Sheetz Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesCalories from Fat (g)Total Fat (g)‎Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydratos (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Chicken Sandwichez
Atomic Chicken Sandwich2701301460351,30024<1412
Boss Bacon Chicken Sandwich58036041130651,61026<1617
Carolina Slaw Chicken Sandwich3101301360255903311211
Grilled Chicken Sandwich1203541.505563000021
Homestyle Crispy Chicken Sandwich21090102040400161014
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich2701501731.545780132017
The Big Mozz Chicken Sandwich56026028121.5551,350442530
Twisted Brunch Chicken Sandwich6603103780901,9605821621
Atomic Burger3801802080.57096022<1326
Big Mozz Burger5202402711180980321435
Boss Bacon Burger54029033110.5851,11023<1429
Carolina Slaw Burger4001801980.56561026<1725
True MTO Burger1901101250.55022000018
Twisted Brunch Burger63028032100.5951,3205111132
Hot Dogz
BLT Dog310130143.50335970321510
Firehouse Dog2508094.503451,01033259
Junkyard Dog190252.50.503201,15036275
Philly Dog2103540.5032068036276
Shmokehouse Dog2405062.50330720382108
Breakfast Sandwiches
Dreamy Bacon Croissant47026029120401,120320716
Fried Bacon & Egg Sammich49019022901001,99032<1829
Maple Hotcake Griddler490190211001552,1304312119
Twisted BLT82040045120451,9806831126
Walker Breakfast Ranger690260291001001,9407341028
Snacks & Sidez
Appetizer Sampler66032035133451,870624422
Apple Slices300000008260
Bag of Fryz420180213.52.5069054404
Bag of Onion Rings2801401630.5045031243
Bucket of Fryz1,4706507212902,42019016216
Bucket of Onion Rings8404304891.5<51,340945128
Chili Mac & Cheese15070740151,01015026
Crispy Chicken Stripz - 3 piece3901701931.5501,170331023
Crispy Chicken Stripz - 5 piece6502803152.5851,940552<139
Cup of Fryz7303203664.501,210958<18
Cup of Onion Rings5602903261<589062386
Fried Pickles - Large340160183001,62038226
Fried Pickles - Regular1708091.50081019113
Hard Cooked Eggs14090103038011010111
Jalapeno Poppers3501701971.5201,27037339
Loaded Fryz870380437601,4401139<19
Mac & Cheese1305063.501095015025
Mac N' Cheese Bites21010011311050022125
Mozzarella Sticks2701401561.525730221<112
Onion Rings2801401630.5045031243
Popcorn Chicken - Large6602703063801,730593037
Popcorn Chicken - Regular3301401531.540870302018
Three Cheese Mac & Cheese2301201470301,200170212
Subz Bread
Herb Sub Roll230252.500040044248
Wheat Sub Roll22020200041041349
White Sub Roll23025300043043248
Subz Cheese
American Cheese9060750253700004
Cheddar Cheese9060740201400005
Mozzarella Cheese8045530151700008
Nacho Cheese Sauce (1)20101.50001051000
Parmesan Cheese302020001352002
Pepper Jack Cheese10070850301800007
Provolone Cheese8060630151900005
Swiss Cheese906074020400005
Subz Meat
Angus Burger1901101250.55022000018
Bavarian Honey Ham702020.50205003029
Beer Battered Fish1705061.5055410190111
Chicken Salad270210233.504049071512
Chicken Tenders13060610.51539011008
Cold Cut Combo1401001140404502017
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet130253105058021023
Grilled Chicken Strips1203541.505563000021
Homestyle Breaded Chicken Patty21090102040400161014
Italian Combo120708303561020110
Popcorn Chicken3301401531.540870302018
Pork BBQ18011012404059020216
Premium Grilled Chicken Breast150303.50.506053030127
Roast Beef80253103028010111
Spicy Chicken Patty2701501731.545780132017
Tuna Salad23015017303539061414
Turkey Breast502020.50204902017
Subz Toppings
Bacon (2)13070830156601019
Black Olives1050.500060<1000
Black Pepper50000001000
Diced Onions50000001100
Diced Tomatoes0000000<1000
Dill Pickle Chips0000002200000
Green Peppers0000000<1000
Jalapeno Peppers0000001800000
Marinated Mushrooms50404.50002303111
Mild Banana Pepper Rings0000002500000
Pepperoni (6)1901601870357601019
Pico de Gallo500000202010
Shredded Lettuce50000001010
Subz Dressings
Barbecue Sauce400000016010090
Boom Boom Sauce908091.50101402010
Buffalo Sauce5000004401000
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing7070710<51001010
Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce6050610<52502021
Habanero Sauce5000005701000
Honey Mustard40000001309080
Italian Romano Dressing60506100300201<1
Jalapeno Ranch Dressing5050510<51701011
Marinara Sauce1510100075303<1
Tartar Sauce30202.500<59520<10
Yellow Mustard10500001251000
Coffee - Large150000003000
Coffee - Medium100000003000
Coffee - Small100000002000
Hot Beverages
Cappuccino - Large23080950352202302114
Cappuccino - Medium2007074.50301901901812
Cappuccino - Small1606063.50251601601510
Hot Chai - Large53080950352209709614
Hot Chai - Medium4407074.50301907907812
Hot Chai - Small3506063.50251606106010
Large Hot Chocolate4101101270352506235916
Latte - Large23080950352202302114
Latte - Medium2007074.50301901901812
Latte - Small1606063.50251601601510
Medium Hot Chocolate340901060302105024714
Mocha - Large34080960352404924715
Mocha - Medium2707084.50302003713513
Mocha - Small200606402516025<12410
Red Alert - Large100000002000
Red Alert - Medium100000002000
Red Alert - Small50000002000
Small Hot Chocolate27080950251703823611
Iced Beverages
Iced Chai - Large4505063.5025140890889
Iced Chai - Medium330404.52.5020110640637
Iced Chai - Small230303201580460455
Iced Latte - Large1505063.50251401601411
Iced Latte - Medium120404.52.5020110120118
Iced Latte - Small903032015809086
Iced Mocha - Large2706063.50251604223912
Iced Mocha - Medium190454.53020125301289
Iced Mocha - Small140303.520159022<1206
Frozen Beverages
Frozen Chai - Large5401001170451601020977
Frozen Chai - Medium3807084.5030110710685
Frozen Chai - Small2403542.501560470463
Frozen Latte - Large240100117045160280228
Frozen Latte - Medium1707084.5030110190156
Frozen Latte - Small903542.50156011084
Frozen Mocha - Large350100127045180542489
Frozen Mocha - Medium2407085030125371337
Frozen Mocha - Small150404.52.50157524<1214
Cake Batter Frozen Cream - Large77015017906030014301289
Cake Batter Frozen Cream - Medium530120137045210960857
Cake Batter Frozen Cream - Small3508094030135630554
Chocolate Frozen Cream - Large380140159060240550319
Chocolate Frozen Cream - Medium280100117045170390227
Chocolate Frozen Cream - Small1906074030110290144
Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Large380140159060240550319
Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Medium280100117045170390227
Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Small1906074030110290144
Mint Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Large490140159060240810569
Mint Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Medium340100117045170560397
Mint Cookies & Cream Frozen Cream - Small2506074030110460314
Vanilla Frozen Cream - Large430140159060220640589
Vanilla Frozen Cream - Medium310100117045160450407
Vanilla Frozen Cream - Small220607403095350324

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