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Cole Matthews is a 24-year-old fitness expert who specializes in lean muscle gains. He first became interested in fitness in 2010 when he decided to join a gym in an attempt to gain muscle. Cole had a very lean physique due to competitive mountain bike racing, so he wanted to add a few pounds to his small 125 pound body. Over the course of the next two years, Cole gained over 55 pounds of solid, lean muscle using nothing more than a strict workout regimen and a clean diet. He is a firm believer in natural muscle gains, so he did not use any nutritional supplements other than a single daily protein shake to help reach his recommended protein intake. Thanks to his “clean gains” mentality, he was also able to maintain a 5-6% body fat throughout his entire two-year physical transformation.

Now, Cole is studying to become a certified personal trainer so that he can help others reach their physical fitness goals in a similar fashion. He hopes to educate others on the natural ways of building muscle, but he also studies all aspects of health and nutrition so that his knowledge can be as well-rounded as possible. For more information and to read some of Cole’s other articles, please visit his website at

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Cole Matthews

My name is Cole Matthews and I'm a certified personal trainer who's a major health and fitness geek with a huge passion for writing. See my profile page for more information!

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