Metabolism Manipulation – Tips To Speed Up a Slow Metabolism


A slow metabolism sounds like a poor excuse that obese people use for eating too much and exercising too little. Overweight people despise thin people for naturally having a high metabolism who can eat anything that they crave without putting on weight.

Although some of us are able to cheat while others pick up weight looking at the cake display in a restaurant, the kilojoule burner in our body can be manipulated. By either making small changes in our diet or activity levels, we can kick-start or speed up metabolism slightly, resulting in a more efficient machine that looks leaner.

By skipping meals and eating irregularly, we confuse our body and this could lead to fat storage when your body hoards the energy that is consumed. Experts recommend eating up to six small meals per day, but the quantities depend on energy expenditure. If your idea of exercise is moving from the car to the couch, fewer calories need to be consumed on the couch.

The excuse of not having time to exercise is just as unacceptable as wearing luminous unitards to the gym. Exercise choices include dancing, skating, group activities and outdoor sports. Exercise involves any physical activity that raises the heart rate and this means that the possibilities for energy expenditure is endless! Regular intervals of raising the heart rate throughout the day can boost energy levels and wake up tired muscles. Dead times of the day include times when you are waiting in a queue, watching television or preparing a meal. Use these times more effectively by:

  • Clench your buttocks together and hold a few seconds when sitting down
  • Pull your navel towards your spine and reduce the area between your hips and belly to improve posture while driving
  • Do a few calf raises when standing or talking on the phone
  • Activate your lower abdominals by lifting your heels off the floor when sitting
  • Buy a punch bag or speedball for the office or home and take out your frustrations each time you walk past
  • Walk to the tv instead of using a remote to change channels
  • Walk to the shops instead of driving
  • Get home exercise equipment such as a cycle or stepper and sweat while watching television
  • Play with the kids by running around the garden or wrestling with your partner
  • Drink water instead of snacking on unhealthy food
  • Keep a bag or apples or nuts at your desk to avoid chocolate temptation

While you may never complain that you should pick up weight (there are such people who lose too much body fat), you can speed up metabolism and look leaner while having more energy.

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