Wienerschnitzel Calories – Fast Food Nutrition Facts


Menu ItemCaloriesTotal CarbsSat FatSodium
Iced Tea0000
2% Reduced Fat Milk130133130
1% Low Fat Milk110131.5130
Chocolate Milk, Low Fat (1%)160271.5210
Chocolate Milk, Protein Fortified, Low Fat (1%)200341.5230
12 oz. Pepsi (without ice)15041035
12 oz. Diet Pepsi (without ice)00035
12 oz. Mountain Dew (without ice)17046070
12 oz. Sierra Mist (without ice)14039035
12 oz. Mug Root Beer (without ice)16043065
12 oz. Dr. Pepper (without ice)14039045
12 oz. Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (without ice) 14035075
12 oz. Lemonade (without ice)150410160
12 oz. Cherry Sierra Mist (without ice)18049030
12 oz. Cherry Pepsi (without ice)19051030
12 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper (without ice)18049040
12 oz. Cherry Mountain Dew (without ice)21056065
12 oz. Strawberry Sierra Mist (without ice)17041035
16 oz. Pepsi (without ice)20055045
16 oz. Diet Pepsi (without ice)00045
16 oz. Mountain Dew (without ice)23061095
16 oz. Sierra Mist (without ice)19052045
16 oz. Mug Root Beer (without ice)21057085
16 oz. Dr. Pepper (without ice)18052060
16 oz. Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (without ice) 180450100
16 oz. Lemonade (without ice)200540210
16 oz. Cherry Sierra Mist (without ice)23062045
16 oz. Cherry Pepsi (without ice)24065045
16 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper (without ice)22062060
16 oz. Cherry Mountain Dew (without ice)27071090
16 oz. Strawberry Sierra Mist (without ice)22054045
20 oz. Pepsi (without ice)25068060
20 oz. Diet Pepsi (without ice)00060
20 oz. Mountain Dew (without ice)280770115
20 oz. Sierra Mist (without ice)23065060
20 oz. Mug Root Beer (without ice)270720110
20 oz. Dr. Pepper (without ice)23065075
20 oz. Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (without ice)230580125
20 oz. Lemonade (without ice)250680260
20 oz. Cherry Lemonade (without ice)320840250
20 oz. Strawberry Lemonade (without ice)310710250
20 oz. Cherry Sierra Mist (without ice)27575060
20 oz. Cherry Pepsi (without ice)29078060
20 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper (without ice)27075070
20 oz. Cherry Mountain Dew (without ice)320870110
20 oz. Strawberry Sierra Mist (without ice)27067060
30 oz. Pepsi (without ice)370103090
30 oz. Diet Pepsi (without ice)00090
30 oz. Mountain Dew (without ice)4201150170
30 oz. Sierra Mist (without ice)35097085
30 oz. Mug Root Beer (without ice)4001070160
30 oz. Dr. Pepper (without ice)340970110
30 oz. Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (without ice)340860190
30 oz. Lemonade (without ice)3751010390
30 oz. Cherry Sierra Mist (without ice)430118080
30 oz. Cherry Pepsi (without ice)460123080
30 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper (without ice)4201180110
30 oz. Cherry Mountain Dew (without ice)5101340170
30 oz. Strawberry Sierra Mist (without ice)420101090
42 oz. Pepsi (without ice)5201430120
42 oz. Diet Pepsi (without ice)000120
42 oz. Mountain Dew (without ice)5901610240
42 oz. Sierra Mist (without ice)4901360120
42 oz. Mug Root Beer (without ice)5601500230
42 oz. Dr. Pepper (without ice)4701360160
42 oz. Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea (without ice)4701210260
42 oz. Lemonade (without ice)5301420550
42 z. Cherry Sierra Mist (without ice)6151670120
42 oz. Cherry Pepsi (without ice)6501730120
42 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper (without ice)6001670150
42 oz. Cherry Mountain Dew (without ice)7201900230
42 oz. Strawberry Sierra Mist (without ice)5901420120
Old Fashioned Sundae, Hot Fudge4006311250
Old Fashioned Sundae, Chocolate390649250
Old Fashioned Sundae, Strawberry370599220
Old Fashioned Sundae, Caramel400669250
Old Fashioned Sundae, Pineapple370599230
Regular Cone, 6 oz. Plain300496220
Regular Cone, 6 oz. Chocolate Dipped4905723240
Small Cone, 4 oz. Plain210344150
Small Cone, 4 oz. Chocolate Dipped4004321170
Banana Split82014912340
Shake, Vanilla6501101395
Shake, Chocolate65011013100
Shake, Strawberry6501111395
Freezee, Oreo6309913410
Freezee, M&M6309915420
Freezee, Butterfinger62010014440
Freezee, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup6309714460
Freezee, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough94011937540
Tastee Float Mug Root Beer440837290
Original Chili Cheese Dog, standard bun3503161390
Original Chili Dog, standard bun3003141130
Original Mustard Dog, standard bun270274790
Original Relish Dog, standard bun270304850
Original Kraut Dog, standard bun2702841020
Original Deluxe Dog, standard bun2703041210
Original Plain Hot Dog, standard bun270274740
Original Stadium Dog, standard bun280304890
Original Chicago Dog, standard bun3304142040
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, standard bun370278860
Bacon Wrapped Street Dog, standard bun400299950
Angus All Beef Chili Cheese Dog, seeded bun54040121960
Angus All Beef Chili Dog, seeded bun4903991870
Angus All Beef Mustard Dog, seeded bun4503691530
Angus All Beef Relish Dog, seeded bun4503991590
Angus All Beef Kraut Dog, seeded bun4503791760
Angus All Beef Deluxe Dog, seeded bun4503991950
Angus All Beef Plain Hot Dog, seeded bun4503691480
Angus All Beef Stadium Dog, seeded bun4703991630
Angus All Beef Chicago Dog, seeded bun5205092780
Turkey Chili Cheese Dog, standard bun3403251260
Turkey Chili Dog, standard bun2903231000
Turkey Mustard Dog, standard bun260283660
Turkey Relish Dog, standard bun260313720
Turkey Kraut Dog, standard bun260293890
Turkey Deluxe Dog, standard bun2603131080
Turkey Plain Dog, standard bun260283610
Turkey Stadium Dog, standard bun270313760
Turkey Chicago Dog, standard bun3204231910
Original Chili Cheese Dog on a Pretzel Bun4805771450
Original Chili Dog on a Pretzel Bun4305751200
Original Mustard Dog on a Pretzel Bun400535860
Original Relish Dog on a Pretzel Bun400565910
Original Kraut Dog on a Pretzel Bun4005451080
Original Deluxe Dog on a Pretzel Bun4005651280
Original Plain Dog on a Pretzel Bun400535810
Original Stadium Dog on a Pretzel Bun410565950
Original Chicago Dog on a Pretzel Bun4606752100
Angus All Beef Chili Cheese Dog on a Pretzel Bun6205952040
Angus All Beef Chili Dog on a Pretzel Bun5705891860
Angus All Beef Mustard Dog on a Pretzel Bun 5305591520
Angus All Beef Relish Dog on a Pretzel Bun5305891580
Angus All Beef Kraut Dog on a Pretzel Bun5305691740
Angus All Beef Deluxe Dog on a Pretzel Bun 5305891940
Angus All Beef Plain Dog on a Pretzel Bun5305591470
Angus All Beef Stadium Dog on a Pretzel Bun5505891610
Angus All Beef Chicago Dog on a Pretzel Bun 6006992760
Turkey Chili Cheese Dog on a Pretzel Bun4705861320
Turkey Chili on a Pretzel Bun4205841070
Turkey Mustard Dog on a Pretzel Bun390544730
Turkey Relish Dog on a Pretzel Bun390574780
Turkey Kraut Dog on a Pretzel Bun390554950
Turkey Deluxe Dog on a Pretzel Bun3905741150
Turkey Plain Hot Dog on a Pretzel Bun390544680
Turkey Stadium Dog on a Pretzel Bun400574820
Turkey Chicago Dog on a Pretzel Bun4506841970
Chili Cheeseburger3303061000
Chili Burger280293750
Double Classic Burger390306700
Double Classic Cheeseburger49031111210
Ultimate Chili Cheeseburger52035112080
Double Chili Cheeseburger50033111740
Corn Dog250156490
Mini Corn Dog (6 Pak)320227540
Polish Sandwich49039111870
Italian Sausage Sandwich - mustard only350284950
Chili Cheese Fries Burrito4104771200
Fish & Chips71050111820
Fish Wrap450385860
Sea Dog350383640
Regular Fries3002511400
Large Fries4303515630
Chili Cheese Fries54039191380
Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries60041221390
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries70040221610
Jalapeno Poppers (3 Pak)210216670
Jalapeno Poppers (6 Pak)42042121340
Ranch Dressing16023320
Burrito with Egg, Bacon & Cheese4903981380
Burrito with Egg, Sausage & Cheese59043121500
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito67038141640
Chili Cheese Burrito4704361720
Biscuit with Bacon3303551120
Biscuit with Sausage4303991240
Biscuit with Egg & Bacon3903661270
Biscuit with Egg & Sausage49040101390
Biscuit with Egg, Bacon & Cheese4403691520
Biscuit with Egg, Sausage & Cheese54040121640
Croissant with Egg, Bacon & Cheese5204017990
Croissant with Egg, Sausage & Cheese62044211110
Sandwich with Egg, Bacon & Cheese300266830
Sandwich with Egg, Sausage & Cheese4003010950
Breakfast Platter with Bacon6004015960
Breakfast Platter with Sausage70044191080
Country Breakfast64047131820
Biscuit with Egg3203641040
Biscuit with Gravy3504251180
Hash Browns2901410240
French Toast Sticks4904911460
Orange Juice1403300
Family Pak (Feeds 3 People)
6 Original Chili Dogs & 3 Regular Fries
900 (Based on 3 People)
10 Pak To-Go (Feeds 5 People)
10 Original Chili Dogs
600 (Based on 5 People)
50/50 Pak (Feeds 5 People)
5 Original Chili Dogs & 5 Corn Dogs
550 (Based on 5 People)
Kid’s Bag Meal (Reg. Fries & Kid’s Drink)
Mustard Dog, Corn Dog or Mini Corn Dogs

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