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Although the first 15 years of my career were spent in law enforcement, I’ve always been interested in health and fitness. That’s why, in 2001, I obtained my certification in fitness and nutrition through Harcourt Direct. Then, in 2003, I became certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

I chose these certifications specifically, not only because I wanted to be knowledgeable about health and fitness for myself, but I also wanted to learn how to best motivate and inspire others to reach their goals as well. Essentially, I still wanted to serve people, just in a different capacity than the one I had initially started in.

Currently, I am living that dream as a full-time motivational writer. As such, I provide content for professionals in fields related to health and wellness, personal development, and personal defense or safety. You can currently find my content on ShapeFit, Woman’s Day, and Country Living websites, as well as in several other print publications.

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Christina DeBusk

As a former police officer, I understand the necessity of staying active and in good physical condition. It's important for everyone to stay healthy, but when your life depends on your ability to respond physically, the level of importance definitely raises a few notches. See my profile page for more information!

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