Sports Training Videos – Cone Drill To Build Speed and Power


The use of cones in sports training is highly beneficial for improving strength, agility and quickness for all types of sports. These sports include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track, and many more. By following the instructions in the video below, you will be on your way to getting faster, increasing your strength, improving your agility, and becoming a better overall athlete. Now let’s check out the video and talk about how to perform different cone drills.

Step 1: Buy Cones
The cones that are used in this video can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. If you do not have a sporting goods store close to you, you should be able to buy them at department stores and places like Wal-Mart or Target.

Step 2: Setup The Cones
In order to be successful when using the cones for different drills, you will need to set up your cones at the proper distances apart from each other. For the purpose of this video, the cones have been set up about 15 yards apart.

Step 3: Do The Drills:

Drill #1: Sprint
There are four parts to executing this drill properly. The first segment you will need to sprint. This means a full-out sprint and not a jog! When sprinting you need to use all of your energy and explode as fast as you can go to that first cone. Sprinting requires your FULL speed. No half efforts here. Sprinting is very beneficial to sports training because it has been proven to increase speed, boost agility, build muscle, and improve conditioning. Once you get to the first cone it is time to side shuffle.

Drill #2: Side Shuffle
The side shuffle is an exercise where you extend one leg to the side of your body and shuffle the other leg towards it. Do this at a fast pace but stay under control. Side shuffling is a great exercise for activating your glutes, hip flexors, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. The benefits of side shuffling include increasing your agility and improving coordination. Coordination and agility are key assets to have for any sports athlete. Once you make it to the second cone with the side shuffle, move on to the next exercise.

Drill #3: Backpedal Drill
The backpedal is a great drill for athletes of all sports. To backpedal properly you should step back quickly while moving your feet behind you. Use your arms for balance, driving them hard, and keep your elbows at 90 degrees. Remember to stay balanced by keeping your chin over your toes. Backpedaling is a great drill for improving speed, coordination, and balance as well as strengthening the quadriceps. Now it is time to move on to the final segment.

Drill #4: Karaoke Drill
The karaoke drill can be challenging at first but the key is to have proper rhythm and tempo while following precise instructions. Step out sideways with your lead foot. When your lead foot has landed, cross your opposite foot over the lead foot and continue the pattern. Do this as quickly as you can. Once you get the hang of this drill it can be quite fun and very beneficial. The karaoke drill is a great exercise for improving agility, balance, speed, and strength.

That shows you how you complete the entire cone drill workout which consists of 4 different stages where you change your movements in order to perform different exercises which target different muscle groups. Now get out there and buy some cones so you can practice these drills and quickly watch your skills begin to improve!

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