Jump Rope Videos – Effective Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat


These jump rope videos will help you burn fat and lose weight by burning a lot of calories. Jumping rope is a fun exercise which helps to build your overall agility and endurance levels. These cardio workouts will help you achieve a toned physique while increasing your hand-eye coordination and foot speed for sports like boxing, football and soccer. We have included details within each video to help you learn proper form and execution. Since successful cardio training is centered around proper technique, it is extremely important to execute these exercises with strict form so they will be safe and effective.

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Jump Rope Videos:

Benefits of Using a Jump Rope
When you are unable to hit the gym, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find a cardio routine that is both effective and relatively enjoyable to do. Jumping rope is a cardio workout that is not just an activity enjoyed by children, but a rigorous routine performed by runners and boxers that targets every major muscle group of your body. It strengthens your core muscles, arms, shoulders, legs and especially your calves while raising your heart rate to an aerobic level allowing you to burn almost 100 calories in a ten minute workout. Jumping rope is not only a fantastic fat burner, but it’s an excellent agility exercise to use for many different athletic sports.

Jump ropes are lightweight, portable and can be stored in relatively small spaces – which is great if you travel and need to get in your workout without access to a gym. The cardio aspect of your workout routine is crucial. A lot of bodybuilders and weight lifters believe that cardio depletes additional calories that your body could be turning into muscle mass, but that is not the case. Cardio is necessary for overall health and speeds up the process of burning fat. Not only does cardio strengthen the heart and improve lung function, but it helps to increase your metabolism which will burn calories and body fat throughout the day.


Jumping rope is effective as a form of cardio because it gets the whole body moving at once with less impact on the joints than other high impact exercises like running. While burning about 10 calories a minute along with conditioning your muscles and improving your hand-eye coordination, your body will be burning body fat which will help you to get leaner, quicker.

Jump Rope Workouts
A great 10 minute workout is to start by jumping rope for 2 minutes. Then switch to jump roping backwards for another two minutes. Next, jump rope normally and on every other rotation, lift one foot off the ground so that you are jumping on only one foot. If you feel like your core is strong enough and your balance is good enough, instead of switching feet, try jumping forward on one foot for 2 minutes and then switching to the other foot for the next 2 minutes. Next, continue jumping in the same way you were when you were jumping on one foot and switching feet, but this time lift your raised foot a little higher and bring your knee to your chest on each rotation. These moves make the workout more difficult and allow you to condition multiple parts of the body at once – like your abs being stimulated when you bring your knee to your chest which activates your lower abdominal muscles. Once you are comfortable with your jump rope skills, expand the variety of jumps you do during your routine and increase the overall time from 10 minutes to 30-40 minutes per workout. Including a few jump rope workouts per week to your overall cardio program will provide a very beneficial and enjoyable cardio routine that will help promote fat loss while conditioning your overall body extremely well.

Types of Jump Ropes
If you decide to commit to adding jump rope to your weekly workout routine, you have a choice of using normal speed jump ropes or the more intense weighted, specialized ropes for added resistance. Jump ropes are easily found online or in most sporting goods stores. If you’re a beginner, a regular jump rope (non-weighted) will work best. Try choosing one with ball bearings on the handles with either leather or vinyl rope material (avoid ones with plastic rope). Most high quality jump ropes cost between $10-$20 which makes them a very inexpensive piece of exercise equipment that is excellent for burning fat and calories.

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