Weight Loss Stories – Sarah Lost 75 Pounds in 78 Weeks


Name: Sarah
Age: 26
Family Status: Married
Occupation: Account Manager
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 75 pounds!
Starting Weight: 268 pounds
Current Weight: 193 poundssuccess-stories-new-layout-sarah

Sarah’s Weight Loss Story!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?
I had just been married and was frustrated that I couldn’t do the active things that my husband enjoyed. I realized that it was no longer just myself that I was hurting by being unhealthy, but also my future with my husband.

What made you decide to lose weight?
I decided that once and for all, I was just going to do it. I was tired of being exhausted, having no energy and feeling terrible. I wanted to change.

What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
I changed my mindset. I started realizing that I could completely change who I was. I started thinking that I was athletic and that I could live a healthy lifestyle and be a great example for other women in my same situation. I became active and changed the types of foods that I was eating. You should see my grocery cart now!

What was most challenging about losing weight?
The frustration that comes when you realize that the weight is not going to fly off. You have to become okay with the time it takes to change your body and realize that it’s a good thing because it gives your mind time to catch up. Managing your time and making sure that you stick with your exercise commitment can also be difficult.

How long did it take you to start to see results?
It took me a month or two before I started feeling more energetic. Once I started getting compliments from family and coworkers, that just motivated me even more. I took progress pictures so that I could see how far I had come.

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?
It took me 78 weeks to get to my current weight.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?
I have spent the past year maintaining that weight while learning how to run and training for a half marathon.

How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
I have run three half marathons, and several smaller races. I am now training for a marathon in October and working on dropping the last 40 lbs to get to my ultimate goal weight. I haven’t weighed my current weight since High School! I am a healthy person, I enjoy going to the gym and I love talking about fitness. I want others to realize that you CAN do this and that you can completely change your whole mindset!

How did ShapeFit help you reach your weight loss goals?
By keeping a journal, and following through with exercise, you are using very important tools for success!

Sarah’s Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss tip #1:
Lots of water!

Weight loss tip #2:
Get active.

Weight loss tip #3:
Make goals.

Weight loss tip #4:
Control your portion sizes.

Weight loss tip #5:
Positive self talk.

Sarah’s Weight Loss Eating Plan!

Kashi Go Lean Crunch with Strawberries and Skim Milk, also a piece of fruit as a snack.

Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, mixed green salad, fruit and an organic granola bar for desert.

Soy burgers or chicken, oven fries or edamame and a piece of fruit.

Snacks or Mini Meals:
Pretzels, fruit, organic granola bars, protein bars.

Sarah’s Weight Loss Workouts!

Weight Training:
2-3 times per week, 45 minutes of weight training targeting 2-3 areas of the body each time.

Running 3 times per week, cross training such as spinning or elliptical 3-4 times per week as well.

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