Weight Loss Stories – Lindsay Lost 105 Pounds and Over 180 Inches


Lindsay’s Weight Loss Statistics

  • Name: Lindsay
  • Age: 31
  • Family Status: Mother of Six Children
  • Occupation: Full Time Nursing Student
  • Location: Rhinelander, Wisconsin
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Starting Weight: 256 pounds
  • Current Weight: 151 pounds
  • Current Waist Size: 31″

Lindsay’s Weight Loss Interview

How much did you lose?
I lost 105 pounds, over 180 inches and 11 dress sizes!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?
I had been steadily gaining weight since the birth of my first child in 2004. I reached my peak weight in May, 2013 following the birth of my sixth child.

What made you decide to lose weight?
I was chosen to make a speech at a friend’s wedding, but I was unable to find the confidence to do it due to my appearance. It was then that I realized that something needed to change. When you stop living your life when you still have a heartbeat, it’s a very hopeless feeling. There I was, a 30-year-old mother of six children, who couldn’t even get everyone dressed and out the door without losing my breath. My blood pressure was out of control, I had no stamina and no self-confidence. I realized I had spent so much of my previous years pouring everything into my children that I had forgotten the most important part of raising them, and that was being a healthy mom.

What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
The most important change I had to make in order to finally see results was shifting my mindset. I had to believe in myself and I had to believe I was worth living the life I was blessed to live.

What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your weight loss journey?
The single most challenging obstacle was to stop caring what others thought about me while I was exercising. I was so concerned about sweating, huffing and puffing, that I was standing in my own way. Once I started to believe that everyone was at the gym to be better than the person they were yesterday, I started to push myself to my limits. These were actual limits, not the perceived limits I had placed on myself.

How long did it take you to start to see results?
I began to see results within two weeks.

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?
It took me 14 months to finally break my goal of losing 100 pounds.

Did you have any issues with loose skin after losing the weight? If so, how did you deal with it?
I do have loose skin, most notably around my abdomen. Although I am still self-conscious about it, I have accepted it as being part of my journey.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and what are the most important factors for keeping it off?
Consistency! Continuing to make mindful choices and staying active has been imperative. Weight loss is a lifestyle change. I have maintained for two months and have continued to lose pounds and inches.

What keeps you motivated to continue your weight loss success?
Myself! I want to see what my body and my mind are capable of.

How has your life changed now that you have lost weight?
My whole world has tripled in size! There are no limits to what I can achieve now. I went from the girl who was out of breath getting her children ready for the day to completing two Tough Mudder full courses, a five-mile mud run, and a half marathon during the summer of 2017!

Do you have any advice for others who are trying to lose weight?
Believe in yourself and you are half way there!

How did ShapeFit help you reach your weight loss goals?
Reading ShapeFit’s weight loss stories about others helped me to see that I am not an isolated case and that others carry many of the same struggles.

Lindsay’s Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tip #1:
Balance your nutrition.

Weight Loss Tip #2:
30 minutes of cardio at least 5 days a week.

Weight Loss Tip #3:
Don’t be afraid of weights!

Weight Loss Tip #4:
Be honest with yourself and realistic with your goals.

Weight Loss Tip #5:
Stay consistent! Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Lindsay’s Weight Loss Eating Plan

What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Oatmeal, protein powder and some healthy fat.

What do you normally eat for lunch?
Chicken, salsa, tortilla, cheese, lettuce.

What do you normally eat for dinner?
Fish or chicken, sweet potato, olive oil.

What do you normally eat for snacks?
Yogurt, chia seeds, beef jerky.

What type of nutritional supplements do you take?
I do not currently utilize any supplements.

Lindsay’s Weight Loss Workouts

What do you do for weight training?
I focus on strength training a different muscle group five days a week.

What do you do for cardio training?
I do cardio for 30 minutes, six days a week.

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  1. Lindsay, you are such an inspiration! Wow, six kids and you look amazing! I have one boy (3 years old) and my weight seems impossible to come off. It’s partly because I need to be more consistent. Reading your post has given me hope. Thank you so much!

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