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Ric Rooney has over twenty-five years of experience in both the fitness arena and computer field. He joined a small California computer surplus company ProDel, Inc. in the late 80’s as Marketing Director, becoming ProDel & Rooney, Inc. where he increased sales from 1.1 million to 6.5 million in thirty-six months. He then established Rooney & Associates in Colorado Springs and ramped computer sales from a standing start to 4.5 million within twenty-four months.

But his love of fitness eventually became the priority in his life and in 1990, in addition to his computer surplus business, he founded MiriCal Corporation where he developed the initial version of the Personal Food Analyst (PFA) software program for Hewlett-Packard’s HP95 palmtop computer and introduced it to the market in 1991. The PFA became the best-selling nutritional analysis program for the HP95 market. However the palmtop market turned out to be a small, niche market and the demand for the majority of palmtop users was for business applications, not fitness applications.

With the world-wide web just coming into its own, Ric formed VisiCal, LLC in 1999 to rewrite the Personal Food Analyst as a web-based program that is now capable of reaching and helping users on a global scale. The current PFA 2.0 version is light years more sophisticated than the original program. With the addition in 2005 of the Fitness Leagues gaming software that is tied into the core PFA program, it represents the current state of the art in totally automated on-line weight loss programs.

My Fitness Articles:

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Ric Rooney

Ric Rooney has over twenty five years of experience in both the fitness arena and computer field. He developed nutrition and food analysis software and it now represents the current state of the art in totally automated online weight loss programs. See my profile page for more information!


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    Hi Ric – Can you tell me how I can get ahold of your PT food Analysis Program? I did it years ago and got great results and enjoyed it very much. I’d like to do it again. Is there any way I can get a hold of a copy again? If so, could you please let me know? Thanks!

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