Sports Training Videos – Derbys for Conditioning and Speed


For athletes who wish to perform better on the field, its important to maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. This includes exercising regularly while also keeping a check on the type of diet that you consume on a daily basis. Understanding both your nutritional intake as well as your workouts is critical for performing your best in the sport you partake in. However, merely lifting weights in the gym is not the only way to build strength and power for sports. There are a number of other specific sports related exercises that are used to target specific muscle groups within the body and to provide a wider scope of training for things like improving stamina, increasing endurance and building up an athlete’s overall conditioning.

A number of different exercises can be used to build strength, agility and power at the same time. The sports training exercise called the “Derbys” provides many great benefits to the athlete. By putting an athlete through a variety of different exercises over a certain period of time, they are able to considerably improve an individual’s strength, stamina and speed.

Derbys is an exercise that is an important part of the speed and conditioning series and athletes should include it in their overall training for sports related events. To begin this exercise, place two cones separated at a distance of about 40 yards vertically. Then, place two more cones at a distance of about 20 yards horizontally. This means that you effectively now have a box-shaped training area where you can cover forty yards vertically and twenty yards horizontally.

Since the objective of the Derbys exercise is to build speed, agility, strength and stamina, this particular exercise involves switching between sprinting and jogging. The athlete will be required to sprint full-out vertically for forty yards and then jog across the box-shaped area for a distance of 20 yards horizontally. Since the final goal is to arrive back at your original destination, you are going to be running at high-speed to cover a distance of forty yards twice in one single set of this training drill. The same case is true for the jogging part as well although you are going to be alternating between both. You will basically sprint 40 yards, then jog 20 yards, sprint another 40 yards and then finish the set by jogging the final 20 yards. After completing a full set of the Derbys exercise, rest for 2-3 minutes before starting again.

The main reason why this particular exercise is extremely effective at building stamina and speed is that you are going to be sprinting across the field at very high-speed for forty yards and then you will slow down for the part where you will be jogging to cover a distance of twenty yards. Since you are going to be alternating between both intensity levels, you will be giving your body time to adjust and rest in the middle of the high-speed sprints but slowly, your body will start to adapt and not only will your overall conditioning and endurance increase but your explosive power during the sprinting phase will help to build up size and strength in your leg muscles which help in many sports like football and basketball.

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