Senior Fitness Success Story – Elaine Stays Fit at 73 Years Old


Name: Elaine
Age: 73
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 142 pounds
Occupation: Retired
Hometown: Delray Beach, Florida


Elaine’s Senior Fitness Success Story!

At what age did you start exercising?
I started when I was about 50 years old.

What made you decide to start exercising?
I wanted to become more fit and healthy. I started exercising using aerobic tapes by Richard Simmons.

What is your primary fitness goal?
To lose about 10 pounds and to stay healthy to live longer.

How many days per week do you perform resistance training?
I workout 7 days a week. I do the rowing machine, cable ropes, triceps press and leg press.

How many days per week do you perform cardiovascular training?
senior-fitness-success-stories-elaine-2I do cardio training 7 days a week also. I do the treadmill and nautilus bike.

What is your favorite body part to train?
My stomach, thighs and legs.

What is the most challenging thing about working out as you get older?
Sticking with the diet and exercise plan day in/out. Its tough but the hard work really pays off!

How has your life changed from starting a fitness program?
I can walk better, breath better and of course I lost weight!

What advice can you give seniors who think they are too old to exercise?
I live in a 55 or older community so there are a lot of people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that come to the gym everyday. Our motto is “you’re never too old to exercise”!

How has ShapeFit helped you reach your fitness goals?
ShapeFit has shown me the correct way to use the exercise machines. They have helpful articles on healthy eating, cardio questions and answers. Everything on is very easy to read and understand.

Elaine’s Senior Fitness Tips!

Senior Fitness Tip #1:
senior-fitness-success-stories-elaineTry not to eat out more than 2 times a week and cook at home mostly.

Senior Fitness Tip #2:
Try not to eat after dinner. If you have to eat, prepare sugar-free Jell-O and have it on hand if you’re hungry.

Senior Fitness Tip #3:
Exercise a little before you get out bed just to loosen yourself up.

Senior Fitness Tip #4:
Eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and limit your sugar intake.

Senior Fitness Tip #5:
See a doctor for a general checkups

Elaine’s Senior Fitness Eating Plan!

Orange juice, oatmeal, decaf coffee with a slice of whole wheat toast and reduced sugar jelly. Once a week I eat egg beaters and also for a treat I have some pancakes.

Sandwich (tuna or chicken) or fruit with cottage cheese. I do not eat a lot of cheese although I love it. Once in a while I eat Italian food

Chicken, salmon or ground round meat for a hamburger. I also have a sweet potato or some brown rice. I love spinach and potatoes. Once a week, we go out to dinner but I cook the rest of the week and eat at home.

Snacks or Mini Meals:
Granola bars, fresh fruit, nuts, sugar-free Jell-O and sometimes a piece of dark chocolate (little snack size).

Elaine’s Senior Fitness Workouts!

Weight Training:
Rowing machine, cable ropes, triceps press and leg press.

Treadmill and nautilus bike.

Supplements Used:
My doctor does not want me to take supplements, so I do not take any.

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