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Louiza Patsis is Greek-American. She was born in Piraeus, Greece, the port of Athens. Her parents are from the island of Kephallonia, where Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed in 2000. She has been living in New York her whole life. She has a BA in chemistry and MS in biology and journalism from NYU. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in information science from the Palmer School of Information science at NYU and CW Post. Her interests include science, art, religion, spirituality, interfaith work, acting, modeling, painting, traveling and writing.

She wrote The Boy in a Wheelchair at 10 years old. It tells the story of a boy who overcomes bullying to excel in school and sports. She compiled poems and short stories to write Life, Work, and Play. Her third book is Pocket Guide to Fitness. Journal articles, school papers, and links to purchase these books are available on louizapatsis.com. Her books are available on authorhouse.com, amazon.com and bn.com. To order, call Ms. Patsis at (212) 252-6947, or send an email to louiza_patsis@yahoo.com.

Ms. Patsis in the past is certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association. The book contains material about: the mind-body connection; accepting your body; a balance of endurance, flexibility and strength; stretching; science fact; and exercise programs.

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Louiza Patsis

Louiza Patsis is certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association. She is the author of a book about mind-body connection, accepting your body, balance and endurance, flexibility and strength, stretching, and exercise programs. See my profile page for more information!

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