Tastee Freez Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesProteinTotal CarbsSugarsTotal FatSat FatSodiumCholesterol
Old Fashion Sundae, Hot Fudge40076350161125055
Old Fashion Sundae, Chocolate3907645114925055
Old Fashion Sundae, Strawberry3707594814922055
Old Fashion Sundae, Caramel4007665314925055
Old Fashion Sundae, Pineapple3707594914923055
Cone, 5 oz Regular250541309518040
Cone, 5 oz Regular Chocolate Dipped45065037272220040
Cone, 3 oz Small Plain160327185311525
Cone, 3 oz Small Chocolate Dipped36043525242013525
Banana Split82013149122241234065
Shake, Vanilla 20 oz6501311091231344095
Shake, Chocolate 20 oz65013110912313480100
Shake, Strawberry 20 oz6501311192231344095
Freezee, Oreo 12 oz630139976251341090
Freezee, M&M 12 oz630139980251542095
Freezee, Butterfinger 12 oz6201310078241444095
Freezee, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 12 oz630149778261446090
Freezee, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 12 oz9401411987523754085
Mug Root Beer Float 3 oz4407837312729050
Mini Sundae, Hot Fudge3 oz200333268513025
Mini Sundae, Chocolate 3 oz180334285313525
Mini Sundae, Strawberry170330255310525
Mini Sundae, Caramel 3 oz200336306313525

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      Hi Rosanne – Which location of Tastee Freez did you see the sugar-free, fat-free ice cream at? The company’s website does not show this option for ice cream.

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