Resource for beginners

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Resource for beginners

Post by S150288 »

I have found this website which is giving a very usefull inforamtion for those who are willing to lose weight and live healthy.
on "Workouts" section now they have published one study that shows how to make any workout more effective - its about placebo effect and mindfull exercising.

Another thing which I found usefull is their eBook (it's for free) about healthy way to lose weight - it's actually helps to stay healthy no matter you are trying to lose weight or not.

Their home-page atricles are inspiring to do something with yourself. For those who are already into serious work with themselves it might be just interesting to go through it, but for the beginners - for those who are looking for help to start - it's a very usefull resource.
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Re: Resource for beginners

Post by zenphitness »

I have always been a fan of mindfulness in everything, especially in working out, and agree with that message. Another resource that you can use is" onclick=";return false;. There are many techniques that are proven to be effective, visualization, meditation, hypnosis (not what you might think), NLP, etc. Those that practice yoga already know the benefits of a mind body connection, and I think that is a principle that can be applied to any work out regimen to really soup up results.
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