDERITO - Hard Shell54930373329123587
BURRITO DE-LITE - Soft Shell313184617191627
BURRITO DE-LITE - Hard Shell313184617191627
BANDERITO - Soft Shell54930373329123587
BANDERITO - Hard Shell54930373329123587
CARNE-ALOTA - Soft Shell72955641026111583134
CARNE-ALOTA - Hard Shell72955641026111583134
MEATLESS MIGHTY - TACO - Soft Shell198102807346511
MEATLESS MIGHTY - TACO - Hard Shell18882308325511
MEATLESS MIGHTY - BURRITO - Soft Shell4151957114595021
MEATLESS MIGHTY - BURRITO - Hard Shell4151957114595021
REFRIED BEAN & CHEESE - TACO - Soft Shell194102707346511
REFRIED BEAN & CHEESE - TACO - Hard Shell18482208325511
REFRIED BEAN & CHEESE - BURRITO - Soft Shell4081956014595021
REFRIED BEAN & CHEESE - BURRITO - Hard Shell4081956014595021
VEGETARIAN - TACO - Soft Shell2171218112727732
VEGETARIAN - TACO - Hard Shell207101311276732
VEGETARIAN - BURRITO - Soft Shell45223371241357463
VEGETARIAN - BURRITO - Hard Shell45223371241357463
GARDEN BURRITO - Soft Shell458168049213430
GARDEN BURRITO - Hard Shell458168049213430
CHICKEN FAJITA - SMALL - Soft Shell176151607328138
CHICKEN FAJITA - SMALL - Hard Shell176151607328138
STEAK FAJITA - SMALL - Soft Shell198151719446236
STEAK FAJITA - SMALL - Hard Shell198151719446236
CHICKEN FAJITA - LARGE - Soft Shell3702933114558275
CHICKEN FAJITA - LARGE - Hard Shell3702933114558275
STEAK FAJITA - LARGE - Soft Shell4162836317894571
STEAK FAJITA - LARGE - Hard Shell4162836317894571
CHICKEN ROASTITO - SMALL - Soft Shell1981617158435442
CHICKEN ROASTITO - SMALL - Hard Shell1981617158435442
STEAK ROASTITO - SMALL - Soft Shell2211618310553540
STEAK ROASTITO - SMALL - Hard Shell2211618310553540
CHICKEN ROASTITO - LARGE - Soft Shell4173135316772784
CHICKEN ROASTITO - LARGE - Hard Shell4173135316772784
STEAK ROASTITO - LARGE - Soft Shell462303852010109080
STEAK ROASTITO - LARGE - Hard Shell462303852010109080
ORIGINAL BUFFITO-SMALL (Blue Cheese) - Soft Shell2251616112258543
ORIGINAL BUFFITO-SMALL (Blue Cheese) - Hard Shell2251616112258543
ORIGINAL BUFFITO-LARGE (Blue Cheese) - Soft Shell46930331244119086
ORIGINAL BUFFITO-LARGE (Blue Cheese) - Hard Shell46930331244119086
NACHO BUFFITO - Soft Shell59224451369132870
NACHO BUFFITO - Hard Shell59224451369132870
MAX BUFFITO (Blue Cheese) - Soft Shell681475033361465129
MAX BUFFITO (Blue Cheese) - Hard Shell681475033361465129
NACHOS DELUXE (CHICKEN) - Soft Shell586165633710139871
NACHOS DELUXE (CHICKEN) - Hard Shell586165633710139871
NACHOS DELUXE (BEEF) - Soft Shell595165633611135550
NACHOS DELUXE (BEEF) - Hard Shell595165633611135550
REFRIED BEANS - Soft Shell270163608378915
REFRIED BEANS - Hard Shell270163608378915
BEAN DIP - Soft Shell58515772275159211
BEAN DIP - Hard Shell58515772275159211
POPPERS (including 2oz Hot Sauce) - Soft Shell3509357197157525
POPPERS (including 2oz Hot Sauce) - Hard Shell3509357197157525
CHIPS & NACHO CHEESE - Soft Shell401741025572214
CHIPS & NACHO CHEESE - Hard Shell401741025572214
CHIPS & SALSA - Soft Shell30744431427130
CHIPS & SALSA - Hard Shell30744431427130
CHIPS & GUACAMOLE - Soft Shell42244232734820
CHIPS & GUACAMOLE - Hard Shell42244232734820
SEASONED GRND CHICKEN SALAD - Soft Shell31523712110687111
SEASONED GRND CHICKEN SALAD - Hard Shell31523712110687111
SEASONED GRND BEEF SALAD - Soft Shell3332371211260170
SEASONED GRND BEEF SALAD - Hard Shell3332371211260170
FAJITA CHICKEN SALAD - Soft Shell230253111627984
FAJITA CHICKEN SALAD - Hard Shell230253111627984
FAJITA STEAK SALAD - Soft Shell276246315964180
FAJITA STEAK SALAD - Hard Shell276246315964180
BUFFITO CHICKEN SALAD - Soft Shell233253111659284
BUFFITO CHICKEN SALAD - Hard Shell233253111659284
DRESSING-BLUE CHEESE - Soft Shell23012224532020
DRESSING-BLUE CHEESE - Hard Shell23012224532020
DRESSING-BUTTERMILK RANCH - Soft Shell23012224422010
DRESSING-BUTTERMILK RANCH - Hard Shell23012224422010
DRESSING-FAT FREE RASPBERRY - Soft Shell4501210001100
DRESSING-FAT FREE RASPBERRY - Hard Shell4501210001100
DRESSING-LITE ITALIAN - Soft Shell45033415300
DRESSING-LITE ITALIAN - Hard Shell45033415300
APPLE EMPANADA - Soft Shell21034011411600
APPLE EMPANADA - Hard Shell21034011411600
CHERRY EMPANADA - Soft Shell1903351741800
CHERRY EMPANADA - Hard Shell1903351741800
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE - Soft Shell3605502816748030
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE - Hard Shell3605502816748030
CHOCOLATE FUDGE COOKIE - Soft Shell3605493017848030
CHOCOLATE FUDGE COOKIE - Hard Shell3605493017848030
FISH TACO w/SALSA - Soft Shell2961630114483228
FISH TACO w/SALSA - Hard Shell2961630114483228
FISH TACO w/TARTAR SAUCE - Soft Shell3811632421586237
FISH TACO w/TARTAR SAUCE - Hard Shell3811632421586237
FISH BURRITO w/SALSA - Soft Shell71132803289177556
FISH BURRITO w/SALSA - Hard Shell71132803289177556
FISH BURRITO w/TARTAR SAUCE - Soft Shell882328494311183875
FISH BURRITO w/TARTAR SAUCE - Hard Shell882328494311183875
X-LARGE WHEAT - Soft Shell-301-5-1111000
X-LARGE WHEAT - Hard Shell-301-5-1111000
LARGE WHEAT - Soft Shell-10120-10-700
LARGE WHEAT - Hard Shell-10120-10-700
SMALL WHEAT - Soft Shell803140312100
SMALL WHEAT - Hard Shell803140312100
JALAPENO-CHEDDAR WRAP SUB. - Soft Shell-302-20-2-1-1800
JALAPENO-CHEDDAR WRAP SUB. - Hard Shell-302-20-2-1-1800

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