Original Tommy’s Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesCalories from FatTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)
1/4 lb Cal Classic Single6803383817012344936
1/4 lb Cal Classic Double756394441908404150
1/4 lb Cal Classic Triple960520582819374268
1/4 lb Cal Classic w/Cheese Single61832236170.511734628
1/4 lb Cal Classic w/Cheese Double9755255830015405558
1/4 lb Cal Classic w/Cheese Triple11946897752017204383
1/4 lb Chili Burger Single6192903214011805132
1/4 lb Chili Burger Double9335005627015995850
1/4 lb Chili Burger Triple114463771361.514335770
1/4 lb Chili Burger w/Cheese Single67535039211.513145032
1/4 lb Chili Burger w/Cheese Double9995125730213776953
1/4 lb Chili Burger w/Cheese Triple13347498343322176383
1/4 lb Caliente Burger Double114359866371.524378056
1/4 lb Caliente Burger Triple13247077943328498866
Caliente Hamburger w/Cheese7803303618116007835
Double Hamburger6503003412210404642
Double Cheeseburger7103503916213004746
Triple Hamburger82041045172.510904659
Triple Cheeseburger95050056242.516004766
Chili Hot Dog5102502711116305417
Chili Cheese Dog5702903315118905420
Chili Tamale4502703013110503118
Chili Boat44031034161.512602512
Cheese Sandwich3301101270100069
Veggie Sandwich205101.50048052
Hamburger w/ Thousand Island480210238110004625
#1 Dbl. Cheeseburger, Fries,139065073222149013254
#2 Cheeseburger, Fries121055061181144013237
#3 Hamburger, Fries114050056141118013034
#4 Chili Cheese Dog, Fries125059066211208014029
Mega Combo1870980108403.5237014482
Potato Chips
Lays Barbeque230130151.50300233
Cookies (Famous Amos)2801201350200383
French Fries6803003360190869
Cheese Fries800400441307008715
Chili Fries860430471215109612
Chili Cheese Fries920470531617709716
Small Soft Drink (16 oz)
Coca Cola19000000520
Diet Coke000002000
Coca Cola Zero00000800
Cherry Coke20000008540
Pibb Xtra190000025500
Fanta Orange210000025580
Nestea Rasberry Ice Tea110000015310
Minute Maid Lemonade190000080500
Barq's Root Beer210000045580
Medium Soft Drink (22 oz)
Coca Cola26000005710
Diet Coke000002500
Coca Cola Zero000001100
Cherry Coke270000011740
Pibb Xtra260000035690
Fanta Orange290000035790
Nestea Rasberry Ice Tea160000020420
Minute Maid Lemonade2600000110690
Barq's Root Beer290000065790
Large Soft Drink (32 oz)
Coca Cola3800000101040
Diet Coke000004000
Coca Cola Zero500001600
Cherry Coke4000000161070
Pibb Xtra3700000551000
Fanta Orange4300000551150
Nestea Rasberry Ice Tea230000030610
Minute Maid Lemonade37000001601000
Barq's Root Beer4300000901150
Extra Large Drink (44 oz)
Coca Cola5200000111420
Diet Coke500005510
Coca Cola Zero500002210
Cherry Coke5500000221480
Pibb Xtra5100000751370
Fanta Orange5900000751580
Nestea Rasberry Ice Tea310000040840
Minute Maid Lemonade51000002201370
Barq's Root Beer59000001251580
Bottled Soft Drink 20 oz
Milk 21010011701701711
Orange Juice 14000000332
Coffee Regular 50000310
Bottled Water 00000000
Milk Shake
Chocolate Shake6802002215029010616
Strawberry Shake6802002215027011012
Vanilla Shake640210231502809811
Breakfast Items
Sausage & Egg Sandwich6303804313012204621
Sausage & Egg Sandwich, Cheese7004604817014804724
Sausage & Egg Sand. w/ English Muff.5703704113011403420
Saus. & Egg Sand, W/ Cheese w/ English Muff.6404204616014003523
Breakfast Burrito9806006725314906828
Hash Browns704552025152
Chili to Go: 8 oz480330371728602710
Chili to Go: 12 oz72050055253.512904115
Chili to Go: 32 oz19201330148669344010940
Extra Slice of Cheese604553.5026013
Sausge Patty180160187025006
Chili for Fry1801201461320104
Chili and Cheese for Fry24017019101580117


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