Taco Del Mar Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu Item CaloriesFat Calories (g)Total FatSat fat (g)Cholest (mg) Sodium (mg)Carb (g)Fiber (g) Sugars (g)Total Carb (g) Dietary Fiber Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Large Burritos
Carne Asada Steak Large Burrito820210239055228011894362015
Chicken Large Burrito860230259080192011895402020
Fish Large Burrito93040045120752040103136341560
Ground Beef Large Burrito90028032130652190118105382520
Pork Large Burrito840210249070218011794392020
Shred Beef Large Burrito8602302510070205011895402020
Vegan Large Burrito700150164001610120126201525
Veggie Large Burrito7401802080251660118105252020
Small Burritos
Carne Asada Steak Small Burrito440120135025119065531988
Chicken Small Burrito46012014504010106553211010
Fish Small Burrito5202102360401150618419830
Ground Beef Small Burrito48015017703011406553201510
Pork Small Burrito45012013503511406553201010
Shred Beef Small Burrito46012014503510806553211010
Vegan Small Burrito3808092.500850666311815
Veggie Small Burrito4101001140108806654141010
Wet Burrito Toppings1004042010860122342020
Wet Vegan Burrito Toppings6050.5000780112321520
Enchilada Platters
2 Cheese Enchiladas87035038170951960104124343520
2 Carne Asada Steak Enchiladas78025028100752290104125343020
2 Chicken Enchiladas820270301101051930104135383025
2 Ground Beef Enchiladas86032036150852210105135363525
2 Pork Enchiladas80025028110952200103125373025
2 Shred Beef Enchiladas82027029110902070104135383520
Enchilada/Taco Platters
Carne Asada Steak Platter -1 Taco & 1 Ench82027030110752390109136353030
Chicken Platter - 1 Taco & 1 Enchilada850280321201052030108136393530
Ground Beef Platter - 1 Taco & 1 Enchilada 90090034038160852310109146374035
Pork Platter - 1 Taco & 1 Enchilada83027030120952300108136383030
Shredded Beef Platter - 1 Taco & 1Enchilada85028031120902160109136393530
Quesadilla Platters
Carne Asada Steak Quesadilla Platter1170440492201252960135147524035
Chicken Quesadilla Platter1200460512201502610135147564535
Ground Beef Quesadilla Platter1250510572601352880136148545040
Pork Quesadilla Platter1180450502201402870134147554035
Shredded Beef Quesadilla Platter1200460512201402740135148564535
Build Your Own Platters
Carne Asada Steak BYO Platter84028031120752260109136363025
Chicken BYO Platter870300331301051900109136403030
Ground Beef BYO Platter92036040170852180110136383530
Pork BYO Platter85029032130952170109136393030
Shredded Beef BYO Platter87030033130902030110136403025
Taco Salads
Carne Asada Steak Taco Salad61026029805514705975292520
Chicken Taco Salad64028031908011105975333025
Fish Taco Salad780430481007512906695261580
Ground Beef Taco Salad690330371306513906086313525
Pork Taco Salad62027030907013805875312525
Shredded Beef Taco Salad64028031907012405975333020
Cabo Salads
Carne Asada Steak Cabo Salad38016018605515403657222515
Chicken Cabo Salad42018019608011803658263020
Fish Cabo Salad45020022606012604767202515
Ground Beef Cabo Salad470230261006514603768243520
Pork Cabo Salad40016018607014503657253020
Shredded Beef Cabo Salad42017019707013203658263020
Carne Asada Steak Taco1908083.5025660202211108
Chicken Taco21080940404802022141010
Fish Taco28016018403540022229825
Ground Beef Taco2301101260306202022121510
Pork Taco2008094035610192213108
Shredded Beef Taco2108094035550202214158
Veggie Taco -Refried Beans180607301046025428108
Veggie Taco - Rice220707301044032227108
Veggie Taco -Rice & Refried Beans2507083010550384291010
Carne Asada Steak Quesadilla7003103417010019506344382515
Cheese Quesadilla610270301607513206144272515
Chicken Quesadilla7303203617013015906254422515
Ground Beef Quesadilla7803804221011018606354403520
Pork Quesadilla7203103517012018506244412515
Shredded Beef Quesadilla7403203617012017206344423015
6 Layer Cheese Nachos10505506225095167096113333020
Super Carne Asada Steak Nachos114059065260125230098114443020
Super Chicken Nachos117061067260150194097114483525
Super Ground Beef Nachos122066074300135222098114464025
Super Pork Nachos115059066260140220097114473025
Super Shredded Beef Nachos117060067270140207098114483525
Baja Bowls
Baja Bowl Large Carne Asada49013015605515306262262015
Baja Bowl Large Chicken52015017608011706263312020
Baja Bowl Large Fish59033036807512904794241560
Baja Bowl Large Ground Beef570210231006514506263282520
Baja Bowl Large Pork50014015607014406162292020
Baja Bowl Large Shredded Beef52015017607013106263312020
Baja Bowl Large Vegan3607081008706484111525
Baja Bowl Large Veggie410100114.50259106263162020
Baja Bowls
Baja Bowl Small Carne Asada240707302577031311388
Baja Bowl Small Chicken26080830405903131151010
Baja Bowl Small Fish320160184040730285213830
Baja Bowl Small Ground Beef2801001250307203131141510
Baja Bowl Small Pork25070830357203131151010
Baja Bowl Small Shredded Beef26070830356603131151010
Baja Bowl Small Vegan18035400043032425815
Baja Bowl Small Veggie2105062010460323281010
6" Flour Tortilla - 2 each1905062004003331500
6" Corn Tortilla - 2 each110151.5000202320300
7" Taco Shell - 1 each100404.510001421200
10" Flour Tortilla - 1 each2005062004203422600
8.5" Taco Salad Shell - 1 each220110122001602510400
12" Flour Tortilla - 1 each3408093.50075056421000
12-13" Whole Wheat Tortilla - 1 each31080940075051611000
12-13" Tomato Basil Tortilla - 1 each33080930081055361042
12-13" Spinach Tortilla - 1 each33080930083055331062
Beans, Black - 1.5 spoonful1401010004102552700
Beans, Refried - 1.5 spoonful1401010004902560804
Beans, Whole Pinto - 1.5 spoonful130000003102370802
Black Bean & Corn Salsa Side Order6050.50002301231324
cabbage - 1 tong full1500000103111230
Cheese - 1 scoop907074025150100640
Chips & Guacamole Side Order740390441000102080122111025
Chips & Queso Side Order730360401305151073401400
Chips & Salsa Side Order59026029800850735391525
Combo - add Chips & Guacamole330160184.5004103740526
Combo - add Chips & Queso360180207057503620700
Combo - add Chips & Salsa29013014400440373251015
Combo - add Rice & Black Beans35035400078067631168
Combo - add Rice & Refried Beans350354000860677112610
Combo - add Rice & Whole Pinto Beans340303000680658112610
Enchilada Sauce - 1 ladle2500000360511148
Add-ons, Combos, Sides & Sauces
Extra Chicken Side Order - 1 scoop1205061.50552701001542
Extra Fish Side Order - 2 pc1608080.50353401210900
Extra Ground Beef Side Order - 1 scoop17011012604054021113106
Extra Meat Carne Asada Side Order - 1 scoop903541.50306202001100
Extra Pork Side Order - 1 scoop100404.51.50455301001422
Extra Shredded Beef Side Order - 1 scoop12050620454002011580
Guacamole Side Order - 1 scoop453540.500105320126
Jalapeno peppers - 1 tablespoon000000170000022
Lettuce - 1 tong full10000005211162
Pico de Gallo Side Order - 2 scoops200000028051312025
Queso Side Order - 1 ladle805062.505450200300
Salsa, Hot - 2 tablespoons500000120101002
Salsa, Medium - 2 tablespoons50000090101004
Salsa, Mild - 2 tablespoons1000000150200000
Seasoned Rice - 1 scoop2102530003004010422
Sour Cream Side Order - 1 scoop70607402555201140
White Sauce - 2 tablespoons120120132.5010105100000
Brownie - Oreo40015017806523059237400
Cookie - Chocolate Chip170707401012024115260
Cookie - Double Chocolate Chip1707084.501013523115260
Cookie - Oatmeal Raisin160607401013023113240
Cookie - White Chocolate Macadamia170809401012022014260
Kid's Menu
Bean & Cheese Burrito Kid's430120146025106060821944
Chips 2 oz sv Kid's280130144003003420400
Chips & Cheese Kid's37019021802545035201040
Quesadilla Kid's29011013602557035221140
Rice & Beans (no chips) Kid's2002020004703740724
Taco Carne Asada Steak Kid's19090103.502539015211040
Taco Chicken Kid's20010011404021015211242
Taco Ground Beef Kid's23013014603034015211182
Taco Pork Kid's2009010403534015211142
Taco Shredded Beef Kid's21010011403528015211260
Breakfast Burrito - without sausage440150177031011205053211510
Breakfast Burrito - with sausage520210249032014005263253015
Breakfast Potatoes Side Order702020.5002001310106
Breakfast Quesadita - without Sausage3501401660310840362218156
Breakfast Quesadita - with Sausage44020023903201120373222308
Breakfast Taco - without Sausage1808093.50220350131111106
Breakfast Taco - with Sausage2601401660230630142115308
Diet Sodas, Unsweetened Iced Tea00000025-35000000
Light Lemonade50000035100000
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast500000010014014000
Raspberry Iced Tea50000003012014000
Sweetened Iced Tea, Green or Black800000020-2520-21020-21000
Regular Sodas, Lemonade, Fruit Punch100-1200000020-5026-32026-30000
22 fl oz Fountain Drink*
Diet Sodas, Unsweetened Iced Tea00000050-70000000
Light Lemonade100000070201000
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast1100000020028028000
Raspberry Iced Tea100000006024024000
Sweetened Iced Tea, Green or Black1600000040-5040-42040-42000
Regular Sodas, Minute Maid Lemonade 200-2400000040-10052-64052-60000
32 fl oz Fountain Drink*
Diet Sodas, Unsweetened Iced Tea00000075-110000000
Light Lemonade1500000100302000
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast1600000030042042000
Raspberry Iced Tea150000009036036000
Sweetened Iced Tea, Green or Black240-2500000060-8060-63060-63000
Regular Sodas, Minute Maid Lemonade300-3600000060-15078-96078-90000
44 fl oz Fountain Drink*
Diet Sodas, Unsweetened Iced Tea000000100-150000000
Light Lemonade2000000140503000
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast2300000040058058000
Raspberry Iced Tea2000000012050050000
Sweetened Iced Tea, Green or Black320-3400000080-11082-85082-85000
Regular Sodas, Minute Maid Lemonade420-4900000080-210110-1320110-125000

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