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Published author, international speaker, and complementary care expert, Dr. Richard A. DiCenso has over 30 years experience in treating the chronic symptoms of Vicious Cycle disorders (VCD). With his extensive experience in “Whole Person Therapy”, he is the leading authority in Biological Fluid Analysis. Utilizing a series of caveats to interpret the results of his Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.), Dr. DiCenso provides unique insights into the unresolved symptoms of VCD. The symptoms of VCD are usually chronic and low-grade, earmarked by a lack of objective findings and negative test results. They are frequently accompanied by feeling an overall lack of well-being and are confirmed by everything from constant headaches and low energy to financial stress and tumultuous relationships. Using his extensive background in human biochemistry and Orthomolecular Nutrition Dr. DiCenso has helped thousands of individuals around the world with previously undiagnosed symptoms to dramatically improve their health, wealth and business. He continues to provide consults for patients in his Virginia Beach office while he promotes the evolution of self-health and wealth awareness through his books, audios, videos, newsletter, and public appearances.

Dr. DiCenso has presented numerous keynote presentations to Organizations such as:
The National Association of Forensic Examiners, The Department of Interior for the United States Federal Government in Washington D.C., Royal Body Care, Health Through Nutrition, The World Bodybuilding Association, World Power lifting Association, Akwanasa, The Bonnie Pruden School, Canyon Ranch, The Option Institute, Kripalu Yoga Institute, The Omega Institute, and many others in the United States and Canada.

Dr. DiCenso has provided care for close to one million clients over the last thirty years, including celebrities such as Rachel Welch, Singer Bobby Mcferran, Producer Desmond child, Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan, Folk Legend Arlo Guthrie, Body builder Frank Zane, World Power lifting Champions Ed Coan, Fred Hatfield, and Magnus ver Magnuson.

At Matrix Transformation we turn Symptoms into Solutions by looking at things nobody else is looking at in ways that nobody else is looking at them. We eliminate the guesswork and frustration associated with chronic symptoms for which you’ve been told are normal for your age, require more time and/or testing or are all in your head. We do this by isolating the cause of your concerns. By assessing the results of a simple mail order evaluation involving urine and saliva we’re able to quickly and inexpensively offer you real answers real solutions and real results!

At age 6 I had a white light experience in which I suddenly became aware of my purpose and the flow. After the incident my life spontaneously unfolded in the direction of being passionate about helping other people to experience their own divine potential.

As the years passed into my teens I was to become a professional baseball player. Following an injury prior to my acquisition I entered the Seminary to become a Catholic Priest. This spurred my interest in comparative religions and spirituality. While in the Seminary I was offered an appointment to West Point. Since this was peak Vietnam I opted for an undergraduate degree and got my B.S. from Ohio University. Ten days after graduation I was drafted by the Marine Corps to go to Vietnam. I was never called up and went on to study in search of the meaning of life, what makes people happy and why most aren’t?

During additional formal education in multiple health care related disciplines I served my internship at Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills as part of an experimental program in alternative care. The objective was to determine the value and appropriate application of the various modalities available outside of the established convention.

As I moved through licensing and credentialing in numerous fields including Chiropractic, trauma rehabilitation, acupuncture, orthomolecular medicine, human biochemistry, nutrition and forensics (to name a few), I realized that everything had value and everything worked – just not for everybody in any circumstance.

This realization led me to developing a working model for determining what the common denominators were that allowed some people to respond to some things while others to nothing or something else.

My current work is focused on the human Matrix and revolves around helping people to Feel Better, Do Better and Be Better.

The human matrix is comprised of three primary realms of influence – the physical, the biochemical and the virtual (quantum) – which includes the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

I found that all chronic symptoms in any area of life are the result of an imbalance or deficiency in one of the primary realms. Identifying this and implementing the appropriate protocol allows an individual to quickly move beyond their sticking point and achieve greater results, greater fulfillment and better health in the form of what I call – Harmonic Health – i.e., balancing the interaction of the realms to produce harmony and flow.

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Dr. Richard A. DiCenso

Published author, international speaker, and complementary care expert, Dr. Richard A. DiCenso has over 30 years experience in treating the chronic symptoms of Vicious Cycle disorders (VCD). With his extensive experience in "Whole Person Therapy", he is the leading authority in Biological Fluid Analysis. See my profile page for more information!


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