BodyBoss Home Gym Review – Unboxing and In-Depth Guide


The BodyBoss Total Workout System is the world’s first portable gym that you can take virtually anywhere! This unit uses bands with different attachments which are secured to a portable base. The attachments enable the user to perform a variety of exercises. This in-depth review will provide important information that covers several different areas about what exactly comes with the BodyBoss system and how to use it to get the best results!

Top 5 Advantages of The BodyBoss

  1. Economical and convenient (no gym fees!)
  2. Portability (you can take it anywhere)
  3. Variety of exercises
  4. Easy setup and storage
  5. Challenge and room to grow

Top 5 Important Things To Remember

  1. Registration and warranty of the product
  2. Workout technique
  3. Adjusting the band tension
  4. Checking equipment before use
  5. Tracking your progress

What’s In The Box?

Economical and Convenient (No Gym Fees!)

Buying a monthly gym membership or purchasing expensive gym equipment is not always economical for people. The BodyBoss replaces membership fees and the need to purchase different types of workout equipment with one very reasonable price. People can spend a lot of money every year on membership fees at their local gym, and many times there are additional add-on fees which add even more to the overall cost (classes, etc). Workout equipment can also be very costly and knowing what you need is another decision which can overwhelm many.

Instead of having to go out and shop around for the perfect gym or research the latest equipment, you can purchase the affordable BodyBoss system and it has you covered for everything you need to get a great workout. Think about the cost and inconvenience of traveling too! You have to get in your car and drive to the gym which requires gas and then there is always the pain of finding a parking spot and dealing with traffic. The BodyBoss serves as a great workout system for people who have busy schedules and want something that is affordable and convenient to use. We are all looking for ways to save and keep our bodies healthy, now it’s possible to do both with this home workout system.


Even though the BodyBoss can serve as a home workout system, there are times when you just need to take your workout to another location. For example, if you travel a lot for work, you may need to have a convenient way to workout while traveling. Sure, there may be a gym at the hotel or t the location where you are staying, but then you have to rely on the hotel’s interpretation of a “gym” and there may be others using the equipment and sometimes sharing just isn’t what you want to do in an unfamiliar place. The BodyBoss is very light weight and can easily fit into your suitcase to take along when traveling. With careful planning when packing, you should be under the weight limit that many airlines require.

Other times, we just get “cabin fever” and need to workout in a different location. The BodyBoss is extremely easy to transport and changing the scenery for your workout makes it fun and exciting. Take a quick walk to a nearby park or scenic location with an incredible view and you instantly have an ideal gym setup. Instead of visiting the same fitness center every single day or seeing the same people in the gym (especially the really annoying ones who seem to think the gym is a place to get a date), you can move your gym to different locations with just a small bag and a light base! There is even room in your bag for a water bottle, keys and other small items you may need on the go.

Variety of Exercises

The BodyBoss comes with a variety of attachments which makes it very easy to perform a variety of different exercises. The attachments are easy to install and remove with a simple click to affix to the rings on the base. There are four total attachments which come with the BodyBoss system:

  1. Bar
  2. Door Anchor
  3. Handles
  4. Wrist/Ankle Straps

The bar is assembled very easily by screwing the two ends together. The bands are then clicked into each of the open ends on the bar (the other ends are clicked to the base). In the startup guide, which is provided with the BodyBoss system, the recommended exercises include movements like the upright rows, trunk twist, squats and squat press. The upright rows targets the upper body, specifically the deltoids and triceps. The trunk twists target the core of the body (abdominals). The squats and squat press targets your legs and butt. Being able to perform a variety of exercises and switching between exercises quickly and easily is a huge plus with this system!

Easy Setup and Storage

The BodyBoss system is very easy to assemble with a simple clicking mechanism and Velcro straps. It even has a door anchor which turns a simple door into a workout accessory. The door anchor simply fits on the top door hinge and is anchored into place by shutting the door. The handle attachments are recommended for the door anchor although other attachments could also be used. The high anchor positioning allows you to focus on your core and other muscles. The exercise guide lists several exercises such as kneeling crunches, overhead extensions and chest flyes. Using a basic door along with the attachment is all that is needed and it takes just seconds to install and get going. Storing the unit is just as easy since it can slide under a bed or even behind a night stand. It is small enough to store, but packed with tons of equipment. You would need to have a room full of equipment in order to perform these exercises, but with the BodyBoss system, all you need is a small space for storage.

Challenge and Room to Grow

It is very important to consistently challenge your body over time with workouts. After time, the same intensity or tension can become easier so it is important to have a workout routine which challenges your body. The BodyBoss can easily be adapted for changes to your workout routine. For example, with the door anchor you can simply increase the distance from the door to create additional tension in the band which makes it more difficult. Instead of having to change the weights (dumbbells, barbells, plates), which is necessary when using traditional gym equipment, you just have to take an extra step and create more tension. Although the bands won’t give you the amount of resistance that traditional weights (barbells, dumbbells) will provide, it’s still a great way to provide resistance training.

Registration of the Product

Of course we want our products to last and in the event they don’t, it is important to know the company stands by their product with a warranty. The BodyBoss makes it easy by providing a “Register Your Product” insert which lists the website where the product can be registered and how you can get warranty support, if needed. Standard ground shipping for any replacement parts is paid for by the company. Of course, as with any warranty there are conditions, for example, if the system was left outside in the rain or stored in an area with a lot of moisture (like outside in a storage unit), then you probably won’t get replacements for free which is totally understandable. The warranty is for “normal” wear and tear.

Exercise Technique and Form

As with using any type of workout equipment, it is important to know how to use it properly. Since the BodyBoss uses bands with attachments, assembling it is very easy, however, understanding how these pieces work and using proper technique at all times when performing different exercises is extremely important for overall safety and to get the most out of each exercise. The BodyBoss does come with a startup guide which provides descriptions of the exercises, however, there are a couple of things to remember. For example, when placing your feet on the base, it is important to relieve the tension on the bands first or the platform will lift up on the sides. Another important factor is knowing how to perform each exercise using the proper form. When doing one leg lunges with one foot firmly placed on the base and one foot away from the base, I noticed that the sides of the base would lift up because my weight wasn’t equally distributed on the base. I am not sure that I would do this exercise since I didn’t feel confident with my form. When I am standing on the platform with both feet equally distributing my weight, the platform is flat and perfectly balanced with no lifting up on the sides. Also, if I am on my hands and knees, the platform is perfectly balanced. When doing exercises with one foot on the base, the platform does not stay flat, so it is important to know which exercises allow proper form and stability.

Adjusting Band Tension

In order to consistently increase the intensity of your workout routine it is important to adjust the tension of the band. One way to do that is adjusting the distance from the door when using the door anchor (mentioned above). I did try to adjust the tension with the base by looping the band around the ring, however, when I did that there was simply way too much tension. It would be great to have a variety of bands with different tensions. One workaround for this would be to purchase some additional tension bands that you could use with this system.

Checking Equipment Before Using

As with any product, checking to ensure the parts are manufactured correctly and that the parts attach and work properly is very important. After checking the parts of the system, I only found one small challenge and it might be that I just didn’t attach it properly, however, I am pretty savvy with installing and using workout equipment so I really think this is a flaw with the wrist/ankle straps. When strapping on the wrist straps with the Velcro strap, which attaches to the band, it was on the inside of the strap instead of the outside making it very difficult to click onto the band. I had to pull the ring out in order to attach it to the band. I think that the Velcro was on the wrong side of the strap. This really isn’t a huge concern since each BodyBoss comes with a warranty so the replacement part will be free of charge.

Tracking Progress

It is important to track progress with any exercise equipment you use. Using a scale to track weight and a body fat analyzer along using a tape measure to track inches on different body parts, is a great way to monitor your results. Many people also like to track their strength levels. Usually with typical weights (barbells, dumbbells, machines), recording the amount of reps and the weight used is an easy way to track overall strength increases. Since the BodyBoss uses bands, it is not as easy to track strength, however, there are a few ways strength can be tracked using bands versus weights. When using the door anchor, you can track your progress by measuring the distance you are from the door. Simply mark the spot where you are standing for a certain exercise and record the distance and the amount of reps. It may even be helpful to mark the area with a piece of removable tape so that each time you perform the exercise you know your baseline. Each week, try to push yourself to go beyond the original location. After 4-6 weeks, measure the new location and record the difference of the measurement. If your distance increases then you know you have increased your strength. If your distance decreases then you know your strength has decreased. It is important to reflect on your progress with any workout plan to keep making progress.

Another way to track progress is using different sizes of bands with different tensions. If you purchased additional bands then you could record the tension band type you started with and then record the tension band type after 4-6 weeks.

Overall Rating

I give the BodyBoss Total Workout System a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed the versatility and portability of the system. Instead of having a gym membership and having to change from machine to machine or use a bunch of different free weights, the BodyBoss was my “one stop shop” for working out. The setup and assembly was very easy, the overall weight of the entire system is very light and allows for easy transport so I can create my own workout space anywhere!

My only wish that the BodyBoss came with different tension bands so that I could consistently challenge myself with increased resistance to push myself and keep getting stronger. I found that I could only do this with the door anchor. I also would like to have more stability when doing isolated exercises such as lunges. The system if very secure when my body weight is evenly distributed, but a little unstable when my feet were positioned in different locations. Overall, I feel that the BodyBoss is a great product with a very unique design which makes it extremely easy to take anywhere to get an effective workout!

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