Weight Loss Stories – Eddie Lost 127 Pounds


Name: Eddie
Age: 24
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Surgery Technician
Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 127 pounds!
Height: 5’5″
Waist: 31″
Starting Weight: 296 pounds
Current Weight: 169 poundssuccess-stories-new-layout-eddie

Eddie’s Weight Loss Story!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?
At the age of 19.

What made you decide to lose weight?
I was tired of being the largest person in a room, the only one who couldn’t fit in a classroom desk, and I was devastated because I could never wear the types of clothes my friends had on. No stores had sizes big enough to fit me.

What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
I stopped drinking soda all together. I devoted my life to working out and eating right and I surrounded myself with positive people who kept me going when I felt like I couldn’t continue.

What was most challenging about losing weight?
I can’t express enough how difficult it was to try exercising. I would step on the treadmill and in seconds I would be drenched in sweat because my body had never felt exercise before. My body felt like it was aching all over for about 2 weeks straight. My diet was extremely hard to maintain since I had never actually dieted before. For 2 weeks straight I had severe headaches because I was going through withdrawals from drinking so much soda.


How long did it take you to start to see results?
It took me about 2 weeks to see results. My body had never gone through strenuous exercise so when it was shocked into learning how to exercise for the first time, the pounds felt like they were melting off at first.

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?
It took me about a good 4 solid years to take the weight off. All natural, no stimulants of any kind.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?
I’m currently still losing weight. I would say I have kept it off for about 3 1/2 years. I choose healthy foods such as a wide variety of my favorite fruits to take the place of chips or french fries. I eat healthy foods that don’t sacrifice flavor. I’ve disciplined my mind to crave fruits, vegetables and lean meats rich in protein. I’ve learned to cook my own meals so I know what I put in it instead of going out to eat and not knowing what ingredients are actually in the food.

How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
My life has changed dramatically. I have so much more energy. I can run for a long time and not feel tired. I can walk into any store and grab a shirt, jeans, shorts, etc. and not have a care in the world if it fits me or not. My skin has never looked so clear and my all around physical performance has done a complete turn-around. I rarely ever get sick and the last time I had a headache it was well over 18 months ago.

How did ShapeFit help you reach your weight loss goals?
I have used ShapeFit.com to look into meal ideas that would fit into my lifestyle. Their food journals are great as well to keep you on track of what you’re putting into your body. ShapeFit’s database of healthy meals and recipes have really been beneficial to keeping a healthy diet fun instead of boring.


Eddie’s Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss tip #1:
Do it for YOU! If you want to lose weight make sure you do it for the right reasons. Don’t do it for your friends, family, spouse, etc. Do it for you because you want to, not because people say you should.

Weight loss tip #2:
Don’t get discouraged. It didn’t take a day for you to gain all the weight so don’t expect it will come off that fast. It takes time. Be patient and in due time, your dedication will equal your results.

Weight loss tip #3:
Surround yourself with positive people who want you to succeed. This is critical. Having a strong support system who will pick you up when you’re feeling down is very beneficial when you feel like you can’t go anymore.

Weight loss tip #4:
Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Sometimes you are your biggest critic. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t freak out if you eat something bad. If you find that you have given in to temptation and eaten that double cheeseburger, its OK. You’re allowed to reward yourself from time to time. It’s the people who eat those double cheeseburgers over and over again and never learn moderation that have the bigger problem.

Weight loss tip #5:
Set measurable, reasonable goals. Don’t expect to have a goal of losing 100 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s not going to happen! Set little goals once or twice a week. In the end, those little goals will add up to one huge, amazing result.

Eddie’s Weight Loss Eating Plan!

eddie-weight-loss-story-3Either oatmeal, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, almonds, hard boiled eggs, or scrambled eggs.

Usually a lean meat such as chicken or turkey with fruit such as grapes, oranges, bananas, with Greek yogurt.

Either chicken, steak, or turkey with a vegetable like broccoli, carrots, corn, followed by black beans on occasion, or another food rich in protein.

Snacks or Mini Meals:
Almonds, unsalted peanuts, grapes, bananas, strawberries, oranges, string cheese, Greek yogurt, granola bar that is low in calories.

Eddie’s Weight Loss Workouts!

Weight Training:
5 days a week, working out 2-3 muscle groups per day. Circuit training, free weights, cables, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The duration per weight training workout is 1 hour.

5 days a week, doing high intensity levels or high intensity intervals on the elliptical or Stairmaster. The duration per cardio workout is 30-45 minutes.

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