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Since early childhood, Aga has been physically active. She participated in a variety of sports in high school and elementary school, where she was on a long distance running team. During second year of high school, Aga suffered from a minor head injury that kept her out of gym classes for a year. It was devastating to her and she felt like she needed to find a new passion in her life, other than sports and physical activities. However, that turned out to be a mistake.

During Aga’s 4 years of soul searching after high school, she mostly tried to replace physical activity with something cerebral and safe from potential physical harm; thus she finished a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Mass Media. However, the last year of college Aga realized that she has no greater passion than sports and health. After many years of missing the enjoyment and health benefits of sports and fitness, in February of 2005, she became a Fitness Trainer certified by International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). In November of that same year, Aga became a Specialist in Performance Nutrition also provided by the ISSA.

aga-adamczyk-3In March of 2006, Aga worked as a fitness trainer in Calypso Health Club in Warsaw, Poland. There she advised clients mainly in her areas of expertise, weight loss and/or muscle building. While at Calypso, Aga also assessed new clients and created fitness plans to target the client’s specific goals.

After 5 months of working at Calypso mostly with fitness, Aga moved on to expand her knowledge in the area of health and research, what she was studying at that time. She accepted and internship with National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Warsaw, Poland. After, her internship, Aga moved back to the US where she gained some experience in training patients with diabetes type II, one of the fastest growing diseases.

Aga recently completed her MS in nutrition from University of Bridgeport. She currently works as a personal trainer and sports nutrition consultant.

Aga’s passion for fitness and nutrition is very strong and she encourages everyone around her to make important health changes and become fit for life. Her knowledge and drive to keep abreast of the latest health and fitness, through reading lots of scientific literature, gives others security and comfort that they will be informed as well.

aga-adamczyk-2Aga believes that training and nutrition as tools to maintain good health and well-being are inseparable. Preventative medicine approach is the key to avoidance of several major chronic diseases. There are too many US cases of heart attacks, obesity, diabetes type II, and hypertension, almost all of which could be prevented by diet and exercise.

Aga believes that basic changes can provide huge benefits. She strongly encourages people not to buy any “junk food” because what they bring into their homes is what they end up consuming. Arming her friends, family, and clients with some basic facts about healthy food and making small adjustments in grocery shopping sounds simple, but people are often surprised at how affective the basics can be. They are also amazed at how they overlook the “out of site, out of mind” concept. Another important issue is the elimination of bad eating habits in step-by-step manner as one is slowing learning about new and better healthy food choices. This, plus physical activity, is the safest and most promising approach in achieving a healthy life.

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Aga Adamczyk-Witcher

Aga is a certified personal trainer with International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). She believes that training and nutrition are tools to maintain good health and well-being. A preventative medicine approach is the key to avoid several major chronic diseases. See my profile page for more information!

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