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Ever wonder how the celebrities get so lean and look so good? Well, we have the diet and exercise secrets from Hollywood’s hottest celebrities! We show you what they eat and how they train to get into amazing shape. These celebrity fitness secrets include weight loss tips, weight training tricks and fitness advice for losing weight and getting a movie star body!

Angelina Jolie
angelina-jolieTo get ready for her new movie Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie had spent a few months on a special diet. Jolie’s been forced to swap cigarettes and coffee for steamed meat, vegetables and soya milk. ‘It’s an interesting test because I used to smoke and drink and I used to not eat breakfast but have a cigarette and coffee”, Jolie said.

Although Jolie admits that Croft is the role closest to herself, playing her was one of the hardest things she has ever done. “It was such a challenge physically,” tells Angelina, who prepared for the role by following a training regime that included kickboxing, canoeing, street fighting and yoga. “A special diet also helped me shape my body. I ate steamed sea bass or steamed beef and vegetables, and I had no sugar and only drank soy milk.” Angelina had lost weight from overwork and was glad the training and healthy diet helped her put back on a few pounds of curves.

“I’m all for curves on a woman, and feeling sexy,” she says, “and I never felt healthier or stronger than during the filming of this movie.” Jolie performed almost all of her own stunts in “Tomb Raider,” which include sword fighting, spear throwing, dog sledding and bungee jumping. For the bungee-jumping sequence, she went through three months’ training. “The most difficult thing was learning how to do bungee ballet,” she recalls. “It took a while to learn how to work with the harness.”

When Angelina Jolie was married to husband Billy Bob Thornton, they were really focused on cleaning up their acts. Angelina said, “No more smoking or drinking, and a sugar-free diet. They want to be really healthy before they embark on having children”.

Avril Lavigne
avril-lavigneAvril Lavigne has explained why the lyrics to her songs were also so angry: she was eating too many carbs. The “Complicated” singer is out promoting her new album, “Under My Skin,” and has given this reason for her former angst. “I was eating bad stuff,” Lavigne said. “Lots of sugar and carbs, junk food all the time. It makes you very irritated. I spent some time with a nutritionist and learned I had low blood sugar. Now I eat accordingly.”

Avril is very careful of her diet these days. Avril says, “I need to have a lot of energy and I feel like certain foods can weigh you down. I eat really healthy most of the time, but I definitely pig out sometimes! It’s important you’ve gotta live life a little so I do eat fast food every once in a while. But 90 per cent of the time I eat a vegan diet.” In her spare time, she adds, she likes to cook (“soup and vegetarian dishes”) apart from the 10 per cent of the time that she’s scoffing junk food, presumably. And her favorite country is Italy “because I love the food – that would be one of the times when I let loose.”

Brad Pitt
brad-pittIn order for Brad Pitt to get ready for the role in the movie Troy, He nixed cigarettes and sharply cut back on beer and chips, although he did allow himself the occasional treat: McFlurry shakes from McDonald’s, “though it was more for a little taste of home, you know, a little Americana.”

Brad used a low-carb, high-protein diet during the training for his role. Physically, Pitt prepared for the role with a year of intense training. “The first three months were daunting and not fun at all.” His days included two to three hours in the gym, two additional hours of sword work and four high-protein, low-carb meals. As a result, he gained about 10 pounds of brawn.

In order to get that muscular and shredded look for the movie “Fight Club”, Brad used this intense workout routine below for amazing results:

Brad Pitt’s Workout Routine

Monday – Chest
3 sets – 20-30 reps – push ups
3 sets – 20-30 reps – nautilus press
3 sets – 20-30 reps – nautilus incline press
3 sets – 20-30 reps – pec deck machine

Tuesday – Back
3 sets – 20-30 reps – pull ups
3 sets – 20-30 reps – seated rows
3 sets – 20-30 reps – lat pull downs
3 sets – 20-30 reps – t bar rows

Wednesday – Shoulders
3 sets – 20-30 reps – Arnold press
3 sets – 20-30 reps – laterals
3 sets – 20-30 reps – front raises

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
3 sets – 20-30 reps – nautilus curl machine
3 sets – 20-30 reps – EZ curls cable
3 sets – 20-30 reps – hammer curls
3 sets – 20-30 reps – push downs

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR


Britney Spears
britney-spearsHow does this chart-topping superstar stay in such super shape? Do you believe Britney takes slimming pills? That’s the talk on the Internet after photos of Britney appear to show her grabbing a blue bottle at London’s Heathrow Airport.

A British tabloid reportedly says it’s a bottle of a popular diet pill. Now, some sites are even selling the “fat burner” by claiming that “pop princess Britney Spears maintains her sexy shape with this product.” Yet another claims Britney was “outed” as user of the appetite suppressant.

Britney is reportedly furious over the diet pill story. Her lawyer said she does not endorse the diet product and “any company using a photo of her inappropriately” will be contacted and told to “remove the photo.”

The latest news is that Britney has made peace with the makers of a diet aid pill, following a long-running dispute. While the terms of the settlement remain confidential, a representative for the diet aid confirms that the matter has been resolved.

Britney had a notorious junk food craving and her daily diet consisted of primarily empty calories. The pop star has been seen consuming Red Bull energy drinks, Starbucks Frappuccinos and Marlboro Lights. On a few occasions, she’s been seen eating one of her favorite snacks, Cheetos. Pictures reportedly featured the singer looking bloated and chunky, until they were digitally slimmed down to resemble her trademark svelte body.

Britney’s personal trainer Bobby Strom has exposed several sources behind her fluctuating weight, including her mom Lynne’s home cooking. He says, “Her mind has not been in the right place for working out. She’s had lots of stuff to get sorted in her head and her personal life lately. But I think that she’s over it and back on course, mentally and physically. I’m sure I’ll be seeing her again soon.”

“She’s fond of her mom’s food but it tends to be carb heavy and calorific. I’ve told her to cut out barbecue sauces and gravies, and eat more protein – especially on tour. She also needs complex carbs such as brown rice, veggies and wholegrain breads.”

A source reports that Britney was devastated by her appearance in the photos, and complained to her promoters, “I look like a blimp, so do something about it. I need to look perfect – better than perfect.”

Carmen Electra
carmen-electraCarmen Electra uses cardio strip tease to stay in amazing shape. “I have been dancing since I was five-years-old so I wanted to incorporate things that I have learned over the years through my experience and Pussycat Dolls being one of them, which is kinda fun because it’s the type of workout that isn’t boring, you learn dance moves, how to strip-tease and how to give a lap dance. So you never get bored doing it”, says Carmen. She also says, “I try to workout whenever I can but sometimes I can’t so I have to try to eat healthy just to balance it out.”

Carmen has some advice for girls who break their resolutions. Carmen says, “Don’t ever be too hard on yourself. Even if you have slipped and haven’t really gotten on schedule just take it easy but slowly get yourself back into the pace, get yourself used to working out start and eat healthy.”

Although Carmen tries to stay on top of her workouts and diet plan, she also admits to sometime hating her body and claims she can’t make her stomach flat enough. The former ‘Baywatch’ babe says, although she eats healthily and exercises three times a week, she sometimes feels so disgusted with her body she won’t let her husband touch her.

The sexy model – who is renowned for her curves – said: “When anything bad happens, my insecurities come flooding out. “I look in the mirror and pick at my flaws. I hate my stomach. It’s impossible to get it flat, and the area around my belly button drives me crazy. I hate it if my husband touches my stomach when I’m in that sort of mood.”

Christina Aguilera
christina-aguileraShe says she’s eating healthier, so why the weight gain? In recent weeks, pop princess Christina Aguilera, 22, has been full of surprises. First she dyed her platinum blond hair a deep shade of brown, then the formerly reed-thin star revealed a new, curvier look. Many assumed that Christina’s well-known love of junk food was to blame for the extra weight. After all, despite being naturally thin, she is a french fry addict whose contract insisted she have Oreos in her dressing room. During interviews she even chowed down on chicken tenders or nachos dipped in cheese, sour cream and salsa. But the truth is Christina is deliberately carbo-loading – in a healthy way – to boost her stamina for a grueling summer tour she’s heading on with Justin Timberlake.

Christina’s New Diet
Performing intensely on stage night after night takes endless energy. A star who signs and dances while on tour can burn off between 2,000 and 4,000 calories a night. Christina was “underfed” before her recent diet changes says trainer Ashley Borden, who oversees her diet and exercise regime. “This is the first time in her life she’s considered nutrition,” Borden adds. “We started incorporating better nutrition so Christina has more stamina when she’s dancing.”

Now, Christina is eating more than usual, but she’s eating healthily. She’s even cut her fast-food fixes down to once a week. And a private chef creates healthier versions of all her favorite food, which have helped her give her the stamina and energy she’ll need on tour.

Christina herself is happy with the changes, saying, “I like being thick.” She has also described how, when she looks in the mirror, “I see myself, a girl who is more comfortable in her skin than ever before.” And that’s got to be a good thing.

On her last tour, Christina “just wasn’t getting enough nutrition,” says her trainer, Ashley Borden. “Some people think being skinny, is all that matters, but tours are like an athletic competition.”

“Christina likes having a tush; she likes having legs,” says Borden. “If you’re pencil thin, at some point your body’s going to change, and everyone’s going to notice.”

Hilary Duff
hilary-duffHilary Duff is not your typical Hollywood movie star actress who is into low-calorie diet food and hardcore workout routines. Hilary’s favorite foods are Jelly Belly’s (candy), cheese pizza, Dr. Pepper and Sprite.

Many fans think Hilary could benefit from a workout routine. One fan states, “A well-defined and fit Hilary Duff would make a LOT of heads turn. Nothing too huge, mind you; a physique like a fitness competitor would be about right. It would make a lot of women sit up and take notice and realize that a little iron cold do them good.”

Janet Jackson
janet-jacksonJanet Jackson has been quoted in the media as having an ongoing battle with an eating disorder. Many young women have issues with eating disorders because of the influence of the media. The more a person is pressured to emulate the mainstream image, the more the desire to be thin is adopted, and with it an increased risk for the development of body image dissatisfaction and eating disorders.

Although Janet is working very hard to take control of her eating disorder, she still trains at an intense level. Janet’s workout routine, the one designed by her personal trainer Tony Martinez, has Janet doing intense workouts to stay in shape.

Janet Jackson’s Workout Routine:

On February 1, 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake made history with their Super Bowl scandal. It is certainly no secret that with an unfortunate “costume malfunction,” Janet and Justin sparked the largest controversy of the year by exposing Janet Jackson’s naked breast.

“I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction.” Justin Timberlake, saying he didn’t intend to expose Janet Jackson’s breast at the Super Bowl. “It wasn’t a stunt.” Janet Jackson.

Jennifer Lopez
jennifer-lopez-workoutWhen asked if Jennifer Lopez works out everyday to keep that body in such great shape, Jennifer said, “No. I have a trainer in LA, and then recently I have started taking yoga classes. When I was younger, I was into hard physical exercise, but now what’s more important to me is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit. I still do weights and cardio, but I try to take a soft, feminine approach. I’m definitely not fanatical. Basically, I’m just like anybody else, in that you have the body type you have, and you know what you have to do to get in top form, and you know how you are when you kind of slack off. I’m only human, and sometimes I feel like working out, and sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I feel great about myself, and sometimes I think, “Oh God, I have work to do”. It’s just normal women’s stuff. ”

Jennifer also watches what she eats and adheres to a strict diet. J-Lo said, “I try to watch what I eat. I know what’s good for me, and I know what’s bad for me, and I try to stay away from the bad things, but like anybody I indulge once in a while. If I’m trying to lose weight, I just cut carbohydrates from my diet.”

Regarding her diet, Jennifer also says, “I don’t have anything banned from my diet and I’m not one of the health freaks who believe in not eating any sugar or leaving dairy products out. There are a number of weird diets out there but I don’t follow them. I eat almost everything, only in moderation. Maybe I’m lucky; when I overeat I just get seriously sick, the next day is absolutely ruined, and with my busy schedule I just can’t afford it. Apart from the fact that it’s not really pleasant to feel sick because you stuffed yourself the day before, I never went on a diet. I always lived quite healthy without a special diet and it seems enough for me. I believe in having a really well-balanced diet, a little bit of everything, and I think if you’re fit and healthy, your body will let you know what it needs. It’s just that a lot of people have forgotten how to listen to it.”

Jennifer makes sure to draw one very strict line. She says, “I don’t drink, never, and I don’t smoke and don’t do drugs,” she stresses. “I never started drinking or smoking. When I was little, my mother drummed it into me how bad it is for you and it stuck somehow. My little sister also doesn’t drink or smoke. Everybody knows smoking is bad for you, and drinking [is bad]as well. I don’t need to drink to have a good time.”

J-Lo makes sure to relax and spend some quality time getting rejuvenated. She said, “I love spa treatments, massage and facials, though they’re not something I get to do all the time. I also love to dance, to sleep, to do nothing, to be in the sun. I adore Miami – as soon as I get off the plane, my blood pressure instantly goes down, and I get into a whole different mood.”

Jessica Alba
jessica-albaOne source reports Jessica Alba has been on a diet since the age of 12. Jessica said, “Everyone in my family is heavily overweight. I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself when I was 12 years old. When I eat breakfast, I’ll have an egg-white omelette and fruit, or cottage cheese and a peach. For lunch, I’ll have a salad. Dinner is usually vegetables and chicken or fish. During the day I’ll have some dried fruit, or I’ll have a chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt. I don’t really eat desserts or bread.”

Regarding her workout routine, Jessica said, “I try to work out every day for 45 minutes to an hour. I start out on the treadmills or elliptical machine for 10 to 15 minutes to get my heart rate up to 180 beats per minute. Then I do 50 lunges and crunches. Next I get back on the machine for another 10 minutes. Then I work on shoulders, biceps and triceps. I do that nonstop for four sets. When I work out, I have energy and feel good about myself.”

Jessica Simpson
jessica-simpsonPop star Jessica Simpson started a new exercise routine to get in shape for her role as Daisy Duke and to prepare her to wear “Daisy Duke’s” signature shorts in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard movie. Her workout includes two hours a day of squats and lunges and has motivated her to create a new Courtesy of Warner workout video. “I have a white-girl bootie, so I’m doing all my squats to lift it a little bit and get some junk in my trunk,” says Jessica.

When asked how she specifically prepared for the part as “Daisy Duke”, Jessica said, “Immediately when I found out that I had the part, I thought it would be best to be able to have something to work towards or else I’ll stick to my fried food and taco bell. To have something, a goal, is awesome; so I ate my last piece of chocolate cake when I found out and ever since then I’ve tried to cut sugar out of my diet except fruit. For the most part, I eat healthy and work out for two hours everyday. ”

Jessica also revealed that she has waged a body-image battle for some time, but that the low-carb lifestyle was definitely not the right path for her.

Simpson used to be on the Atkins diet. “Atkins really messed me up mentally. I was so starved for carbs, I binged on them.” She now eats her favorite foods which are bread, cookie dough ice cream and Italian meals buts eats them in moderation, along with lots of salad.

Simpson says that parting with sugar has proven to be the most difficult task. “I try to stay away from sugars as much as I can, which is hard,” she says. The pop star says that skipping out on her strenuous workout routine is not an option, even if shooting on The Dukes of Hazzard set runs late. “I basically work out two hours a day,” she says. “Last night I finally got to go to the gym at ten o’clock… and I was on the treadmill for an hour.”

Katie Holmes
katie-holmesWhen asked about working out and looking good, Katie Holmes says, “I try. I grew up in an environment full of athletes and unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. My parents are very healthy. We go running on Thanksgiving – I mean, what family does that? It has to be before the big turkey dinner. My dad is really ambitious and makes us all go. Exercise is definitely important, but the long hours sometimes prevent me from being a good girl and getting my cardio workout.”

Katie’s favorite foods are Jelly Bellies, cookie dough, buttered popcorn, veggie burgers, onion rings and Pretzels dipped in salsa and her favorite drinks are vanilla latte and diet coke. Her favorite activities are shopping, dancing, running, watching movies, reading and listening to music

Lindsay Lohan
lindsay-lohan“People lose weight when they grow up,” an exasperated Lindsay Lohan explained in the April issue of W in response to whispers about her rapid weight loss. “They lose their baby fat.” If true, the sylph-like “Mean Girls” starlet sure has matured an awful lot in the last few months, because she’s a mere shadow of her once-shapelier self. Just a year ago, Lohan glowed with health, showing off a fit, if overdeveloped, figure that many admired (and ogled). Now, all the light seems to have gone out of her face, and not just because she’s eased up on her Mystic Tan sessions and dyed her trademark auburn locks blond. With her ever-scrawnier bod and world-weary expression, poor Linds appears far older than her 18 years, although at least her lips seem to be plumping up nicely.

Some reports indicate the extreme weight loss may be due to diet pills and drugs. Others believe the drastic weight loss was due to an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia and were fueled by her father’s long term issues with the law. However, sources note that her shrinking, frail frame is not the result of an eating disorder, but of a serious addiction to a mixture of drugs with diet pill abuse.

madonnaMadonna has always been in good shape but over the past few years she’s become a total fitness guru! Madonna has adopted a strict routine of Ashtanga Yoga, which keeps her in shape from head to toe. She also follows a strict healthy diet and barely touches junk food.

Guided by a personal health and diet coach, the trim and toned star eats an organic whole food diet, rich in lean proteins which comprises most of her macrobiotic diet. She doesn’t shy away from the occasional indulgence, however, saying that, thanks to the influence of her English husband, she enjoys the occasional ale in the local pub. In the past especially when she was on tour, she would exercise (run and do weights) a lot, but now she says that she doesn’t do this. When asked about eating out, Madonna said, “I don’t really eat food in restaurants – you can never be sure what’s in it, can you?”.

The macrobiotic diet is a new way of life based on the centuries old practice of listening to your inner compass when you eat. This is a contemporary guide to healthful living that offers a fresh twist on an age-old philosophy. It is based on a diet filled with whole grains, beans, vegetables, and some meats and fish.

Guide to Macrobiotic Diet:

  • Introduce Whole Grains (daily if possible)
  • Use plant-based proteins over animal-based proteins
  • Indulge in natural sweeteners (rice syrup, barley malt, maple syrup)
  • Re-think dairy food
  • Be patient with yourself

Pamela Anderson
pamela-andersonPamela Anderson is a very strict vegetarian who does not eat red meat, chicken, pork, fish or seafood. Pamela became a vegetarian in her early teens, after walking into a shed in her backyard and seeing her father cut the head off a deer he had just hunted and killed. She has been a PETA member and ardent supporter of animal rights since high school.

After learning that KFC’s chickens have their beaks seared off with hot blades and that they are sometimes scalded alive in slaughterhouses, Pam penned a letter to priszm brandz, KFC’s parent company in her homeland of Canada, demanding that the company eliminate the worst abuses of chickens at the factory farms and slaughterhouses that supply KFC’s restaurants internationally. More than a year and a half later, priszm’s CEO John Bitove finally replied, with a sleazy, insulting letter filled with KFC’s usual lies and half-truths. Pam fired back with a letter of her own, pointing out that she won’t be satisfied until KFC agrees to adopt PETA’s recommended animal welfare program.

When Pam heard that NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. was driving a new car sponsored by KFC, she wrote to Earnhardt, asking him to use his clout with the company to push for controlled-atmosphere killing of chickens, which she describes in her letter as “a painless process that puts chickens to sleep and is a huge improvement over the current method of hanging the birds up by their broken legs, slitting their throats, and often scalding them while still fully conscious and able to feel pain.”

Pam has also lent her famous face to PETA’s efforts by appearing in a high-profile billboard campaign. The billboard, which will be running throughout the U.S. and around the world, calls on consumers to boycott KFC until the company agrees to make the much-needed animal welfare improvements that PETA has recommended. Pamela has also narrated a video illustrating just how horribly KFC treats chickens, which PETA is running as a 30-second commercial on TV and radio stations across the country.

Pamela also has a few tricks to help her stay on her strict diet. She chews sugar-free gum while she’s cooking for friends to stop her picking at the ingredients.

Paris Hilton
paris-hiltonParis Hilton doesn’t seem to follow the normal Hollywood trend of eating low calorie food, training with weights or cardio workouts for fat loss. No, Paris is really on her own program when it comes to diet and exercise. Paris says, “I eat at McDonald’s or Taco Bell.” What does Paris Hilton drink? “I hate the taste of alcohol,” Paris says. “When I’m drinking, I’m drinking Red Bull.”

Paris Hilton’s Hair:
Paris is a definite bottle blonde. And she likes it that way. Her sister Nicky however doesn’t. Apparently Nicky was desperate to distance herself from her look-alike sister PARIS so much, that she dyed her hair brown just so that they’d look different.

But Paris’s hair is probably one of the stronger points of her personal style. Her blonde locks are extremely versatile. She’s gone from a pixie cut, to long extensions, and surprisingly she’s managed to suit them all. Her favorite look at the moment is done with the use of hair accessories. So head down to your nearest department store, supermarket or chemist and pick your self up some flower hair pins, diamante hair clips or a satin hair band. Whether you have an up-do…or let your hair down, an added embellishment will give your style that extra Paris pizzazz.

Paris Hilton’s Make Up:
Paris’s bright blue eyes are actually not all they seem. Her eyes are actually a dark green. For whatever reason she chooses to wear colored contact lenses, but you don’t need to go to those extremes to emulate her style.

To emulate her eye make up, pick shimmery eye shadow shades in either pale pinks or bronzes. Also use a charcoal shade on your crease, and a white shadow on your brow bone. And don’t forget the all important black liquid eyeliner, and lashings of mascara.

Paris Hilton’s Fashion:
“So many tacky trends, so little time.” That was just one of the reasons that Blackwell gave for why Paris entered his worst dressed list at number one. I guess he didn’t enjoy the main stays of her wardrobe…sky-high stilettos, butt-baring jeans, mini skirts, diamante studded belts and plunging tops. Lately however she’s been going with a much simpler style…maybe it has something to do with her appearance on The Simple Life. Her skirt lengths are longer, her color choices are more muted (pastels actually feature), and she’s swapped leather for satin.

Tom Cruise
tom-cruiseHollywood superstar Tom Cruise has refused to cooperate with a diet plan designed to get him into top shape for Mission: Impossible 3 – because he prefers doing it his own way. Anxious studio bosses handed the 41-year-old the dietary schedule in preparation for his role as Ethan Hunt in the sequel, but Cruise is not interested in losing weight. A source explains, “The studio was concerned about him looking right so they had a diet drawn up for him. But Tom told them he does his own preparation. He’s not chubby – training for The Last Samurai gave him muscle on muscle.”

Tom Cruise trained in Japanese sword fighting for his movie, “The Last Samurai”. Tom reportedly trained for a year and half to prepare for his role. Director Edward Zwick said that Tom would work out in the gym every day for an hour and a half before heading to rehearsals.

usher-absHow does Usher get those unbelievable ripped 6 pack abs? Well, Usher contributes his washboard abs to good genes, hard work and discipline. Usher also does 1,000 ab crunches a day! Along with these crunches, Usher also follows a strict cardio training regimen which he calls “forty minutes of funk”. This includes stretching, skipping and jumping jacks. Once he is warmed up with cardio, Usher then moves onto push-ups, leg raises and tricep dips. Usher also gets a great cardio workout every time he performs on stage where he is running, jumping and moving through the entire show.

Not only is Usher’s training intense but he also puts a lot of focus into his diet. Usher’s diet consists mainly of chicken breast , fish, a moderate amount of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and lots of fruits and leafy veggies. Usher says, “I’m very disciplined. When I don’t want to eat, I won’t eat. I go on a fish, chicken and broccoli diet, and throw in some carbs – preferably sweet potatoes.”

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