Thin Epidemic in Hollywood – Extreme Celebrity Weight Loss


Who do you admire for their physique? Does it inspire you to workout and eat healthy when you see Grammy winners and Hollywood stars gracing the pages of In Style, People or Cosmopolitan, with their pencil thin frames? In the fitness industry it’s common knowledge to understand how to train and eat for a toned and healthy body. However, when looking at the bodies of certain famous “stars” it’s clear they are lost in a downward spiral as they push themselves to a new point of being thin each year. I am not sure that these stars know just how much harm they are doing to themselves and to all that watch with admiration.

Whether you are famous or not, it’s nearly impossible and unhealthy to stay extremely lean all year around. See Oxygen Magazine’s June 2005 issue. Restricting calories will affect more than just metabolism. Strict diets will also lead to depression and drain any sort of enjoyment out of life.

Life is about striving for balance which is often easier said than done. Sure, we may have the fun times every now and then (too many drinks with dinner, a few missed workouts, or a pizza binge) but over all we should strive to lead a life that we would wish upon our children.

We need to do our part in setting an example for our family and friends. Eating a balanced diet (variety in color and in the most natural state as possible), while enjoying regular workouts should inspire those around you. We often don’t realize or think that people are watching, but they are. When you choose to skip having a drink with dinner or bring your own lunch to work, you are taking charge of your life. This takes a lot of strength. Don’t believe me? For the next 30 days, I challenge you to prepare your own foods for when you know you will be eating away from home. Having a pre-packaged meal means that you know exactly what is in your food and you will save time from not having to wait in line to order and best of all, you will save a lot of money. Besides these rewards, you will be setting an example to others. Since you will be eating meals containing lean protein, slow burning carbs and healthy fats, you will also be re-shaping your body. It’s true that how we eat accounts for about 80% of how we look and feel.

Our diets are something we all have control of, all of the time. There is truly no excuse for not being able to eat healthy. My close friend Ocean Bloom has prepared for a National Level competition while not even having access to a kitchen. Using just a microwave and a blender in her tiny bathroom, Ocean got creative and didn’t let anything stand in her way. I encourage you to embrace these tough times as a challenge. It’s when you are faced with obstacles that you become stronger than you were before.

Many people do have the natural ability to be thin, longer and leaner than others (ectomorph). However, I believe that those walking the red carpet are competing with their peers to see who can be the sexiest, or shall I say the thinnest. It seems that those who spend time with Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie appear to “waif out” or strive to be “heroin chic”. Paris is actually naturally thin. I met her in LA in the summer of 2004 and you can easily see that it’s her own unique body type to have naturally longer and leaner muscles. What about the rest of us? I personally have chosen weight training and eating healthy meals 5-6 times per day to improve my physique.

More than just physical but physiologically, I feel better about myself. The images of overly thin women in Hollywood don’t disgust me but it saddens me to know that they are most likely very unhappy people, struggling to make it through each day on minimal calories and tons of caffeine and other stimulants like nicotine (smoking). So, ask yourself what you believe is ideal for your own body and stand strong behind your beliefs. I am standing right alongside you!

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