Sports Training Videos – Side Box Jumps To Increase Speed


Side box jumps are an incredible plyometrics exercise to include in your workouts for building explosive power and speed for many sports. The instructions for performing these begin with choosing a piece of equipment that it tall enough to provide a good challenge. This can be a box or a barrel or really anything else that you have around but just make sure it’s completely stable to avoid injuring yourself. It needs to have a height that provides you with a challenge to jump over but not too high that you struggle to perform the exercise. It’s also important to avoid injuring yourself with a box that’s too difficult to jump onto or over. A normal height of the box can be anywhere between two to five feet off the ground. Place the box on the ground to your side. While facing forward, place your legs apart at a distance that gives you enough stability and room to perform the exercise correctly. This will allow you to jump over the box in the lateral space needed. Make sure to perform this exercise in an explosive but controlled manner for a specific number of repetitions or a set amount of time. This plyometrics exercise really builds up your calves and thigh muscles which helps to gain explosive power in your legs.

There are two possible variations of the side box jumps plyometrics exercise. The first version is the speed version. In this version, the key thing is to jump over the box laterally as fast as possible. This means that as soon as you touch the ground on one side, you jump to the other side. This version is great for increasing agility and overall lateral speed. It increases the response rate and works very well for explosive sports like football and basketball.

The second version is the explosive workout. In this version, try to focus on exploding off the ground and increase your vertical jump as high as possible when performing this exercise. The key thing is to avoid jumping as fast as possible but rather to build as much energy in the leg muscles as possible and explode up while performing a maximum jump and overloading your quadriceps muscles. This version is important for increasing the explosive power contained within the leg muscles. These two versions are not intended to act as substitutes. Rather, they should be performed together in order for the athlete to gain maximum benefits of both styles of training.

Plyometrics exercises are commonly referred to as jump training. On the anatomical level, these exercises act by placing extra pressure on the leg muscles through repeated jumping. This causes the leg muscles to undergo forced contraction before the jump is performed. The jump then causes the muscles to be extended as they release the energy created. They are then made to repeat this process over and over. The repeated repetitions cause the muscles to build up their tolerance and their energy output. This is useful for normal workouts for advanced individuals who like to train as well as professional athletes looking to gain maximum sports performance.

There are many benefits of implementing side box jumps into your plyometrics workouts. First, they reduce the risk of lower extremity injuries. The repetitive nature of these exercises causes neuromuscular conditioning in the athlete performing them and this increases endurance. As a direct result, injuries to the knees, calves, and related leg areas become less frequent. These exercises also build up muscle mass in the legs which really helps to increase the explosive power of the athlete. This gives professional athletes an edge in different sports where short explosive bursts of leg energy are required. A few examples would be football players or athletes who perform the long jump event in track and field. The last benefit is that they produce increased agility which is a huge advantage when competing in different sports. Plyometrics provides the athlete with increased response rates when performing a specific sport which can give them a big advantage for winning.

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