3 Effective Triceps Exercises To Build Big Muscular Arms


In this workout video we are going to cover a triceps workout consisting of three different exercises. The first one is going to be seated dumbbell triceps extensions. Then, we’re going to move into the rope pushdowns and then we will finish up with dumbbell triceps kickbacks. So let’s get started with this triceps workout so we can pack on some quality muscle mass and add some serious size to our arms!

Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
The first exercise is going to be the seated dumbbell triceps extensions which is an excellent exercise to start off your arm workout with in order to hit the triceps muscles with heavy weight so you can really stimulate them to grow bigger and stronger. You want to make sure to use a very light weight starting off to get the movement down using the correct form and technique. You want to go ahead and grip the dumbbell above your head with both hands. The key to this exercise is to keep your elbows in throughout the entire range of the movement. You don’t want to flare your elbows out when lowering the weight down and also when raising the weight back up to the starting position. You want to keep your elbows in as close as possible to place the maximum amount of tension directly on your triceps. Using a nice slow and controlled tempo will ensure that you’re using proper form. When raising the weight up to the top, really try to flex your triceps to get a nice contraction of the muscles. Once you have your form 100% correct with this exercise, you can really start to go up in weight and use heavier dumbbells to completely overload your triceps and blast your muscles into growth!



Rope Pushdowns
The second exercise in this triceps workout is the rope pushdowns. The key to this exercise is to keep the elbows locked into your sides during the entire range of motion to ensure direct tension on the back of your arms. Avoid flaring your elbows out to the sides which is a common error when doing this exercise. That’s the wrong way to perform this movement. Keep your elbows nice and tight into the sides of your body and it’s always a lot easier to make sure you’re using the correct form when you can do these in front of a mirror to check your technique. Focus on a full extension at the bottom and flex your triceps for a killer contraction in your muscles. Go very slow up when releasing the weight back up to the starting position and take full advantage of the negative portion of the exercise.



Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks
The last exercise in our triceps workout is the dumbbell triceps kickback. The key to this movement is to try your best at keeping the elbow locked in position throughout the entire range of motion. This is really a shaping movement versus a heavy mass builder so make sure to use a lighter dumbbell when performing this exercise. It’s going to be an exercise that you want to use at the end of your workout in order to burn out your triceps. Since it’s more of a shaping and toning exercise, you definitely don’t want to use a super heavy dumbbell on this because your form will be negatively affected which will take the tension off of the triceps muscle and could possible end up in an injury. You want to keep your elbow position pretty much stable throughout the entire movement. Avoid swinging or moving your upper body up and down when doing this exercise. Remember, it’s not a row style movement for your back so your elbow should not really move at all and its position will be locked in position during the entire range of the movement. When you raise the weight up to the top, make sure to get a full extension of your arm to place a maximum amount of tension on your triceps muscle. Go ahead and contract the triceps at the top by feeling like you’re flexing it and then lower the weight down very slow and controlled to the starting position.



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    M. Anwar Qureshi, Libya on

    ShapeFit is providing excellent advisory service. It would have been better if in future breathing pattern is also explain in your demonstration; when to breath in or breath out. As I read in various posts when weight is pushed away; its inhaled. In your future demonstration, I would request you to shown some Cable Machine exercises. Thanks in advance.

    • shapefit

      The correct breathing pattern when weight training is to exhale when exerting force which is the concentric portion of the exercise and to inhale on the eccentric portion. An example would be the bench press when you push the bar off your chest and breathe out (exhale). When you lower the bar back down to your chest (negative or eccentric portion), you will breathe in (inhale). This is the proper way to breathe when you’re working out.

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