3 Killer Butt Exercises To Tighten Up Your Glutes


This butt workout is a great routine if you really want to blast your buns and build a tight and toned booty! The three exercises included in this workout target all of the major muscles of your legs including your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteus (butt) muscles. Make sure to always warm-up with 10-15 minutes of moderate exercise (stationary bike, walking) to get your body temperature up and your muscles fully warm before beginning this workout routine. A good rule of thumb is to slightly break a sweat during your 10 minute warm-up exercise which is a good indicator that you’re fully warmed up and ready to get started!

Butt Exercise #1 – Barbell Squats
Equipment Needed:

Barbell squats are considered the king of all leg exercises and they are an excellent choice for targeting your glutes to achieve a sculpted and tight butt. Because barbell squats require your largest muscles to work harder they are a great addition to any workout routine since they stimulate growth factors that help add overall size and strength to your physique. Since your butt is literally a mass of muscle surrounded by fat you will need to incorporate weight training workouts into your fitness program, in addition to eating a healthy and balanced diet so you can properly fuel your body. A solid cardio routine is also critical to burn additional fat and calories. Don’t forget to stretch as well. Stretching will increase your flexibility and allow you to squat deeper, which is how you will achieve maximum muscle stimulation and range of movement.



  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place a barbell high on the back of your shoulders along your trapezius muscles (not on your neck). Grip the barbell with your palms facing forward.
  • With your toes pointing slightly outward, slowly bend your knees and squat down while keeping your head straight and your eyes looking forward. Squat down until your thighs are about parallel to the ground but make sure to avoid going too low where it causes pain or discomfort. Training in front of a mirror really helps to view your overall form and technique.
  • Keep your back straight and your chest out during the entire movement. Avoid hunching over or rounding your back during the exercise.
  • From the bottom position, push up with your quadriceps and raise up to the top position while squeezing your butt muscles when you reach the top.
  • At the top of the movement, do not completely lock out your knees. Try to keep a slight bend in your knees in order to place continuous and maximum tension on your leg muscles.

Butt Exercise #2 – Dumbbell Walking Lunges
Equipment Needed:
 Two Dumbbells

Dumbbell walking lunges are great for both fat loss in addition to sculpting your butt and thighs. This exercise engages multiple muscle groups which include your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus (butt) muscles, calves, abs and overall core. You can even do these with your own body weight for a very intense workout. Adding weight by using dumbbells is especially beneficial and increases the level of intensity to the extreme. Just try grabbing a pair of 20 pound dumbbells and do walking lunges for 30-50 yards and then back again! Your legs and butt muscles will be on fire, I guarantee it!




  • Position yourself in an athletic stance while holding two dumbbells and let your arms hang naturally down to your sides.
  • Slowly lunge forward with your right foot to a comfortable distance in front of you. You should land securely on the middle portion of your foot and avoid placing too much weight forward onto your toes.
  • Lower your body by flexing the knee and hip of your front leg until your leg is about parallel to the ground. The knee of your rear leg should almost touch the ground but not completely. Keep your back straight, chest out and your eyes looking forward throughout the exercise.
  • Keep in mind that a longer lunge will work your gluteus maximus more, while a shorter lunge will work your quadriceps more.
  • In the bottom lunge position, keep your knee pointing in the same direction as your foot throughout the exercise. Avoid allowing your knee to go past your toes as you plant your foot on the ground.
  • Push off with your foot using your quadriceps and bring your back leg forward. Repeat the lunge movement with your opposite leg and continue this walking lunge style movement for the remainder of the distance.
  • Try to walk a distance of around 15-20 feet but go longer of you have the room and the endurance.

Butt Exercise #3 – Cable Kickbacks
Equipment Needed:
 Cable machine

Cable kickbacks are great if your goal is to really isolate your glutes without engaging your quadriceps. Since your butt muscles will be fighting both the natural weight of gravity, in addition to the weight attached to the cable, they will be forced to grow and develop. The only downside to this exercise is that you will need access to a cable machine which can easily be found in most gyms. Add weight gradually and always follow proper exercise technique to avoid injury.



  • Start by hooking the ankle cuff to a low cable pulley and then wrapping the cuff around your ankle.
  • Facing the weight stack, grip the handles or the frame itself for added support.
  • Keep your knees bent slightly and your back as straight as possible with your chest out and your eyes looking forward.
  • Engage your abs and core while pulling your leg slowly backwards (kicking back) using only your glutes.
  • Lift your leg as high as you can comfortably go, while flexing your butt muscles at the top of the movement.
  • Bring your leg back down slowly until you are at the starting position.
  • Do 12-15 reps and then repeat with your other leg.

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