Biggest Loser Success Stories – Real People Who Beat Obesity


The Biggest Loser area showcases people who were severely overweight and fighting morbid obesity. Through hard work, determination and discipline they were able to find a path to weight loss and successfully lose over 150 pounds. Each one of them has followed a diet and exercise program that worked specifically for them. Many of the stories are varied in the way that success was achieved. Some followed a different eating plan or used a unique workout regimen that might not adhere to mainstream methods but the fact is that in the end, they achieved success and reached their goal weight. We have featured their stories in order to help others find a voice and learn about the different backgrounds from these individuals. By learning how they did it, we truly hope this will spark motivation and inspiration within you to begin a fitness plan in order to reach your goals. If we are able to help just one person live a healthier lifestyle, we have done our job. We hope you enjoy reading these stories and seeing the amazing before and after photos which showcase each person’s incredible transformation. If you have already lost weight and achieved weight loss success, please let us know by submitting your story and we will feature you on ShapeFit as one of our biggest losers!




Name: Heather
Age: 31
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Weight Lost: 193 pounds





Name: Michael
Age: 21
Location: Los Angeles, California
Weight Lost: 188 pounds





Name: DeeDee
Age: 34
Location: California
Weight Lost: 215 pounds





Name: Sumant
Age: 38
Location: India
Weight Lost: 154 pounds





Name: Moses
Age: 21
Location: Jonesboro, Georgia
Weight Lost: 150 pounds





Name: Dan
Age: 57
Location: Danville, Kentucky
Weight Lost: 158 pounds





Name: Robanne
Age: 40
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Weight Lost: 150 pounds





Name: Matthew
Age: 28
Location: Bayonne, New Jersey
Weight Lost: 290 pounds




success-stories-before-after-aaron-cName: Aaron
Age: 38
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Weight Lost: 177 pounds




success-stories-before-after-michael-shilkusName: Michael
Age: 32
Location: Ottumwa, Iowa
Weight Lost: 310 pounds




Age: 45
Location: Brantford, Canada
Weight Lost: 150 pounds




success-stories-before-after-lynneName: Lynne
Age: 34
Location: Dallas, Texas
Weight Lost: 216 pounds




success-stories-before-after-joseph-mName: Papa Joe
Age: 41
Location: Los Angeles, California
Weight Lost: 240 pounds




Age: 49
Location: Milwaukie, Oregon
Weight Lost: 228.5 pounds




Age: 35
Location: Monte Alto, Texas
Weight Lost: 160 pounds




Age: 23
Location: Houston, Texas
Weight Lost: 202 pounds




Age: 38
Location: Saddle River, New Jersey
Weight Lost: 200 pounds




Age: 39
Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts
Weight Lost: 207 pounds




Age: 27
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Weight Lost: 176 pounds




Age: 42
Location: Laurel, Maryland
Weight Lost: 175 pounds




Age: 28
Location: Hanover, Pennsylvania
Weight Lost: 301 pounds




Age: 44
Location: Ormond Beach, Florida
Weight Lost: 202 pounds




Age: 27
Location: Plant City, Florida
Weight Lost: 172 pounds




Age: 46
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Weight Lost: 250 pounds

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