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Arnie Fonseca, Jr has helped thousands of individuals over the past 30 years achieve their goals despite daunting challenges in their lives. He has spoken at both national and international conferences on topics ranging from strength and wellness to the treatment of traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries.

Twenty years ago he developed “A Fitness Experience” which is a unique strength program and has now been released as a DVD to assist our aging population improve the quality of their lives.

Over the years he has appeared on both radio and TV along with recently creating the well-known blog, “Your Fountain of Youth”. He continues to write, speak and consult on all areas of wellness.

Arnie describes himself as a “Dreamer”. His vision is to add value to as many lives as he can reach. He continues to serve his community through his foundation, “The Next Step Foundation”. He truly believes we can achieve our dreams by serving others.


Arnie is an exercise physiologist, specializing in wellness and healthy aging. He received his Masters degree from Arizona State University in 1990.

Arnie has also developed two successful neuro-rehabilitation clinics; neuro-strength physical therapy and conditioning and currently operates Neuro Institute, which is the only licensed medical facility in the USA offering a unique approach to spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.

Arnie taught school for 15 years while developing his businesses. 5 years as an elementary physical education coach, 5 years as a high school math teacher and he lectured and developed programs in exercise science at a local community college.

Arnie has also coached athletes at all levels and ages, Including football, wrestling, baseball and track. He also currently trains many athletes in various distance sports, such as marathoners and triathletes.

Arnie’s personal background includes competing in football, wrestling, baseball and competitive lifting. Recently he has competed as a Triathlete in both road and off-road events.

Arnie has recently developed his new company, “Your Awesome Life Now”; he is available for public speaking and writes on all aspects of wellness. He works as a consultant for various facilities and organizations who are focused on our aging population.

His web site was developed to provide quality information for our aging population and for anyone who works with these special individuals, known as our “Greatest Generation.” He looks forward to having you comment on his blog “Your fountain of Youth” and check out his videos on YouTube.

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Arnie Fonseca

Arnie Fonseca, Jr has helped thousands of individuals over the past 30 years achieve their goals despite daunting challenges in their lives. He has spoken at both National and International conferences on topics ranging from Strength and Wellness to the treatment of Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain injuries. See my profile page for more information!

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