Looking to loose a lot of weight

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Looking to loose a lot of weight

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Hello, I am looking to lose about 125 pounds. Have a few questions on how to go about this. Would I be better to start with cardio and then move to weights later on after I’ve started to lose weight? About how many calories should I consume per day to help with this? Thank you
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Re: Looking to loose a lot of weight

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Hi Mark, good to speak to you.

Firstly, I would say go for Cardio and Weights first, rather than one initially and the other added in later on. That would noly be a reasonable strategy for people struggling to juggle 3 balls at once by trying to remain consistent with cardio, weights and diet and at this stage I wouldn't want to presume that you would struggle ot balance all 3 aspects of your attempted progress, so I would suggest to move forward on all 3 fronts and if it looks like you're struggling for consistency with one or more of them, then concentrate your focus more, untill you have consistency in some way shape or form, then add other things back into the mix.

Most people can easily start off with a weights regime, that focuses on the whole body 3x a week every other day and as for cardio it can be segwayed inbetween some of the weightlifting days.

What times do you eat at and what foods do you eat at those times?
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