Red Robin Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSat FatTrans FatSodiumCholesterol
Towering Onion Rings® (order) 16601011726128211346045
Buzzard Wings®(order)1120657192230.22470280
Gooee Cheese Sticks(order)1040301105453171210060
Chinese Dry Ribs(order)100062312870181.52540145
Potato Skins with (order) Bacon & Cheese(order)1630321080119380.51010105
Red’s Popcorn Shrimp(order)8004743254902150165
Red Robin Poutine(order)8002263051170.3131055
Yam Fries (order)850584255560.2101015
Wraps & Sandwiches
Whiskey River® BBQ Chicken Wrap90049771644170.52180105
Philly Cheese SteakSandwich (sandwich) 8604444356190.51210115
Prime Rib Dip(sandwich) 8103852350140.2192085
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap (wrap)640406162690.2201075
Grilled Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich(sandwich)85060423492012630150
Soups & Chili
Red’s Homemade Chili Chili™ (bowl)5202749624100.4133065
Red’s Homemade Chili Chili™ (cup)290152741460.276040
French Onion Soup (bowl)5002246725120.5181040
French Onion Soup (cup)240112341260.391020
Baked Potato Soup (bowl)440155331980.2151035
Baked Potato Soup (cup)220826193.50.175015
Gourmet Burgers
Bleu Ribbon Burger(burger)10304658968240.41650140
Guacamole BaconBurger (burger)87049521052190.51140135
Whiskey River® BBQ Burger (burger)103043581270230.51540135
Sautéed ’Shroom Burger (burger)87048497532011210115
Banzai Burger®(burger)91043551557200.51850135
Simply Grilled Beef Burger (burger)6103645724100.4108085
Royal Red Robin Burger® (burger)105054477722411910340
Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger (burger)79042531345180.51530125
Bacon Cheeseburger(burger)9004543661220.51310145
Five Alarm Burger (burger)8804645757220.52000135
Stampede Burger (burger)9904352768220.51480135
Mediterranean Lamb (burger)Burger (burger)7104056736140.21670100
Prime Chophouse Burger (burger)96044611060200.51160115
Chicken Burgers
Mediterranean Chicken Burger (burger)550395571970.2176075
Whiskey River® BBQ Chicken Burger (burger)84039561151130.21480100
Teriyaki Chicken Burger (burger)76047531540120.41790110
California Chicken Burger (burger)6904846735110.31550100
Crispy Chicken Burger (burger)730315774270144060
Blackened Chicken Burger (burger)6704142538120.2175095
One Great "Ham Chick" Chicken Burger (burger)7404842642120.22030130
Other Favourites
Crispy Arctic Cod Burger (burger)61023677284.50137055
Grilled Turkey Burger (burger)7704649243130.21490130
Wild Pacific Salmon Burger (burger)650365553260129090
The Garden Burger (burger)530186242350121025
Classic Creamy Mac ’n’ Cheese (order)71023521445130.5197050
The Ultimate Lasagna (order)97040852152181288055
Clucks & Fries & Buffalo Style (order)138039641108230.33830100
Clucks & Fries (order)10603795305990.1155080
Clucks & Greens (order)11104794346190.22340105
Ensenada Chicken Platter (order)7703536954130.4195090
Chicken Fajitas (order)1310831261453240.52650165
Veggie Fajitas (order)1150411421946230.5215070
Popcorn Shrimp & Chips – includes steak fries (order)131011105494160.22080210
Salmon & Chips –includes steak fries (order)12604897276140.21630110
Arctic Cod Fish & Chips – includes steak fries (order)12403499279140.21470115
Calamarvelous (order)64034571431701900280
Fire Grilled Steak Fajitas (order)1470671271777321.52560180
Fire Grilled Chicken Fajitas (order)1370831251560250.52930200
Creamy Chicken &Mushrooms Linguine (order)1640711274945131960320
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad (salad)7403350394590.2128090
Crispy Chicken Tender Salad (salad)130049732590210.42140345
Mesa Chicken Salad(salad)100046521067170.52060120
Starter House Salad(salad)3307162265055025
Avo-Cob-o Salad(order)94049431264130.32610310
Simply Grilled Chicken Salad (order)960515521592811210205
Honey Mustard Poppyseed Dressing (2 oz)29001512254039020
Caesar Dressing (2oz)290220305040030
Bleu Cheese Dressing(2 oz)310200347056020
Creamy Italian Dressing (2 oz)2100.143221.507200
Ranch Dressing (2 oz)250000285042020
Raspberry Vinaigrette(2 oz)700.316130.5002300
French Dressing (2 oz)3600.11513221.50.23100
Thousand Island Dressing (2 oz)2600.5862520.245020
Coleslaw Dressing (2oz)2700.41072520.278020
Honey Mustard Poppyseed Dressing(3 oz)42002219376059030
Caesar Dressing (3oz)430330458060045
Bleu Cheese Dressing(3 oz)4703005111084030
Creamy Italian Dressing (3 oz)3200.265332.50.210800
Ranch Dressing (3 oz)380000428063030
Raspberry Vinaigrette(3 oz)1000.523191003500
French Dressing (3 oz)3800.22320322.50.44700
Thousand Island Dressing (3 oz)40011393830.468030
Coleslaw Dressing (3oz)410115113830.4117035
Kids Menu Entrées
Carnival Corn Dog(order)490102503990.279045
Cheesy Mac’n Cheese(portion)210111151370.462035
Chick-Chick Chicken Fingers (portion)21016130101058040
Grilled Cheesewich (sandwich)4802040527120.5156060
Rad Robin Burger (burger)5203541524100.475085
Rad Robin Burger –Garden (burger)3801660583091010
Rad Robin Burger –Chicken (burger)320313944.50.5075050
Red’s Pizza – Cheese (pizza)430185881480.4113025
Red’s Pizza –Pepperoni (pizza)4802059818100.4129045
Red’s Robinetti Spaghetti (portion)3001061101.50.405100
Kids Menu Side Orders
Melon Wedges(portion)50111100.30.10200
Apple Slices (portion)300.57600050
Baby Carrots andRanch (order)160119891.5069020
SIde Salad – with ranch dressing(salad)2103143163.5038010
Steak Fries (order)17021601120.1850
Cheese Cake (order)12401813210484531920160
Hot Apple Crisp(order)8409149982380.223030
Mountain High MuddPie (order)15001420716368421670115
Mother Robin’s Brownie Sundae(order)82091209334190.534085
Birthday Sundae(order)3604484117120.38545
KId’s Sundae (order)3604484117120.38545
Molten Brownie Lava Cake (order)6306927326120.533035
Bottomless Steak Fries® (order)38043502550.11900
Steamed Broccoli 4oz -Side (order)20231000150
Steamed Carrots 4oz -Side (order)501117000400
Gravy 3 fl oz - Side (order)302600004700
Mac & Cheese - Side (order)18011941170.455035
Melon (4 pieces) - Side(order)80217150.400350
Mushrooms 6oz - Side(order)170674132.50.12500
Onions 6oz - Side(order)1802167122.50.11100
Pre-sliced Apples 4oz -Side (order)700.3161200010
Promo items
Sweet Jim Beam Bacon Swiss Burger (burger)960515521592811210205
Gingerbread Shake,Classic (shake)4307545121120150140
Gingerbread Shake,Monster (shake)8601510810241230.1300280
Summer Features
Strawberry Salad(order)6203518945110.5232095
Extreme TempuraBeans (order)42021613970101020
Patty Melt (sandwich)114044639822311990235
Cookie Sundae (order)88091339435210.448065
Tomato Cream Soup,Bowl (order)460155092291196035
Tomato Cream Soup,Cup (order)2408264114.50.599015
Berserker Burger (burger)9704145970210.51440130
Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (order)750413610531511980125
Guacamole & Salsa with Chips (order)1020141443455018700

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