Taco Bueno Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesTotal Fat (gms)Sodium (mgs)Carbs (gms) Fiber (gms)Sugar (gms) Protein (gms)
Bean Burrito :604291590673122
Without Cheddar Cheese526231469663117
Without Chili549261319612119
Beef Burrito :510291377413123
Without Cheddar Cheese432221255403119
Without Chili455251105352120
Beef Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.™):772461833573233
Without Cheddar Cheese615331590563224
Without Chili716431561512231
Without Sour Cream715401814553132
Chicken Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.™):607301640535331
Without Cheddar Cheese450171397522322
Without Sour Cream551241621512230
Combination Burrito :564291505543123
Without Cheddar Cheese486231384533118
Without Chili509261234482120
Without Refried Beans440231157403118
Beef Potato Burrito :35821905323311
Without Queso3051764430319
Without Sour Cream33018896313211
Chicken Potato Burrito :32718928333311
Without Queso2741466731329
Without Sour Cream29915918323211
Party Burrito® :374181002431113
Without Cheddar Cheese33514941431111
Without Chili34616866401112
Black Bean Burrito :49015730709218

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