Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesFatCarbsProtein
Dipping Sauce 1/4 cup173 13g 14g 1g
Caniac Combo 1 Combo1206 64g 124g 49.4g
Three Piece Combo 1 box965 63g 0g 0g
Regular Lemonade 16 oz230 0g 61g 0g
Dieter's 3 Finger Combo - 1/2 Fries, 1/2 Toast 1 Order, 1/2 Fries, 1/2 Toast763 43g 66g 24g
Unsweet Tea 32 oz0 0g 2g 0g
Kids Meal 1 box718 35.1g 32.2g 14.7g
French Fries 1 order297 15g 50g 2g
3 Finger Combo 1 box792 40.5g 94g 28g
Chicken Strips 1 each127 7g 9g 7g
Texas Toast 1 slice120 1g 12g 2g
Kid's Meal (2 Strips, Fries) 2 strips, fries (no sauce)545 0g 0g 0g
3 Piece Combo W/O Slaw 1 box825 63.1g 99.6g 0g
Chicken Tenders 2 piece254 14g 18g 14g
Chicken Sandwich 1 sandwich544.6 25.8g 45.5g 33.9g
the Box Combo 1 combo1125 59g 115g 33g
Chicken Sandwich on Texas Toast 1 sandwich810 42g 76g 32g
Honey Mustard 1.5 oz.149 11g 13g 0g
Sauce 1/4 cup173 13.1g 14.2g 0.7g
3 Finger Combo 1 Box971 50g 103g 26g
3 Finger Combo (No Canes Sauce, No Ketchup) 3 pc box combo798 40g 94g 28g
Breaded Chicken Tenders 1 chicken tender127 7g 9g 13g
Three Finger Combo 1 combo965 63.1g 103.2g 23.7g
the Box W/O Toast or Sauce (Calc From Rc Web Site) 1 Box832 33g 75g 0g
the Box W/O Toast, Sauce 1 Container832 33g 75g 29g
Crinkle Fries 1 plate291 15g 50g 2g
Tea, Sweetened 16 ounces150 0g 0g 0g
Toast 1 serving120 4g 17g 5g
Chicken Finger 1 tender127 7g 9g 7g
Large Fries (In Caniac) 187 grams449 26g 49g 5g
Chicken Fingers by Piece (Info From Fatsecret) 1 piece127 7g 9g 13g
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 16 oz230 0g 61g 0g
Special Sauce 1/4 cup173 13.1g 14.2g 0.7g
Sweet Tea 1 serving150 0g 0g 0g
Box Combo W/ 2 Toast 1 box1030 52g 120g 35g
Crinkle Fries 1 serving291 15g 50g 2g
Box Combo With Toast and Coleslaw 1 combo1125 50g 106g 35.4g
Chicken Tender 1 tender127 7g 9g 7g
Box - No Slaw, Extra Toast (4 Chicken Fingers, 1 Sauce, 1 Order Fries, 2 Toasts) 1/2 combo (2 fingers, 1 toast, sauce, fries)1218 65g 0g 0g
Cane's Sauce 1/4 cup173 13.1g 14.2g 0.7g
Caniac Combo 1 order1206 64g 124g 49.4g
1 Chicken Tender 1 Tender127 7g 9g 13g
the Box (No Fries, No Toast) 1 Box714 39g 39g 28g
Sauce - Correct 1 container43 0g 0g 0g
Sauce 1 container173 13.1g 14.2g 0.7g
Coleslaw 1/4 cup33 2.5g 3g 0.4g
Chicken Finger (1 Finger) 1 finger127 7g 9g 13g
Texas Toast 1 bread120 4.5g 17g 5g

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