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These videos are from’s Sports Training Series. These workouts were developed to increase your overall sports performance. Whether its football, basketball, baseball or soccer, these videos will help you build the explosive power and quickness you need to excel in your chosen sport. These videos showcase a performance exercise and explain how you can incorporate this type of training into your routine to develop your speed and power to become bigger, faster and stronger!

Sports related drills and exercises performed by athletes are different from those performed by bodybuilders and regular gym-goers. According to many professional coaches and fitness instructors, sports training is a combination of strength, endurance and flexibility exercises. In order to improve overall fitness and achieve desired results, athletes need to undergo different sets of drills which focus on various aspects of their sport. Implementing these drills into a regular training routine helps an athlete improve in the following areas:

1. Coordination – Performing specific exercises and drills leads to improved hand-eye and bilateral coordination which results in controlled and smooth bodily movements. By repeating certain sets of exercises, athletes will develop certain coordination skills which will result in a positive effect on performance in their respective chosen sport. Having great coordination improves agility, balance and body posture. It also stimulates muscle fibers which has a big impact on overall performance. Drills like lateral plyometric jumps, twist jumps, ladder runs and obstacle course drills are some of the exercises generally performed by athletes to improve their coordination skills.

2. Speed – How fast an athlete can move is critical to success and is directly proportional to how fast the muscles in their body react. Performing specific drills increase reaction time, switching the right muscle fibers on at the right time. Exercises like shuttle runs, box jumps and speed ladder drills mainly focus on strengthening these muscle fibers and provides high muscle activation rates when performed over a period of time. Also, for increasing speed, proper technique is always a must to ensure safety. Sport-specific drills divide the overall technique into several smaller steps which directly helps an athlete learn the technique more quickly and effectively.


3. Balance – These drills help an athlete improve their dynamic balance. Having great dynamic balance helps an athlete to maintain their center of gravity over a changing base. Sports drills increase an athlete’s core strength which directly leads to improved balance. These drills also improve an athlete’s joint and limb health and help to work on proprioception which is the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Exercises performed on a single leg and exercises performed on different surfaces are recommended for improving overall balance.

4. Agility – Agility is the ability to move your body quickly and to change direction quickly and efficiently. Agility drills are different from those used to increase speed. These exercises focus on core and lower body strength and also improve the reaction time of an athlete.

5. Power – Sports drills usually include highly effective plyometric exercises which focus on increasing the explosive movement of athletes. Explosive movements have a great and positive impact on the overall power and strength of an athlete. Weightlifting combined with plyometric exercises is a fantastic combination for developing a powerful and explosive physique.

6. Mental Fitness – Sports drills enhance mental awareness and speed up the muscle memory learning process. These two factors play an important role in increasing overall mental fitness as they indirectly improve the focus of an athlete and develop a sense which helps athletes understand their bodies better. Improved concentration and being able to sharply focus are extremely beneficial for athletes.

7. Sport-Specific Skills – The number of sets to be performed and the degree of variation differs from sport to sport. Ideally, drills which mimic specific sports movements are preferred because they produce better results in the long run. Coaches and fitness trainers usually try to understand the athlete before subjecting them to a certain routine so they can take advantage of their particular skill set to optimize everything for their specific sport. Different athletes will perform different exercises to achieve effective results for their chosen sport.

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    I can’t wait to try the drills you have in the videos. I am always looking for ways to improve my athletes. These drills you have will definitely help. Thanks for sharing!

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