Sports Training Videos – Stair Running Builds Power and Speed


Stair running is an ideal exercise to include in your workout to build explosive power in your legs which is highly beneficial for many different sports. Before starting this exercise, make sure that you are dressed in appropriate clothing with the right type of running or cross training shoes to give you maximum support. Make sure you always perform this exercise quickly but safely in order to make sure to avoid injuries. It’s great to go super fast when sprinting up the stairs but the last thing you want to do is catch a step the wrong way when you’re going up or down and take a spill.

It’s important to find an appropriate set of stairs that you can run up and down. Ideally, these are stairs with an adequate tread surface and a reasonable rise height. It should also be in low use and preferably a straight staircase. All of these precautions are to prevent injuries caused by falling down the stairs or running into other people who might be using the stairs. A handrail is not really necessary but may be helpful when you are beginning this exercise. You can find stairs that meet these conditions at your local high school football field or community track. You might also find some great stairs to run up and down at your local convention center or any building that has several flights of exterior stairs that are not used very much. Just make sure to get permission to access and use the stairs before starting your workout.

You are now ready to begin your stair sprints. The key to this exercise is to exert explosive force on the way up while being controlled on the way down. The explosive forces exerted on the way up causes the muscles in the legs and gluteus region to contract and expand repetitively. On the way down control is used to ensure that the legs build agility, quick responsiveness, and increase the balance and agility of the athlete performing the exercise.

The overall structure of stair running is the exertion of maximum physical energy in speed on the way up and the development of controlled rhythm on the way down. If you choose stairs that are particularly long, avoid running too fast down them. Instead, trot down at a slow pace while keeping an angle to the stairs. When you run down, the combined force of your momentum and gravity stresses your joints and may cause injuries to your ankles and knees if performed too quickly.

Stair sprints place extra pressure on the muscles in the legs and gluteus region. These are the muscles that provide the energy for motion. This causes the muscles to increase their explosive power. Furthermore, the agile nature of this exercise increases the balance and agility of the athlete which helps in many different sports. The great part about this exercise is that it does not require any special equipment or machines. All you need to do is find a set of stairs big enough to get a great workout and you’re ready to start training! The repetitive nature of the exercise is fundamental in causing the muscles to grow through exertion and tolerance training. This type of workout is useful for normal fitness and specialized athletic training. When used for athletic training, it can be particularly useful in sports where quick bursts of energy are needed such as football, basketball and track and field.

The intensity of the workout can be increased by skipping one stair at a time which takes a longer stride length and more concentration to perform correctly. If you want to train at 100% intensity and speed then you want to run up the stairs using every other step in order to go the fastest. Stair running is also a very intense calorie burning exercise. This makes it perfect for weight loss and resistance training. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout and strengthens your heart and lungs.

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