Papa Johns Pizza Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSaturated FatSodiumCholesterol
Specialty Pizzas
Ultimate Meats
Pizza for One26011g26g (9%)3g12g (18%)5g (25%)800mg (33%)30mg (10%)
Small25011g26g (9%)3g12g (18%)4.5g (23%)780mg (33%)30mg (10%)
Medium26012g27g (9%)3g12g (18%)5g (25%)810mg (34%)30mg (10%)
Large38016g38g (13%)5g18g (28%)7g (35%)1150mg (48%)40mg (13%)
Extra Large40017g47g (16%)5g19g (29%)7g (35%)1150mg (48%)45mg (15%)
Large32013g23g (8%)2g19g (29%)7g (35%)940mg (39%)40mg (13%)
Double Bacon 6Cheese
Small24012g25g (8%)3g10g (15%)4g (20%)650mg (27%)25mg (8%)
Medium25012g26g (9%)3g10g (15%)4.5g (23%)670mg (28%)25mg (8%)
Large35018g38g (13%)5g14g (22%)6g (30%)970mg (40%)35mg (12%)
Extra Large37019g41g (14%)5g15g (23%)7g (35%)1030mg (43%)40mg (13%)
Large29015g22g (7%)2g16g (25%)7g (35%)630mg (26%)35g (12%)
Cheese Pizza
Pizza for One1807g25g (8%)3g6g (9%)2.5g (13%)450mg (19%)15mg (5%)
Small1807g25g (8%)3g6g (9%)2.5g (13%)440mg (18%)15mg (5%)
Medium2108g26g (9%)3g8g (12%)3.5g (18%)530mg (22%)20mg (7%)
Large29011g37g (12%)4g10g (15%)4.5g (23%)720mg (30%)25mg (8%)
Extra Large30011g40g (13%)5g10g (15%)4.5g (23%)740mg (31%)25mg (8%)
Large2309g22g (7%)2g12g (18%)5g (25%)380mg (16%)25g (8%)
Pizza for One2108g25g (8%)3g9g (14%)3.5g (18%)560mg (23%)15mg (5%)
Small2208g25g (8%)3g9g (14%)4g (20%)580mg (24%)20mg (7%)
Medium2309g26g (9%)3g10g (15%)4g (20%)610mg (25%)20mg (7%)
Large33013g37g (12%)4g14g (22%)6g (30%)870mg (36%)30mg (10%)
Extra Large34013g40g (13%)5g14g (22%)6g (30%)900mg (38%)30mg (10%)
Large27010g22g (7%)2g16g (25%)6g (30%)530mg (22%)30mg (10%)
John's Favorite
Pizza for One27011g25g (8%)3g14g (22%)6g (30%)710mg (30%)25mg (8%)
Small27011g25g (8%)3g14g (22%)6g (30%)720mg (30%)25mg (8%)
Medium29012g26g (9%)3g15g (23%)6g (30%)750mg (31%)26mg (9%)
Large41016g38g (13%)4g21g (32%)9g (45%)1060mg (44%)40mg (13%)
Extra Large43017g40g (13%)5g22g (34%)9g (45%)1110mg (46%)40mg (13%)
Large34014g20g (7%)2g22g (34%)9g (45%)850mg (35%)40mg (13%)
The Works
Pizza for One2108g26g (9%)3g9g (14%)3.5g (18%)600mg (25%)20mg (7%)
Small2209g26g (9%)3g9g (14%)3.5g (18%)620mg (26%)20mg (7%)
Medium2309g27g (9%)3g9g (14%)4g (20%)650mg (27%)20mg (7%)
Large33013g39g (13%)5g14g (22%)6g (30%)930mg (39%)30mg (10%)
Extra Large35014g42g (14%)5g14g (22%)6g (30%)980mg (41%)30mg (10%)
Large27011g23g (8%)2g15g (23%)6g (30%)590mg (25%)30mg (10%)
The Meats
Pizza for One24010g25g (8%)3g11g (17%)4.5g (23%)690mg (29%)25mg (8%)
Small25010g25g (8%)3g12g (18%)4.5g (23%)700mg (29%)25mg (8%)
Medium25011g26g (9%)3g12g (18%)5g (25%)710mg (30%)25mg (8%)
Large37015g38g (13%)5g17g (26%)7g (35%)1050mg (44%)40mg (13%)
Extra Large40016g40g (13%)5g19g (29%)8g (40%)1100mg (46%)40mg (13%)
Large31013g22g (7%)2g19g (29%)7g (35%)710mg (30%)40mg (13%)
Garden Fresh
Pizza for One1806g26g (9%)4g5g (8%)2g (10%)440mg (18%)10mg (3%)
Small1405g20g (7%)3g4.5g (7%)2g (10%)350mg (15%)10mg (3%)
Medium2008g27g (9%)4g7g (11%)3g (15%)500mg (21%)15mg (5%)
Large28011g39g (13%)5g9g (14%)4g (20%)700mg (29%)20mg (7%)
Extra Large30011g42g (14%)6g10g (15%)4g (20%)740mg (31%)20mg (7%)
Large2208g24g (8%)3g11g (17%)4g (20%)360mg (15%)20mg (7%)
Spicy Italian
Pizza for One2409g25g (8%)3g12g (18%)4.5g (23%)630mg (26%)20mg (7%)
Small2409g25g (8%)3g11g (17%)4.5g (23%)610mg (25%)20mg (7%)
Medium27010g27g (9%)3g13g (20%)5g (25%)690mg (29%)25mg (8%)
Large38014g38g (13%)4g18g (28%)7g (35%)980mg (41%)35mg (12%)
Extra Large40015g41g (14%)5g20g (31%)8g (40%)1040mg (43%)40mg (13%)
Large32012g22g (7%)2g20g (31%)8g (40%)640mg (27%)22mg (7%)
Spinach Alfredo
Pizza for One1907g24g(8%)3g7g(11%)2.5g(13%)460mg(19%)15mg(5%)
Extra Large30011g39g(13%)4g11g(17%)4.5g(23%)740mg(31%)25g(8%)
BBQ Chicken Bacon
Pizza for One23010g30g(10%)3g7g(11%)3g(15%)680mg(28%)20mg(7%)
Extra Large37016g48g(16%)4g12g(18%)5g(25%)1090mg(45%)35mg(12%)
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Small24010g31g (10%)8g8g (12%)3g (15%)690mg (29%)25mg (8%)
Medium25011g33g (11%)9g8g (12%)3.5g (18%)740mg (31%)25mg (8%)
Large35015g46g (15%)12g12g (18%)5g (25%)1030mg (43%)35mg (12%)
Extra Large37016g50g (17%)13g12g (18%)5g (25%)1090mg (45%)35mg (12%)
Large29013g31g (10%)9g13g (20%)5g (25%)690mg (29%)35mg (12%)
Tuscan Six Cheese
Pizza for One2109g25g (8%)3g8g (12%)3.5g (18%)520mg (22%)20mg (7%)
Small22010g25g (8%)3g9g (14%)4g (20%)540mg (23%)20mg (7%)
Medium23010g26g (9%)3g9g (14%)4.5g (23%)580mg (24%)25mg (8%)
Large32014g38g (13%)4g13g (20%)6g (30%)800mg (33%)30mg (10%)
Extra Large34015g40g (13%)5g13g (20%)6g (30%)840mg (35%)30mg (10%)
Large26012g22g (7%)2g14g (22%)6g (30%)460mg (19%)30mg (10%)
Cheesesticks37014g41g(14%)4g16g (25%)7g (35%)860mg (36%)35mg (12%)
Breadsticks2909g53g (18%)5g4.5g (7%)0.5g (3%)540mg (23%)0mg (0%)
Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks3409g54g (18%)5g10g (15%)1.5g (8%)720mg (30%)0mg (0%)
Papa's Chicken Poppers18015g16g (5%)0g6g (9%)1g (5%)470mg (20%)40mg (13%)
Spicy Buffalo Wings17012g3g (1%)1g13g (20%)3g (15%)1070mg (45%)50mg (17%)
BBQ Wings19012g6g (2%)2g12g (18%)3g (15%)760mg (32%)50mg (17%)
Honey Chipotle Wings19012g8g (3%)5g12g (18%)3g (15%)730mg (30%)50mg (17%)
Apple pie4808g90g (30%)43g10g(15%)2.5g(13%)520mg (22%)0mg (0%)
Cinnapie5608g90g (30%)39g19g (29%)6g (30%)540mg (23%)0mg (0%)
Dipping Sauces
Special Garlic1500g0g(0%)0g17g(26%)3g(15%)310mg(13%)0mg (0%)
Pizza Sauce200g3g (1%)1g1g(2%)0g (0%)230mg(10%)0mg (0%)
Cheese Sauce401g1g(0%)1g3.5g (5%)1g(5%)160mg(7%)5mg (2%)
Honey Mustard1500g5g(2%)4g15g(23%)2.5g (13%)120mg(5%)10mg(3%)
BBQ Sauce450g11g (4%)10g0g (0%)0g (0%)240mg (10%)0mg (0%)
Buffalo Sauce150g2g (1%)2g0.5g(1%)0g (0%)1030mg (43%)0mg (0%)
Ranch Sauce1001g1g (0%)1g10g (15%)1.5g (8%)240mg (10%)10mg (3%)
Blue Cheese1601g1g (0%)1g16g (25%)3.5g (18%)250mg (10%)20mg (7%)
Parmesan Cheese15--g0g (0%)--g1g (2%)0.5g (3%)45mg (2%)5mg (2%)
Crushed Red Pepper50g1g (0%)--g0g (0%)0g (0%)0mg (0%)--mg (--%)
Special Seasonings50g1g (0%)0g0g (0%)0g (0%)410mg (17%)0mg (0%)


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