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Welcome health and fitness professionals! Here is your chance to write articles for us and help thousands of people learn more about health and fitness. As a ShapeFit writer, you will receive a very high level of exposure on our website and also be seen as an expert in your field. You will be in front of hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every single month! We will create a FREE optimized showcase page ($500/year value) for each fitness professional who decides to take advantage of this great opportunity and be part of our team. Signup Today!

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

writers-step1Choose 5 Article Topics (any health and fitness topic you like)

writers-step2Write Your 5 Articles (minimum of 1,000 words per article)

writers-step3Receive Your FREE Showcase Page! ($500/year value)

Review Showcase Pages of Our Fitness Writers!

In order to receive your showcase page, all you need to do is write a minimum of 5 fitness articles for us. However, we highly encourage all of our writers to create as many articles as they can. The more articles you write for us, the more exposure you will receive on our website! Our top writers even get listed in our fitness newsletter which goes out to over 150,000 subscribers every single month! A few things we need to ensure for your articles are:

  • Each article contains a minimum of 1,000 words with high quality content.
  • Articles are written solely by you and not borrowed by any other source.
  • Never been published on other websites or publications (sites, magazines, etc.).
  • Will only be used by ShapeFit (exclusive use) and not published anywhere else.

All of our writers create exclusive content for only our company and this is important since we want to make sure there is no duplicate content (same articles) on other websites or publications. Although 1,000 words per article is the absolute minimum, articles that are over 1,000 words will have a much better chance to be featured in our weekly fitness newsletter and receive amazing exposure. We also have incentives for writing more than the minimum 5 articles.

Incentives for Extra Advertising and Exposure!

  • Write 5 Articles – Get your FREE optimized writers showcase page!
  • Write 10 Articles – Get featured as a “Writer of the Week” in an issue of our newsletter (over 200,000 subscribers)!
  • Write 20 Articles – Get featured on our homepage for an entire week (highest level of exposure you can receive)!

What Are The Benefits of Having A Showcase Page?
One of the most important benefits of having a showcase page on is the incredible exposure you will receive when our visitors read your articles. This is why it’s so important to put your best foot forward and write quality content for our readers. All of your articles will include a link back to your showcase page on where visitors can learn more about you and the services you provide!

fitness-writers-receive-exposureAnother great benefit of having a showcase page with ShapeFit, is that your page lasts forever. That’s right, all you need to do is write 5 articles on any health and fitness topic you’re interested in and we will create and publish it on for life. The great thing is it doesn’t cost you anything! Just a little sweat equity by sitting down and writing 5 articles will get you an optimized showcase page that has the opportunity to be seen by thousands of visitors every single month!

We will optimize your showcase page for unique keywords which will help increase your chances to be found on major search engines like Google and Yahoo! We also have an internal search engine which our visitors use to search for content and we will include your showcase page in this also! Along with the search engine exposure you will receive by having a showcase page, you will also be seen as an expert in your field. You will be able to say that you have written content for one of the top health and fitness websites on the Internet!

Signup Today and Be Part of Our Fitness Team!
To signup to be a fitness writer, simply email us ( (subject: Fitness Writers) and provide your name along with your fitness profession (trainer, dietitian, etc.). We will provide all the details for you to get started!

Here are Some of The Most Requested Article Topics!

  • How To Shop at The Grocery Store
  • Hardgainers Guide To Bulking Up
  • How To Eat at Fast Food Restaurants
  • Workouts For a Tight Round Butt
  • Carbohydrate Tapering
  • How Much Protein Do I Need?
  • Bodyweight Workouts at Home
  • Crossfit Workouts To Build Muscle
  • Top 5 Kettlebell Workouts
  • HIIT Cardio Workouts
  • Top 5 Cardio Exercises
  • Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Eating Healthy While Traveling

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