Weight Loss Stories – Muata Kamdibe Lost 133 Pounds


Name: Muata
Age: 36
Family Status: Divorced
Occupation: College Professor
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Pounds or Inches Lost: I’ve lost 133 pounds and reduced my body fat percentage from 44% to 7%.
Starting Weight: 310 pounds
Current Weight: 177 poundssuccess-stories-new-layout-muata

Muata’s Weight Loss Story!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?
After my scale showed that I was part of the 300 pound club in 2002, I was disgusted with myself and knew that something needed to be done.

What made you decide to lose weight?
After having a long look in the mirror at my naked body and having a serious and honest talk with myself, I decided that it was time to get my life, and body, back.


What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
Educating myself about the biochemistry of how the body gains and loses weight. From here, I was able to understand how our bodies respond to the various macronutrients we eat.

What was most challenging about losing weight?
The initial and continued mental preparation needed before and while you’re on your weight loss journey.

How long did it take you to start to see results?
muata-weight-loss-success-storyIt was really slow in the beginning, and I actually gained a few pounds before I started to lose; nevertheless, I would say that it took me 5-6 months before I started to see noticeable results.

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?
I started my journey in January 2003.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?
I’ve been under the 200 pound mark for more than a year and have maintained single body fat % for the same amount of time.

How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
It’s been incredible! I had no idea the confident, self-assured, and tenacious person I had hiding inside. I honestly feel that there’s nothing that I can’t do if I put my mind to it. I also enjoy writing articles for my weight loss blog which helps me stay motivated in my quest for six pack abs!

How did ShapeFit help you reach your weight loss goals?
By providing a place for “lurkers” like me to get motivation from people who have experienced similar ups and downs on their weight loss journeys.

Muata’s Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss tip #1:
success-stories-before-after-muata2Calories count! If anyone tells you differently, keep your hand on your wallet and back away slowly.

Weight loss tip #2:
Feed your brain to lose the weight! You must educate yourself about the weight loss process from a biochemical standpoint.

Weight loss tip #3:
Having an epiphany that you need to lose weight is not enough. You must establish a realistic plan of action to reach your goals.

Weight loss tip #4:
Lie to everyone else, if you wish, but there’s no room for lying to yourself anymore.

Weight loss tip #5:
Read both sides of the debate about saturated fat, cholesterol, the importance of cereal grains for yourself. There’s more than enough information on the Internet for you to make an informed opinion.

Muata’s Weight Loss Eating Plan!

muata-weight-loss-success-story-2Since I workout in the morning, I take branch chained amino acids (BCAAs) before working out, and then I have them and a whey protein shake after my workout.

I don’t call this lunch, rather it’s my first meal of the day. It usually involves some sort of meat (pork, chicken, beef, or seafood) with scrambled eggs that have sauteed bell peppers, onion and mushrooms.

My second and last meal of the day is usually a meat with a salad or steamed green veggies such as zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, etc.

Snacks or Mini Meals:
Nuts (except peanuts) whey protein shake cold cooked meat (e.g., roast beef) fresh green veggies (e.g., celery, broccoli, etc.)

Muata’s Weight Loss Workouts!

Weight Training:
I weight train 6 days a week, and I alternate between working the upper body on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the lower body and core on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I use kettlebells, body weight exercises, and other non-traditional forms of weight training.

I usually walk for 35-45 minutes 3 times a week with a 20 pound weighted vest.

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