Sports Training Videos – Sprint High Knees To Increase Speed


Anyone who wants to excel in sports needs proper training and exercises. There are many exercises that will help an athlete improve skills and performance in all sports. One particular exercise that improve explosive power in the legs is called high knees. The high knees training exercise is used by track and field athletes, football players, and basketball players. To get the best results, the exercise must be done properly with strict form and technique.

The high knees drill is an exercise that starts from a standing position on the balls of the feet and not back on the heels. This is important because if the exercise is not performed correctly, it can injure the feet and legs. The first step is to raise one leg up in the air very high at about 90 degrees. The raised leg should pass well above the knee of the leg that is on the ground. Next, lower that leg and raise the other one. Repeat this process many times until you reach your required number of repetitions. One of the biggest benefits of using high knees is to fully warm up the leg muscles prior to practicing or playing in a sporting event. The player or athlete is able to get a full stretch with every stride which helps to prepare the leg muscles of the lower body to be ready for intense and explosive movements during the game or event.

High knees are great because they can be performed several ways. They can be done while standing in place or when running. You can even do high knees during your morning jog. A unique way to incorporate this exercise into your training is by doing them while jumping rope. This is great for overall cardio, agility and speed training.

Track and field runners implement training with high knees because it warms up their muscles and helps to make them run faster. Building strong and powerful legs are critical for winning in track and field events so using the high knees exercise in workouts is a great way to build strong calf muscles and increase an athlete’s overall endurance.

Basketball players need to be fast just like track and field runners. Running up and down the court requires endurance and speed also. High knees training helps players explode when jumping which is one of the biggest benefits to basketball players and performance athletes. The vertical jump is very important in basketball and helps when doing slam dunks while on the court.

Running backs and other football players can benefit from doing high knees training also. When players train they do high knees very quickly when on the field. Before doing high knees at 100% intensity, make sure you always have a solid foundation with proper balance. Without good balance. Football players benefit from high knees because it builds overall speed and power which is beneficial when running and tackling. Incorporating high knees into your sports training is very important for increasing performance in sports.

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