Sauna Sweat Suits – How Athletes Burn Calories and Lose Weight


Wouldn’t it be great to just wear something that caused you to lose weight quickly? The sauna suit or sweat suit portrays just that theory, it’s basically two pieces a top and bottom with elastic cuffed ends at the wrists, neck and ankles. It’s cuffed to trap inside the sweat and heat and is made of nylon, vinyl or rubber.

For years the sauna suits have been providing last-minute relief for many accomplished athletes. Boxers, wrestlers, martial artists and marathon runners all who are trying to “cut weight” for an upcoming weigh in depend on them immensely. They usually wear the suits while shadow boxing, running or biking with jogging clothes on over top of the sauna suit, attempting to reach the highest level of water weight loss. Snow boarders and skiers also use these to keep warm in frigid and windy conditions. They’re easy to clean, just rinse it out and hang dry while some are machine washable then hang to dry depending on the material.

Prices for these range from 10 dollars to over 100 dollars, the difference being in the make and feel of the suit. Sizes for men, women and even children with the most affordable ones being a one size fits all which are sometimes too large for a smaller woman. Brands like Everlast make them into sleeves, shorts, even belts just for your abs and one piece body suits helping to improve your target areas. Some manufacturers even make creams to put on before getting into their suits to give an added perspiration boost.

So do they work? Well yes and no. Yes, they most certainly do cause sweating and weight loss. By improving the blood circulating then increasing the metabolism thus causing calories to burn away. It disposes of toxins and the infrared suits claim to even improve the skin and dissolve grease through a therapeutic ray process. They¬†aide with fatigue and they are comfortable enough to wear during your daily workout regimen or just to clean up your home. For more tips research “sauna suit workouts” most of these are far too intense for the average person but very beneficial for the dedicated athlete. The downfall of fast weight loss is that it’s short-lived and you’re not losing anything but water weight in these suits, so as soon as you drink anything at all, the weight will come right back.

Do not use the suits if you are pregnant, nursing or have a heart condition. Dehydration is a huge area of concern you must stay hydrated before and after using the suit. Do not put one of these on and get on a treadmill for 3 hours or you will faint or become dizzy! They are to be used for a maximum of 45 minutes when combined with exercise and can be used for longer time frames when just sitting in them. These suits also state that you should never sleep in them as it’s too dangerous to wear them that long without monitoring how much water weight you’ve lost. If used properly this is an effective way to aid in your weight loss goals. It cannot be substituted for exercising. Carefully read the instructions when purchasing your suit and be certain to pick out the correct size for your body. Adding the suit to a good diet and exercise will definitely guarantee results!

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