Meal Replacements Guide – How To Pick Quality Supplements


What are Meal Replacements?
One of the fasting growing areas in weight loss research, Meal Replacements (MRP’s) can be a great way to help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and increase energy. This class of nutrition supplements includes shakes, bars and other low-calorie foods that have added protein, vitamins and minerals.

What do MRP’s do?
MRP’s work for you by helping you control hunger as you substitute them for other high calorie food choices. There are many types of MRP’s on the market and they can be used to help you get good nutrition for meals you usually miss. They are meant to be part of a very structured program so you can stay focused and have energy all day. This helps you to lose weight. Be sure to look at your choice of MRP closely to make sure it is not just a snack food.

Who should use them? 
Most anyone can buy MRP’s in the supermarket or drug store and use them instead of eating a full meal. This includes busy people who otherwise may forget to eat and make up for it with a large meal later in the day. For those who have a lot of weight to lose (more than 40 pounds) or have medical conditions, a supervised weight loss program that uses MRP’s is a better option.

How do you fit MRP’s into a weight loss program?
Knowing that losing weight is a challenge, consider visiting with a nutrition professional who is a specialist in this area. The best programs are built-in to medical care so you can receive counseling and support to lose the most weight loss and have good health.

Is it safe to be on MRP’s?
This depends on your medical condition and how you use MRP’s. If you are using them for weight loss the amount of calories, carbs, protein, and minerals you receive become very important as does your hydration. You should also consider how long you will be using them and if they are nutritionally complete. Again, supervised programs help to minimize potential health risks.

What should I expect from MRP programs?
Safe and meaningful weight loss with decreased appetite. With weight loss other benefits include: increased energy, shorter recovery time from illness, improved blood sugar and cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improved quality of life. MRP programs can give you real weight loss in the short-term, but remember weight management is a lifetime project.

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