Taco Mayo Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsTotal FatSodiumCholesterol
Crispy Beef Taco1619.29.99.324320.4
Soft Beef Taco227.514.416.911.1584.328.1
Soft Chicken Taco183.515.3165.9592.337.5
Soft Steak Taco203.516.8167.2577.332.6
Taco Burger302.618.828.413834.735.6
Bean Burrito495.620.570.915.61504.215
Beef Burrito491.629.740.523.21428.256.2
Beef & Bean Burrito493.625.155.719.31466.235.6
Super Burrito - Beef538.725.957.423.31479.143.5
Super Burrito - Chicken407.324.938.815.81089.362.9
Super Burrito - Steak433.926.938.817.61069.356.3
3-Cheese Nachos - Cheese457.714.843.225.6979.446.5
3-Cheese Nachos - Beef Supreme793.137.368.142.41873.485.3
3-Cheese Nachos - Chicken Supreme717.136.966.634.41833.894.4
3-Cheese Nachos - Steak Supreme566 228.847.48.41492.573.6
Tamale Platter (seasonal)713.930.878.431.22080.662.4
Tamales - 6 Pack w/Chili (Seasonal LTO)676.530.648.637.2147986.5
Double Smothered Chili Queso Burrito (Seasonal)954.548.5100.340.23397.295.7
Quesadilla - Fajita Chicken698.339.546.738.51678.6122.9
Quesadilla - Fajita Steak724.941.546.740.21658.6116.3
Quesadilla - Cheese596.124.84535.21174.482.9
Quesadilla - Chicken676.139.445.636.91587.8122.9
Tamale Melt (Seasonal)616.728.25033.71728.991.4
Tostada Melt523.92834.831.71175.773.5
Loco Melt813.819.856.456.71538107.3
Taco Salad - Beef704.63756.737.71765.864.1
Taco Salad - Chicken437.627.129.723.11168.672.9
Double Smothered Chicken Burrito -Chili Queso (Seasonal)878.548.198.832.23357.6104.8
Kids Meal - Crispy Beef Taco539.713.945.433.21861.450.5
Kids Meal - Soft Beef Taco606.319.152.4352202.758.3
Kids Meal - Cheese Quesadilla581.714.151.335.42033.460.2
Kids Meal - Bean Burrito874.425.1106.439.63122.645.2
Refried Beans294.115.4438.81056.27.5
Mexicali Rice160435.51992.50
Potato Locos (small)378.84.735.5241618.40
Potato Locos (large)586.27.254.837.22051.70
Guac -N- Chips398.
Queso -N- Chips449.214.248.6221296.444
Cinnamon Crisps1141.514672.80
Choco Taco2904361512010
Classic Nachos - Cheese377.35.945.119.3833.85.2
Classic Nachos - Beef Supreme718.628.470.136.71755.344
Classic Nachos - Steak Supreme669.23068.630.51695.746.5
Taco Salad - Steak444.225.529.624.51045.256.3
Acapulco Salad - Chicken67823.334.649.61181.767.4
Double Smothered Chili Queso Burrito - Steak (Seasonal)905.150.198.8343337.698.2
Fajita Grilled Burrito - Chicken49226.741.923.1137366.1
Classic Nachos - Chicken Supreme642.62868.628.71715.753.1
Acapulco Salad - Steak704.625.334.651.41161.760.8
Mexicali Bowl - Chicken1151.546.5115.1593188.585.3
Mexicali Bowl - Steak1158.044.9114.960.43065.268.7
Double Smothered Double Queso Burrito - Chicken883.347.7100.832.43537.2108.8
Double Smothered Double Queso Burrito - Steak909.949.7100.834.23517.2102.2
Fajita Grilled Burrito - Steak518.628.741.924.9135359.5
Mexicali Grilled Burrito - Chicken606.527.953.930.41729.669.6
Mexicali Grilled Burrito - Steak633.129.953.932.21709.663
Mexicali Queso Bowl - Chicken967.451116.935.73382.194.9
Mexicali Queso Bowl - Steak97449.4116.737.13258.878.3
Quesadilla - Steak702.741.445.638.71567.8116.3
Ultimate Grande' Nacho104039.998.354.82580.265.2
SalsaLITA Chicken Soft Taco167.41418.13.7692.930
SalsaLITA Beef & Bean Burrito454.622.157.5151386.520.6
SalsaLITA Chicken Salad27828.432.95.81293.750
SalsaLITA Steak Grilled Burrito413.224.7549.81553.433.4
SalsaLITA Chicken Grilled Burrito386.622.75481553.440
SalsaLITA Beef Grilled Burrito410.618.154.812.8144220.6
SalsaLITA Steak Soft Taco187.415.518.15.1677.925.1
SalsaLITA Chicken Burrito324.621.340.17.61157.940
SalsaLITA Steak Burrito351.223.340.19.41137.933.4
SalsaLITA Steak Salad30526.732.77.61170.333.4
3-Cheese Quesadilla Beef644.737.64335.61667.6101.9
3-Cheese Quesadilla Chicken568.737.241.527.61628111
3-Cheese Quesadilla Steak595.439.241.529.41608104.4
Little BIG Bowl - Mexicali44728.342.417.81926.341.8
Little BIG Bowl - Cilantro Lime43525.258.712.81062.841.8
Little BIG Bowl - Insalada27117.215.115.7761.541.8
Little BIG Bowl - Tamale47519.851.621.4184831

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