Texadelphia Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesFatCarbsProtein
Mustard Blend1 oz1322.1g1.3g0.4g
Chicken Cheesesteak1 sandwich41014g39.1g29.5g
Turkey on Wheat With Olive Oil Vinaigrette1 sandwich51013g13g14g
Chicken Cheesesteak Salad1 salad33018g15g28g
Large Beef Cheesesteak (W/Pepperoni and Mayo, No Onions)1 sandwich93430.8g71.5g55.4g
Large Chicken Cheesesteak1 sandwich64428g39g59g
Smoked Turkey Sandwich on Wheat1 sandwich44822.4g25g33.5g
Beef Cheese Steak1 sandwish5148.4g47.9g41.1g
Classic Cheesesteak - Regular Size1 Sandwich5148.4g47.9g41.1g
Cheesesteak, Large Chicken1 Sandwich98932.3g80.6g72.7g
Cheesesteak, Regular, Chicken1 Sandwich787.327.1g62.8g63.3g
Cheesesteak, Large, Beef1 Sandwich1289.265.7g74g76.1g
Cheesesteak, Regular, Beef1 Sandwich769.936.4g56.2g41.7g
Side of Waffle Fries1 side, 113.3 g24012g30.7g2.7g
Bacon1 slice907g0g5g
Guacamole42.8 g66.86.2g0g9g
Queso57 g15012g1.6g7g
Mustard Blend Sauce56 g12410g10g4g
Salsa56 g200g4g0g
Spicy Ranch56 g131.98.9g11.6g0.2g

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