Runza Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCalories
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber
Original Runza® Sandwich53020634013706741020
Cheese Runza® Sandwich5802474.54016706941023
Swiss Cheese Mushroom Runza® Sandwich62028103.56019606851025
Jalapeno Runza® Sandwich650321036023006941124
Mini Original Runza® Sandwich270103.51.520700342510
Mini Cheese Runza® Sandwich290124220850352512
Mini Swiss Cheese Mushroom Runza® Sandwich3201452301090343513
Spicy Jack Runza® Sandwich750411437023706941128
BLT Runza® Sandwich745401236017606841125
Cheeseburger Runza® Sandwich5902474.54019107241223
BBQ Bacon Runza® Sandwich730341436521207241429
Southwest Runza® Sandwich65028936018607541324
Spicy Asian Runza® Sandwich6002163.54017808141621
BURGERS *The Runza® Way = ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato **Deluxe = lettuce, tomato, mayo
1/4 Lb. Hamburger, The_x000D_Runza® Way*370186165800262625
1/4 Lb. Cheeseburger, The Runza® Way*4202272.5651100282628
1/2 Lb. Double Hamburger, The Runza® Way*57031112135930262643
1/2 Lb. Double Cheeseburger, The Runza® Way*670391351351530302649
1/4Lb. Legend Supreme52032112.5901200261432
1/4 Lb. Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe**54034112.5801270261532
1/4 Lb. French Onion Burger49029112951130261530
1/4 Lb. Swiss Cheese Mushroom Burger48029102901040242429
1/4 Lb. BBQ, Bacon and Swiss Burger53032131901090261733
1/4 Lb. Bacon Cheeseburger51031102.5751200261532
1/4 Lb. Spicy Jack Hamburger57038131951350231432
1/4 Lb. Jalapeno Burger53035101951370252529
Smothered Grilled Chicken Sandwich 430174.51.5701740372434
BBQ Grild Chicken Sandwich 400113.50701760401834
Buffalo Grild Chicken Sandwich 3601110601920372430
Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich Eggs, Soy, Wheat360100.50601510372630
Spicy Jack Grilled Chicken Sandwich Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs5302770852310351438
Buffalo Mini Chicken3201640251130311113
Ranch Mini Chicken Wheat310164025750311113
2 Piece Chicken Strip220122030600140016
4 Piece Chicken Strip4402440601200280032
Junior Hamburger, Plain 20092.5035230161212
Junior Cheeseburger, Plaint250133.5235530181215
Junior Hamburger, The Runza®Way*22092.5035570201413
Junior Cheeseburger, The Runza® Way*270133.5235870221416
Junior Swiss Cheese Mushroom Burger Wheat300176150730171217
Small Hamburger (Plain) Kid's Meal (sm fry,no drink)420204.5035540454215
Runza® Sandwich Kid's Meal (includes sm fry, no drink)4802151.520990635513
Chicken Strip Kid's Meal (includes sm fry, no drink)440234030910433019
Mini Corn Dog Kid's Meal (includes sm fry, no drink)50029602081052659
Medium Frings!®3301830035039425
Large Frings!®4702540051055537
Medium Onion Ring3201930026035345
Large Onion Ring5503150044058478
Small French Fry2201120031029303
Medium French Fry320152.50043041504
Large French Fry4602340064060706
French Onion Dip11074.50306305035
SOUPS (Seasonal)
Homemade Chili3201561601040237623
Wisconsin Cheese Soup28018110501110180811
Broccoli Cheese Soup250188030109013347
Chicken Tortilla Soup1456.52.50131900131149
Potato Bacon Soup280187030109024145
New England Clam Chowder Soup290163610111034145
Side Salad (no dressing)200000104221
Asian Grilled Chicken Salad (with dressing)4107115522105933526
Southwest Chicken Salad with Salsa (no dressing)330163.50401260315720
Sweet Berry Chicken Salad (no dressing)37019507512802131331
Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (with dressing)7205111010018703552633
DRESSINGS AND SAUCES * 2.5 oz serving size
Dorothy Lynch Dressing240152.500370252200
Jalapeno Ranch Dressing290302.50255804032
Ranch Dressing270274.50255304032
Poppy seed Dressing370325010330190180
Asian Dressing15010001040340251
Buffalo Sauce25100019004110
BBQ Sauce1000000650240211
Honey Mustard290274020380130121
Chocolate Sundae30074.5025115511416
Caramel Sundae30074.5025180510426
Turtle Sundae360135025150531427
Cookie Dough Sundae440147025210701517
Kid's Cake Cone – Vanilla Ice Cream1103201060180113
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone26074.5025130400276
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone26074.5025130400276
Swirl Ice Cream Cone26074.5025130400276
Vanilla Ice Cream -Dish23074.5025105340275
Chocolate Ice Cream -­Dish23074.5025105340275
Swirl Ice Cream -Dish23074.5025105340275
Regular Vanilla Shake4301280602506605812
Regular Chocolate Shake4801280602808107112
Regular Strawberry Shake4801280602607907212
Regular Cappuccino Shake4901280602608207312
Large Vanilla Shake58016100803408907916
Large Chocolate Shake640161008038010619416
Large Strawberry Shake640161008035010509516
Large Cappuccino Shake650161008035010809716
Mini Vanilla Shake23974033139370327
Mini Chocolate Shake26774033156450397
Mini Strawberry Shake26774033145440407
Mini Cappuccino Shake27374033145460417
Chocolate Chip Cookie370188030510532324
Miller & Paine™ Cinnamon Rolls ( seasonal)5002071.530320762416
Medium Iced Tea0000000000
Chocolate Milk Skim1300005190230228
1% White Milk1002.51.5015120110118
Medium Pepsi210000045600600
Medium Diet Pepsi00000550000
Medium Dr.Pepper190000065550550
Medium Sierra Mist210000045570570
Medium Mountain Dew250000090660660
Medium Lemonade2100000220570570
Medium Fruit Punch230000055640640
SLUSHIES (Medium size)
Blue Raspberry360000095910910
Mountain Dew160000055430430
Fish Sandwich (seasonal)5803361.5351480503621
5 Piece Mini Corn Dogs28018402050023356
8 Piece Mini Corn Dogs460307035830394810
Swiss Cheese (1 slice)7053.50153000004
American Cheese (1 slice)50411.503002003
Pepperjack Cheese (1 slice)60630153300003
Shredded Cheddar (.125 cup)554.52.5015900004
Mushrooms (1.3 oz)302.500.503701101
Bacon (1.5 slices)110940103200005
Sliced Jalapenos (.125 cup)00000340< 1000
Mandarin Oranges450000510171
The Runza® Way* (ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato)2500004605131
Salad Dressing .5 oz)100112010700000
Jalapeno Ranch .25 oz)30300< 560< 10< 10
Ranch Dressing .5 oz)50510< 5110< 1000
BBQ Sauce (.5 oz)2000001305040
Salsa .5 oz)1000002302020
Taco Seasoning (.5 tsp)50000110< 1000
Tortilla Strips (.3 oz)20000005001
Rice Noodles (.3 oz)4010001057001
Asian Ginger Dressing (.5 oz)3000002107050
Sriracha Sauce (1 tsp)500001001010

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